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what is media technology?
something that is between you and pple that are operating the mdedium between 2 pple in two different places in space or time (i.e. x-rays)
the average person spends about how many hours in front of some sort of screen?
9 hours
all media is an extension of our senses...?
how long would it take for the speed of light to travel across milky way?
how many galaxies are there?
where was the first place to store books? how many books did it have?
Alexandria's library....had nearly 1 million scrolls
what is "cosmos"?
"orbit" of universe
according to the grid in Cosmos, where are on the grid?
speck on the bottom right hand of grid
what is said to shape human conciousness?
the idea that media extends our senses across the universe and into our body
a word is an extension of what? radio is an extension of what?
-is an extension of a thought
-is an extension of ear and voice
as media changes, so does what?
how are things recorded now on the grid, according to cosmos calender? and when is its last record?
minutes instead of years.....dec.31
how does the cosmic calender operate?
*cosmic time is slower than human calender and time
-month=1.25 billion yrs.
-day=40 million yrs
on Dec. 31, how did information evolve?
10:30 PM- first humans
11:46PM- fire discovered
11:59.20 PM- first tools
11:59.30 PM- first cities
111:59.59 PM- first mass media (printing press)
what is the doppler effect?...which waves are louder?
the shift in pitch as in when a train goes by. the compressed waves are louder (change/ shift in sound)
what year was the big bang and who discovered it?
-homeson and hubble
what were the 3 things that verified the Big Bang?
-at Bell Telephone labs (N.J)
-by Penzias & Wilson (discovered static/ snow...TV)
-Using Radio Telescopes and satelites
What is said to be radioactive energy left over from the Big Bang?
how amny bits of info. are in a virus? bacteria? anemia? our system?
-virus:10,000Bits (1page)
-Bacteria:1 million Bits(100 pages)
-Anemia:400 million bits(80 books)
-System:5 billion bits(1,000 books)
according to Cosmos, what does the chain consist of )from least amount of bits to to the most)?
1.virus (100,000 bits)
2.bacteria (1 million)
3.Amoebo (400 million)
4.Human DNA (5 billion)
5.Brain(100 trillion)
how many neurons are in the stars galaxy?
100 billion
first artworks goes back to about how many years ago?
50- 60,000 yrs
the printing press was invented in what year and by whom?
what is the pre-cursor to info. evolving?
expanansion of knowledge
what 3 aspects are making the speed of info. increase?
-technology(Genes,Brains,Books,Computer, Global Network)

-technology (hunter gatherers,villages,cities,metropolis)

what is the infrastructure that contains cyberspace?
this is a big place in a small place....?
networks have enclosed all of this information...?
3 aspects that increase speed of info.
during "villages", all communication was face to face. what broke the boundaries?
books were the first indication for what?
to transform forms of communication
what was Marshall Mcluhans theory?
global village (everyone is connected, gets rid of space and time)
what happened the summer of 1945 (july/august)?
-scientists figured how to split the first atom
-first electronic computer created at UPENN
what was the idea behind scientists splitting the atom?
-it unleashed energy w/in, which could be used for good or destroy a city.
(temps. reaching a million degrees)
what was the first electronic computer and how wasit digitized?
ENIAC-1s(let info pass) and 0s (don't let info pass)
what happened in 1947?
soviet union found out how to recreate the bomb....they became bigger and more powerful
what happens when u split atoms?
create atom bomb
it is said that once 1s and 0s were figured out for operating computers, things expanded. such as?
-got smaller
-more powerful
-price declined
who identified the pattern of computer power increasing and price decreasing?...what year?
-Gordon Moore
what is Moores law?
-every 18month to 2 years, power of computers doubles and price goes down
how many bits equal a byte?
8 bits equal a byte
how many bytes are in kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte?
(petabyte,exabyte,zeitabyte, yottabte)
which type of byte do must computers operate by?
this is said to continually get larger?
what was created in 1957?
Sputnik's first telecommunications satellite (created global communications)
what is D.E.W line and what does it stand for?
Defense Early Warning System
-first element of internet
-set up system for alert of nuclear war
what is ARPANET and what does it stand for? what year was it created/
Advanced Research Project Agency
-idea that network will survive nuclear war
-created non- linear communication
-created in 1960
emails,phones, and packet switching are considered what type of communication
-email &packet switching:non-linear

-phones: linear (if u call ny from philly, goes straight to ny)
what are the 6 effects that justified Moores law? every aspect of life) network(cyberspace in network0
3.Changing traditional media (mags. and papers online)
4.changed our personal media (convergence of media)
5.Digital media afecting economy
6. Policy
the term "the medium is the message" was created by whom? what does it mean?
-Marshall Mcluhan
-TV,Internet(i.e.) are the mediums
~can track rise of celebrity culture thru electronics
what accelerates, displaces and connects?
global village
what movie was the first to see how computers might actually work and how pple would interact with them?
space odyssey (showed evolution of technology)
why was the movie "space odyssey" so important?
-first film where computers controlled film shots
-gave warning to make sure u didn't give up all ur privacy to computer
-first time they used digital reality
how did the movie "space odyssey" illustrate media of the future?
won't be a robot, just a survellance that will be everywhere
in "space odyssey", who is Hal? why is he famous?
-is a computer
-it is liek a robot, brain of the ship
in "space odyssey", where did Dave go in his journey?
went to computer realm/ looked like artificial reality
in the movie "tron", how did illustrate global village?
-freedom to navigate thru the system while protecting privacy
what is the whole idea behind superbowl commercials?
they don't have to reach all 125 million pple, they just need to reach 1/12 percent (10 million) to make a ton of money. 1% would be GREAT!
when an ad during superbowl is said to be mariginally successful, what does that mean? successful?
-break even
who is George Orwell?
-wrote 1984 book on the idea of "if TV watched us" (cameras)
-book talked bout survellance issues
-privacy will be threatened
what was the meaning and benifit of the Apple Commercial?
-sayed that apple will give u freedom and prevent authoritatrian control
-next day supplies were sold out
-ad was most effective and generated idea that ads can generate revenue
what is the toddler effect?
when new technology comes along, each wave gets bigger. it does not become obsolete
what year was the steam engine created?
what technlogy was said to to be the key technology that changed society?
the plow- agriculture
what are the 3 waves and in what order?
what 3 things do u need for mass production of things?
-raw materials
what does the movie title "koyanisquats" mean?
means life out of violence
what did the movie "koyanisquats" illusrate?
illustrates th evolution from the first beginning of communication
what metaphor can be drawn from the "Naqoyqats 2002"?
drew metaphor of connection between computer chips and cities from outlook
who founded the library in Alexandrias in his palace?
Ptolemy I, a general in Alexander's Army
what was said to have the first "layer of webbing"?
electric telegraph
when was the electric telegragh and telephone invented?
e.telegragh- 1837
who invented the wireless telegraghy and was said to be the Bill gates of that time?
Guglielmo Marconi
what were Thomas edison's invetions?
-incandescent lamp (1879)
-quadruplexer, which allowed 4 seperate messages to be sent over one line at a time
who invented the telephone?
Alexander Graham Bell
WWI spurred the development of what?
what event gave a boost to wireless telegraphy?
Titanic disaster
who were the early fathers of commercial radio?
-Lee de Forest
-Edward Howard Armstrong
-Candian Reginald fessenden
-David Sarnoff
In 1865, what union was formed and what was its purpose?
International Telegraph Union
-to harmonize technical standards, set policies, and facilitate tariff agreements
In 1920, the International Telegragh Union bacame known as what? What was its responsibilities?
International Telecommunicaions Union
-responsible for issues such as allocations of radio frequency to equal distribution of satellite "parking spaces"
the term "telecommunications" implies what?
the use of electronic technologies for communication over long distances
what is digital revolution?
the convergence of computer networks, satellites, telephone connections and other technologies
what is digitization?
the convertion of information to binary digits 1s and 0s that can be quickly read and exchanged by computers, and then decoded
what is digital media?
media that tend to be digital, computer driven, interactive, and in many cases, able to better serve neds of info. seeker

no one thing lead to emergence of digital enviroment
what are the 10 reasons for the emergence of digital media?
1.increased digitization of info. (text, audio, video)

2.Growth and mass penetration of powerful personal computers

3.develpment of user friendly interfaces and miniaturization of compter hardware

4.development of networking software/hardware

5.federal govt. support for building of global info

6.corporate consolidations in media &telecommunications industries

7.technological convergence

8.broader bandwith capabilities and compression techs.

9.diffusion of computer technology in many sectors of daily life

10.demonstrated market demand for news, info., and entertainment
the idea that digital information can be transmitted thru fiber optics, radio waves, telephone wire, coaxial cable, or a combonation, is known as what?
when it comes to consumer adoption, in 1983, what percent of US homes had a personal computer?...2000?
2000- more than half of all US households had a computer
what was the first US built, all electronic computer?
ENIAC (Electronic numerical integrator and calculator)
in 1970s, the first truly "personal computer" appeared in the form of what?
MITS Altair
what is user-friendly software?
software that helps "hide" or disguise the complexities of computer technology
what was the first computer developed for?
developed for computing, not communicating
prior to WWII, the word computer referred to what?
a person, not a machine
what are LANs and WANs?
-Local Area Networks (connects computers in a physically contained

-Wide Area Networks
(are like lans,except they tend to be much bigger in scope)they can connect many different lans..campuses,cities
this Act and infrastructure is a manefifestation of a federal govt. that is aware of an emerging digital media enviroment?
-Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 (took place of Act of 1934)

-National Information Infrastructure
what 2 laws were created during time of Act of 1996, were shot down?
-Communications Decency Act (CDA), which aimed to regulate indecent content

-Child Online Protection Act
(similar to CDA, but narrower in scope)
Federal Communications Act of 1996, effectively did what?
knoked down a number of regulatory barriers in the media and communications industries
according to business week mag., whjt was said to be a "turning point in the evolution of communications"?
-the merger between long- distance telephone magalith AT&T and cable giant "Telecommunications Inc." (TCI)
what is today's largest multi- media organization in the world?
Time Warner and America Online, which was finalized in 2001
what was put in place to make sure that a single company does not grow so large as to unfairl eliminate its competition and monopolize the market?
checks and balances
what was predicted to be the the dominant broadcast medium by 2006?
Digital TV (DTV)
what are fiber optics?
transfers info. in the form of light, which can carry the equivalent of 100,00 telephoe conversations over a single fiber.
what are the 2 compression technologies (ways telephone lines can carry more info.)
-Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), which compresses signals so that more info. can pass over traditional lines

-Integrated Digital Service Network (ISDN), which are phone lines that carry digital rather than analog signals
what is a Bit and a Byte?
bit- a digit (1/0)
byte- a set of eight bits...i.e. the letter A
who was the cofounder of the chip manufacturer Intel?
Gordon Moore
who is Nicholas Negroponte?
-digital entrpeneur and author of "Being Digital"
-wrote about difference between atoms and bits
-talks about post-information age
what is the S-Curve Pattern of consumer adoption?
illustrates the stages that a new technology goes thru if it is successfully adopted by the mass consumer market
(1.when first introduced, small # of pple purchase it even if expensive tech. advances, it goes thru more rapid adoption
3.adoption continues until everyonw has it
what was Gilders Vision?
-idea that public will buy and use technologies that techno- visionaries believe will permeate our everyday lives.
what is saturation in terms of communication?
stage where vast majority of households have the technology

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