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reconstruction finance corporation (rfc)
federal agency set up by congress in 1932 to provide emergency government credit to banks, railroads, and other large businesses
installment buying
method of purchase in which buyer makes a small down-payment and then pays off the rest of the debt in regular monthly payments
lost generation
term for american writers of the 1920s marked by the disillusion with ww1 and a search for a new sense of meaning
fireside chats
informal radio broadcasts in which fdr explained issues and new deal programs to average americans
ernest hemingway
explored similar themes buy in a new idiom, he felt betrayed not only by the american dream but also by literary language itself, 'a farewell to arms' was about ww1
practice of making high-risk investments in hopes of obtaining large profits
second new deal
legislative activity begun by franklin d roosevelt in 1935 to solve problems created by the great depression
the forbidding by law of the manufacture, transport, and sale of alcohol
business cycles
periodic growth and contraction of the economy
claude mckay
jamaican immigrant the most militant of the writers his novels and poems showed ordinary african americans struggling for dignity and advancement in the face of discrimination and economic hardships 'if we must die'
assembly line
arrangement of equipment and workers in which work passes from operation to operation in direct line until until the product is assembled
the jazz singer
the first movie with sound synchronized to the action
war of the worlds
directed by orson welles
black tuesday
october 29. 1929 when stock prices fell sharply in the great crash
one who sells illegal alcohol
policy relied on by president hoover in the early years of the depression whereby local and state governments act as primary agents of economic relief
trickle-down economics
economic theory that holds that money lent to banks and businesses will trickle down to consumers
wizard of oz
one of the most memorable depression-era films it delivered a good laugh cry a lyrical song and seeing good triumph over evil it promised weary audiences that their dreams really would come ture
dawes plan
agreement in which the united states loaned money to germany, allowing them to make reparation payments to britain and france
charlie chaplin
the most popular silent film star played the little tramp comedian
dust bowl
term used for the central and southern great plains during the 1930s when the region suffered from drought and dust storms
clarence darrow
the most celebrated defense attorney in amerca, traveled from his home in chicago to defend scopes
trend that emphasized science and secular values over traditional ideas about religion
zora neale hurston
traveled the rural back roads of her native florida collection folk tales in the books such as 'mules and men' wrote 'their eyes were watching god' and expressed the new longing for indpendence felt by many women black and white
consumer revolution
flood of new, affordable goods in the decades after WW1
louis armstrong
trumpet player became the unofficial ambassador of jazz
great depression
period lasting from 1929 to 1941 in which the u.s. economy faltered and unemployment soared
buying on margin
system of buying stocks in which a buyer pays a small percentage of the purchase price while the broker advances the rest
herbert hoover
harding's thoughtful and energetic secretary of commerce. he worked with business and labor leaders to achieve voluntary advancements. peacful man.
scientific management
approach to improving efficiency, in which experts looked at every step of a manufacturing process, trying to find ways to reduce time, effort, and expense
volstead act
law enacted by congress to enforce the 18th amendment
process by which mexican americans were encouraged, or forced, by locals, state, and federal officials to return to mexico during the 1930s
marcus garvey
concluded that everywhere blacks were exploited. promoted the idea of universal black nationalism and organized a back to africa movement, advocated the separation of the races. didn't want blacks and whites working together
bonus army
group of ww1 veterans who marched on washington, dc, in 1932 to demand early payment of a bonus promising them by congress
f. scott fitzgerald
novelist explored the reality of the american dream of wealth, success, and emotional fulfillment. the great gatsby and the side of paradise
henry ford
introduced a series of methods and ideas that revolutionized production, wages, working conditions, and daily life
scopes trial
1925 trial of a tennessee school teacher for teaching darwin's theory of evolution
movement or attitude stressing strict and literal adherence to a set of basic principles
washington naval disarmament conference
meeting held in 1921 aand 1922 where world leaders agreed to limit construction of warships
bread line
line of people waiting for food handouts from charities or public agencies
teapot dome scandal
scandal during the Harding administration in which the secretary of the interior leased government oil reserves to private oilmen in return for bribes
harlem renaissance
period during the 1920s in which african american novelists, poets, and artists celebrater their culture
model T
automobile manufactured by Henry Ford to be affordable on the mass market
andrew mellon
harding signaled the economic direction of his administration by naming him (a wealthy banker) secretary of the treasury
herbert hoover
was an accomplished public servant, who was nominated by republicans to run for the white house. he became president after running against alfred e smith
bessie smith
a vocal jazz soloist empress of the blues
langston hughes
probably the most powerful african american literary voice of his time wrote autobiography 'the big sea'
hoover dam
dam on the colorado river that was built during the great depression
organization that promotes hatred and discrimination against specific ethnic and religious groups
quota system
arrangement that limited the number of immigrants who could enter the united states from specific countries
kellogg-briand pact
1928 agreement in which many nations agreed to outlaw war
mass production
production of goods in large numbers through the use of machinery and assembly lines
dorthea lange
was among the fsa photographers 'migrant mother'
tenant farmer
working for bigger landowners rather than for themselves
hawley-smoot tariff
protective import tax authorized by congress in 1930
john steinbeck
'the grapes of wrath'
american musical form developed by african americans, based on improvisation and blending blues, ragtime, and european based popular music
18th amendment
constitutional amendment banning the manufacture, distribution, and sale of alcohol in the united states
lillian hellman
a new orleans native wrote plays with strong women roles ex the childrens hour, the little foxes, watch on the rhine
bull market
period of rising stock prices
douglas macarthur
was called by president hoover to surround the affected area and clear it without delay. he exceeded his order by moving all the marchers out of the city altogether
new deal
programs and legislation enacted by franklin d. roosevelt during the great depression to promote economic recovery and social reform
term used to describe makeshift shantytowns set up by homeless people during the great depression
court packing
fdr plan to add up to six new justices to the nine member supreme court after the court had ruled that some new deal legislation was unconstitutional
calvin coolidge
after harding died vice president calvin got swarn in by his father and the family bible. quiet.

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