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Comm 101 Ch 9


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how did introduction of television transform the movie industry?
movie attendance decline, drive ins
why is privacy a concern on the internet?
personal info could be made available
exposure increases acceptance
understand various ways that music is promoted
radio tv press online
technology and copyright affecting the movie industry
video recording downloads and pirating
original syndication
new programs
what are characteristics of the viewing audience for films?
targeted audiences, movie seasons
am farther, poorer fm local, better
differences in sound quality and range between am and fm.
first tv president
fdr 1939 world's fair
tv's golden age critics
sexism and racism
first broadcasters
frank conrad
minority stereotypes
minorities seldom in lead roles
cable creates changes
providers offer distant signals, competitor for broadcasters
why are ratings important to commercial radio stations?
channel allocation by fcc
demand technical limitations and community needs
public demanded tv
great increases in tv sets, viewership
station groups
some limits on number of stations one can own
social tv trends
family together, but little interaction
first u.s. patent
philo t. farnsworth
homes where tv is in use and tuned to a certain station
why have broadband services dominated over dialup services?
what is cybersquatting?
buy name then sell to company
perceived negative effects
fear, violence and suicides
a listserv?
online news groups
first tv sets
poor sales b/c expensive and lack of programming
electromagnetic spectrum
_______________ refers to the range of frequencies that can be used for transmitting radio waves with electricity.
post-war development
radio still big money maker
parental advisory ratings
block bad programs
edison cynlinder with grooves hand crank and horn
distributed music
online too
other digital forms
transfer, sharing
the trust.
edisons monopolizing group of patent holders and film producers
rupert murdoch's great growth and success
disney's innovations
tv programs and horizontal integration
push for high-fidelity music recordings
wanted better quality, dance crazes
developments in giving civilians access to computerized networks.
usenet, browsers
peep shows
crank roll of still photos
internet censorship
indecent too accessible
what was radio's golden age?
flashy talk soap musical 30s to ww two
number of tv homes tuned to a certain station at a certain time
edisons projection system
military control
military use only 1000s trained
cultivation theory
viewing violence leads to mean world syndrome
tv's golden age
quality dramas, top playwrights and actors, situation comedies
The growth of television was frozen in the early 1940's because of
WWII technological resources.
charge more for more use of internet
what are controversies over net neutrality?
growing segment of industry
what are some negative effects of viewing films?
what is meant by homogenization?
successful formats get copied
not radio became fox
magnetic tape (reel-to-reel and portable forms)
8-track tapes, walkman
differences between cylinders and discs for recording
discs produced easier and for less
what were the big four radio networks?
nbc abc cbs mutual
offered it free
how did tim berners-lee, inventor of the world wide web, control his invention differently than other communication inventors?
drive time
prime time
educational programming
3 hours/week required but often relegated to early or late time slots
plan script and develop
network affiliations
sell local ads carry national ads some owned & operated by network
what kinds of government regulation were allowed in those laws?
grant licenses
first voice transmissions
a music promoter pays a radio broadcaster to play a certain artist's music. according to your text, this is referred to as:
transition into the talkies
golden age of sound and color
spread through email contact lists
ability of subcultures of flourish on the internet.
gambling illegal hate racism
flaming, shouting, acronyms
various types of netiquette
what is an affiliate?
contract with network
how do "closed" countries handle internet access?
limited by gov
a moblog?
mobile blog
public or gov responds, ratings, limited sales or radio play
franchise agreements
provider reaches deal with local government
upn and wb
merged into cw
what are meant by shock radio?
profanity, sex
why is satellite radio legally allowed to air material that broadcast radio cannot air?
not fcc ruled
development of standards
government, industry agree
cable industry
multiple system operators own several cable providers
program copying itself into another program
star system
heavy promo stars put under contract by studios
_______________ refers to the range of frequencies that can be used for transmitting radio waves with electricity.
electromagnetic spectrum
wireless telegraphy
who conducts ratings?
discovered radio waves
what is arpanet and who was able to access it?
before internet
discussion forum
audion tubes
how did laws allow for the federal government to regulate radio?
specific wavelengths
vladimir zworykin
first visual images
small theatres
who were important artists in development and popularity of rock and roll? how did they influence the music?
bill haley and comets, elvis's wide appeal, british beatles revived 60's rock
concentration and fragmentation in radio.
format narrow owners
key early films
the birth of a nation, the jazz singer
how do you determine if internet information is reliable?
credible current
sell programs directly to stations
first tv stations
rca new york
a and r execs (cassandra), producers, managers
what are typical positions in the recording industry?
processing, memory, storage
basic elements in the early development of computers.
what is a network?
sister stations, owned and operated
what is spectrum scarcity in radio?
limited spectrum signal interference
most used browser?
video cassette recorders
tv industry lost legal fight
movie studios and tv
studios refused to assist tv
what is the leading search engine today?
off-network syndication
old network shows generally need 100 episodes like friends and seinfeld
relocation to california
great weather, varied scenery
four big tv networks
nbc, cbs, abc and dumont
fake messages

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