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(n.) keenness of insight, quickness or accuracy of judgment
Stars who enjoy long careers generally choose their roles with remarkable
SYN: perspicacity, shrewdness, acuity
ANT: ignorance, stupidity, obtusenss
(v.) to act as judge in a matterl to settle through the use of a judge or legal tribunal
An arbitrator may sometimes ADJUDICATE a vicil suit involving a relatively small sum of money.
SYN: arbitrate, referee, mediate
(n.) a chronological misplacing of events, objects, customs, or persons in regard to each other.
To avoid introducing ANACHRONISM into their work, authors of historical novels must do painstaking research.
SYN: chronological error
(adj.) of doubtful or questionable authenticity
Although his tales of youthful derring- do are probably APOCRYPHAL, they are very entertaining.
SYN: fictitious, mythical, spurious, bogus
ANT: authentic, genuine, true
(n.) a difference or inequality in age, rank, degree, amount, or quality; a dissimilarity, unlikeness
The growing DISPARITY between the rich and the poor is a matter of grave concern.
SYN: discrepancy, incongruity
ANT: similarity, likeness, congruit
(v.) to hide or disguise one's true thoughts, feelings, or intentions
In awkward social situations, it is someimes more courteous to DISSIMULATE than to be straightforward.
SYN: dissemble, pretend, misrepresent
ANT: reveal
(adj.) derived from, dependent, upon, or guided by practical experience, observation, or experiment, rather than by theory; so verifiable
The compliation of EMPIRICAL data is an essential part of sound scientific research.
(adj.) offensively insincere or excessive; disgusting; sickening
It is best to take the FULSOME praise that appears in movie ads with a grain of salt.
SYN: inordinate, repulsive
ANT: understated, muted, restrained, agreeable
(v.) to kill as a sacrifice, especially by fire; to destroy or renounce for the sake of another
When the Aztec took captives, they enslaved some and IMMOLATE others
SYN: slay, kill
ant- save, rescue, preserve
(adj.) extremely slight; incapable of being perceived by the senses or the mind.
When two candidates agree on most issues, voters may find the differences between them IMPERCEPTIBLE.
SYN: minimal, undetectable
ANT: conspicuous, noticeable, flagrant

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