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ISS 315 Nazi Archaeology


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What was Adolf Hitler\'s view on how the SS was running the archaeological investigations?
He disagreed with many of the issues feeling that what was being done was bad or a lie
Who the SS officer that often created his own artifacts to make up his own history?
Heinrich Himmler
What was the name of the ancient civilization that the Nazi\'s were searching for remains of?
The Aryans
Who was the scientist who came up with many of the beliefs for how the world was ruled and shaped?
Hans Hörbiger
Who was the false archaeologist that dated the ruins of lake titicaca to be over 14000 years old? Also what was his real profession?
Edmund Kiss and he was a novelist
Who was the scientist that was brought in by Himmler to the lead the Tibetan expedition?
Ernst Schaefer
Who was the anthropologist that was interested in the race theory, practiced eugenics, and turn hundreds of Tibetans into numbers?
Bruno Beger
Who is the sole living surviver of the Tibetan expedition and the only person to serve any kind of punishment for what went on there?
Wolfram Sievers
Why was there a expedition to Tibet anyway?
The SS believed that the people of Tibet could be possible ancestors of the Aryans race
Who was the person that examined the bodies of the murdered people during the expedition?
August Hirt
Have the records of what happened to the experimental jews ever been released or used in the real world?
No it was but no it has been closed forever in a sort of respect to the victims
What was the name of the movie that portrayed Germans as once being in the highest position of power in the ancient world?
Germans or Pharaohs?
What was the name of the movie produced after the Tibetan expedition?
Secret Tibet

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