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COMM1301 Final


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Technology -enabled process by which messages are sent to large faraway audiences
Mass Communication
Media's focus on narrower audience segments
An economic system with profit as the incentive for producing goods and services
Developed 1st movie camera
William Dickson
Invented the 1st telegraph
Samuel Morse
Inventor of TV
Philo Farnsworth
High capacity global telephone network that links computers
British Broadcasting Corporation
Allowed periodicals/books to be mailed at a penny a pound.
1879 Postal Act
Created a government agency to license radio stations
1927 Federal Radio Act
Derrogitory term for investigative reporting
Personality Profile Reporting
Talk to everyone to get the WHOLE story rather than one specific type of group
TV network
ripple effect of the message going out and coming back "feedback loop"
concentric circle model
controlling the flow of information
economic stuctures and control for mass media control
Philo Farnsworth
Invented TV
Samuel Morse
Invented the telegraph
"Parents music resource center"
Apple creator
Steve Jobs
single company dominating production and distribution in a industry, either nationally or locally
a monopoly
an industry in which a few companies dominate production and distribution
Protecting the people from the government
watchdog role of the press
1st news orientated magazine
Time Magazine
government are not going to control anything until more people have a radio
scarcity model
Mary Baker Eddy
Started Christian science monitor
Christian Science Monitor
A national daily newspaper sponsored by Christian Science Church
"The Sun"
benjamin day-penny press
Local paper distributed nationally with a new front page
New York Times
Wall Street Journal
Centered in New York
True National Paper-Distributed "for every state"
USA Today
Surveying radio ratings
Federal Radio Commission
Federal Trade Commission
Cost per Thousand
Barney Kilgore
Newspaper section editor for wall street journal, did a stylistic change for the magazine
Jeff Bezos
Inventor of Amazon
Gerald Levin
CEO of Time Warner (Ice T's Cop killer)
First Amendment
James Madison
watch media that is of your interests, values, and morals
selective exposure
low level employee floating an idea up to a head employee
trial balloon
duty to audience
does not cause of death in an obituary or identifies a rape victim
Moral Rules=Good Actions
worried not with what they do but about the outcome. based on results
duty to self
self preservation might lead a journalist to report a story from a safe distance
duty to employer
reporting negative information on a parent company
duty to profession
ad agency blowing the whistle on other ad people
John Peter Zenger
1733-started NY Journal
organized first newsroom
James Gordon Bennett
Publick Occurrences
Benjamin Day
AOL/Not full internet
Walled gardens
Owner that used PR to keep his company going
John D Rockefeller Jr.
Ivy Lee
1st father of public relations
military network that preceded internet
Magazine publisher known for time, life, sports illustrated and others
Henry Luce
application to society of darwins "survival of the fittest" theory
social darwinism
led office of war information in world war 2
Elmer Davis
PR firms are hired to handle "what if scenarios"
Contingency planning
wayland ayer
founded first ad agency
audit bureau of circulations
verifies circulation claims
integrated marketing communication
PR and advertising together
a way to produce ads that further a PR concern
institutional advertising
Crisis management
sub group of contingency planning
number of people in a properly selected sample for results to provide 95% accuracy
william caxton
printed 1st advertisement

The press as a player in medieval power structures in addition to the three other estates
fourth estate
The court said someone might be justified taking action against someone using fighting words
Fighting words doctrine
People deceive themselves into believing they are involved when they are actually only informed.
Narcoticizing dystfuction
put information activation of 1 though that leads to other thoughts
showing what you want to show.

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