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word smart 2-7


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임 플라이 2, to suggest:When Peter's girlfriend said, "My, you certainly know how to drive a car fast, don't you?" in a trembling voice, she was ~ing that Peter was really going too fast.
인 펄 2, to figure out what is being implied:Peter was so proud of his driving that he did not infer the meaning of his girlfriend's implication.
임 펄 툰 3, 성가시게하다:"I hate to ~ you once again," said the woman next door, "but may I please borrow some sugar, eggs, milk, flour, butter, jam, and soup?"
adj.importunate:Leslie's ~ boyfriend called her day and night to ask her if she still loves him.
임 프뤡 너 벌 2, 난공불락의:Again and again, the army unsuccessfully attacked the fortress, only to conclude that it was ~.
임 프뤄 사하 뤼 오우 3, (가극단악단 등의) 감독, 지휘자
:Arnie calls himself an ~, but he is really just a lazy guy who likes to hang around rock concerts making a nuisance of himself.
임 퓨 너 티 2, 벌을받지않음:Babies can mash food into their hair with ~; no one gets angry at them, because babies aren't expected to be polite.
인 앧 벌 턴트 3, 의도하지않은:Isabelle's ~ laughter during the sad part of the movie was a great embarrassment to her date.
인 애일 리 언 너 벌 2, 빼앗을수없는:In my household, we believe that people are born with an ~ right to have dessert after meals.
인 카할 네이 션 3, 화신:Nina is the ~ of virtue; she has never done anything wrong since the second she was born.:embodiment:Nina's brother, however, is so evil that some people consider him the devil incarnate(인 칼 닛 2). That is, they consider him to be the very embodiment of the devil, or the devil in human form.:If you believe in re~(뤼 인 칼 네이 션 4), you believe that after your body dies, your soul will return to earth in another body, perhaps that of a housefly. In such a case, you would be said to have been reincarnated, regreattably, as a housefly.
인 쎈 디 에어 뤼 2, 불을내는:방화를목적으로하는:Although the inspector from the arson squad found a scorched ~ device in the gutted basement of the burned-down house, the neighbors insisted that the fire was accidental.:자극적인:The lyrics of the heavy-metal star's songs are so ~ that his fans routinely trash the auditorium during his performance.:to incense(인 쎈쓰 2) is to anger.
인 컬 케잍 2, to instill or implant by repeated suggestions or admonitions(훈계):It took ten years, but at least we've managed to ~ in our daughter the habit of shaking hands.:The preacher who believes that stern sermons will ~ morals in his congregation frequently finds that people stop coming to church at all.
인 컴 번트 2, 현직의:The ~ dog warden(파수꾼)would love to surrender his job to someone else, but no one else is running for the job.:의무로서지워지는:a duty ~ on me:나에게 지워진 의무:n.the ~ is the candidate who already holds the office.
인 컬 줜 2, 침입:Today's midnight ~ on the refrigerator usually meant that at breakfast time no one else in the family had anything to eat.
인 두쓰 2, 설득하다:"Could I ~ you to read one more chapter?" the little boy asked his fater at bedtime; the fater was so astonished that little boy understood such a big, important-sounding word that he quickly complied with the request.:Something that persuades is an inducement.:The dusty, neglected-looking mannequins in the store window were hadrly an ~ to shop there.
인 얼 럭 터 벌 3, 불가피한:If you keep waving that sword around in this crowded room, I'm afraid a tragedy will be ~.
인 플래 머 토어 뤼 2, 선동적인:Maxine's ~ speech about animal rights made her listeners so angry that they ran out of the building and began ripping the fur coats off passersby.
인 플럭쓰 1, inflow:The ~ of ugly clothes in the stores this fall can only mean that fashion designers have lost their minds once again.:arrival of large numbers of people or things; inundation:heavy spring rains brought an influx of mud to people's basements.
인 프뤡 션 2, 위반:"I'm warning you, Prudence," said the headmistress. "Even the slightest ~ of school rules will get you expelled."
인 프뤄 스트뤅 춸 1, the basic framework of a system; foundation:The country's political ~ was so corrupt that most of the citizens welcomed the coup.:When people talk about "the nation's crumbling ~," they are usually referring to deteriorating highways, crumbling bridges, poorly maintained public buildings, and other neglected public resources.
인 프륀쥐 2, 침해하다:The court ruled that the ugly color of Zeke's neighbor's house did not ~ on any of Zeke's legal rights as a property owner.n.infringement.
인 퓨즈 2, 불어넣다:The couple's redecoration job somehow managed to ~ the whole house with garishness; before, only the kitchen had been garish.(화려한):n.infusion:Whenever I have a cough, my grandmother steep(함빡젖게하다)s an ~ of herbs that cures me right away.
인 그뤠이 쉬 에잍 2, 환심을사다:Putting tacks on people's chairs isn't exactly the best way to ~ yourself with them.n."That's the loveliest, most flattering dress I've ever seen you wear, Miss Ford" the class goody-goody told the teacher ~ingly(맘에들기위해노력하며)
이 니 미 껄 2, 해로운:All that makeup you wear is ~ to a clear complexion; it smother(숨막히게하다)s your pores and prevents your skin from breathing.:적대적인:The reviews of his exhibition was so ~ that Charles never painted another picture again.
이 니 미 터 벌 2, 흉내낼수없는:Dressed in a lampshade and a few pieces of tinsel(tinsel [tnsl]n. 1 반짝거리는 금속 조각), Frances managed to carry off the evening in her usual ~ style.
이 뉴 엔 도우 3, 암시:I resent your ~ that I'm not capable of finishing what I start.:교묘한힌트:Oscar tried to hint that he wanted a new fishing pole for his birthday, but Maxine didn't pick up on the ~, and she gave him a bowling ball and some cross-country skis
인 끄위 지쉬 언 3, 심문:I keep telling you that I got home late because I missed the bus! What is this, some kind of ~?:종교재판:During the spanish ~, people were substantially better off if they were not found to be heretics. The Spanish inquisitors weren't too fond of heresy.:an inquisitive person is a person who has a lot of questions.
인 쑤 씨 언트 2, 태평한:"I don't care whether you marry me or not," Mike said ~ly. "I've decided to join the circus anyway."
인 써 풔 뤄 벌 2, 견딜수없는:The smell of cigar smoke in this room is absolutely ~; I'm afraid I'll suffocate if I remain here for another minute.
인 쑤 풔 뤄 벌 2, 극복하기어려운:Against seemingly ~ odds, the neighborhood touchfootball team made it all the way to the Super Bowl.
인 써 뤡 쉬언 3, 반항:When their mother denied them TV privileges for a week, the Eisenman twins organized an ~ in which they stormed the den, dragged the TV into their bedroom, and barred the door.
인 터 그뤌 1, 없어서는안될:Knitting needles are an ~ part of knitting a sweater. So is wool.:완전한:For me, no day is ~ unless I can eat chocolate at some point during it.
인 터 륌 1, meantime:Miss Streisand will not be able to give singing lessons until her laryngitis is better. In the ~(당분간), Miss Midler will give lessons instead.
인 털 로우 펄 3, 침입자:I love deer in the wild, but when they get into my backyard I can't help thinking of them as ~s.
인 털 룯 1, 간주곡:"Clara's ~" is a musical piece written by Clara.:an intervening episode:Wasn't that a pleasant ~? I just love getting away from my office and shooting the rapids for an hour or two.
인 털 머 너 벌 2, 한없는:The meeting was supposed to be short, but Ted's ~ lists of statistics dragged it out for three hours.
인 털 미 턴트 3, occasional:The ~ hooting(부엉댐) of an owl outside my window made it hard for me to sleep last night; every time I would begin to drop off, the owl would start up again.:간헐적인:~ rain showers throughout the day kept the lawn too wet for croquet.
인 털 스펄쓰 3, ~+목+전+명 The grass is ~d with beds of flowers. 잔디밭 여기저기에 화단이 있다
the sky ~d with stars 별로 수놓은 하늘:The wildly unpredictable company had had periods of enormous profitability ~ with periods of near-bankruptcy.
인 터 매잍 1, 암시하다:Are you ~ing that I'm not strong enough to lift these measly(미즐 리 1 빈약한) little barbells?:adj.인 터 밑 1
인 트뤄 킽 1, 복잡한:It's always a mistake to put off assembling ~ toys until Christmas Eve.:having many parts or facets:The ~ly carved prism cast a beautiful rainbow across the ceiling.n.intricacy(인 트뤄 커 씨 1)
인 트뤽 1, 음모:When the king learned of the duke's ~ against him, he had the duke thrown into the dungeon(지하감옥). a crafty plot:Monica loves ~; she's never happier than when she's reading a long, complicated spy story.
인 비 디 어쓰 2, calculated to create ill will or resentment or give offense; hateful: invidious remarks;causing envy or resentment; offensively harmful:Under the guise of paying them a compliment, Stephanie made an ~ comparison between the two girls, causing them to feel jealous of each other instead of flattered.:The racist candidate brought the crowd's simmering hatred to a boil with an ~ speech in which he referred to whites as "the master race."
인 바이 어 맅 2, 손상되지않은:The tiny church remained ~ throughout the entire war; although bombs dropped all around it, not a stone in its facade was harmed.:더렵혀지지않은:Her morals(품행) are ~ even after four years in college; in fact, she was a senior before she even saw a keg of beer.:inviolable:There is no such thing as an inviolable chain letter( 연쇄 편지, 행운[불행]의 편지 ((받은 사람이 다른 여러 사람에게 사본을 보냄))); sooner or later, someone always breaks the chain.
인 보웈 2, 빌다:Oops! I just spilled cake mix all over my mother's new kitchen carpet. I'd better go ~ her forgiveness.:불러내다:This drought has lasted for so long that I'm just about ready to ~ the Rain God.:공포하다:The legislature passed a law restricting the size of the state's deficit, but it then neglected to ~ it when the deficit soared above the limit.
이 뤼 데 썬트 3, displaying glowing, changing colors:This word is related to iris, the colored part of your eye.:It's strange to think that plain old gasoline can create such a lovely ~ sheen(광채) on the water's surface.:An appraiser judges the quality of an opal by its color and iridescence(이 뤼 데 썬쓰 3)more than by its size.
전트 소풍 a short pleasure trip:My uncle never stays home for long; he's always taking off on jaunts to hot new vacation spots.:v.If my uncle keeps ~ing off to all these hot new vacation spots, he'll spend all the money I'm hoping to inherit from him.:jaunty(전 티 1)means lighthearted, sprightly, or dapper:The happy young girl walked down the street with a ~ step.
징 고우 이 점 1, belligerent, chauvinistic patriotism; war-mongering:The president's aggressive foreign policy betrays the ~ that hides below his genial surface.:The skinheads marched down the street chanting "Foreigners Go Home!" and other jingoistic(징 고우 이쓰 틱 3)slogans.
자 큘 럴 1, 우스꽝스러운:Even her husband's ~ mood doesn't cheer up Mrs.Claus on Christmas Eve.
자 컨드 1, 명랑한
조우 코우즈 2, 익살맞은:A ~ man might be considered funnier than a jocular man, but both would give a party a jocund atmosphere.
주 벌 레이 션 1, 3.:환희:In an excess of ~ at the good news, Rebecca flung her arms around a total stranger.
정ㅋ 쉬원 1, 교차점:I was supposed to turn left after the ~ of Elm Street and Apple Avenue, but I never found the spot where they intersected.
정ㅋ 춸 1, 중대한시기:At this ~, we can't predict when she'll come out of the coma," the doctor said soberly.
컨 정ㅋ 쉬원 2, the act of conjoining; combination :in ~ with 와 함께; 에 관련하여:The Ham Radio Club and the Chess Club are working in ~ to prepare the second annual Nerds' Jamboree.
훈 터 1, (쿠데타 후의) 군사 정권:The first thing the ~ did after seizing power was to mandate ice cream at breakfast.
라할 써 니 1, 절도:Bill's ten previous convictions for ~ made the judge unwilling to suspend(보류하다) his latest jail sentence.
러 씨 비 어쓰 2, 음탕한:Clarence's ~ comments made his female associates extremely uncomfortable.
레이 먼 1, 보통사람;비전문가:The surgeon tried to describe the procedure in terms a ~ could understand, but he used so much medical jargon that I had no idea what he was talking about.:laymen are known collectively as laity.:The new minister tried hard to involve the ~ in his services; unfortunately, the last time a ~ preached a sermon, he spent most of the time talking about his new boat. Perhaps that's just the risk you run when you use a lay preacher.
리 쎈 쉬어쓰 2, 외설적인:Ashley said the hot new novel was deliciously ~, but I found the sex scenes to be dull and predictable.
림 핃 1, 투명한:The river flowing past the chemical plant isn't exactly ~; in fact, it's as opaque as paint, which is apparently one of its principal ingredients.:명쾌한:Elizabeth's poetry has a ~ quality that makes other writers' efforts sound stiff and overformal.
리 터 니 1, recital or list:Ruth's ~ of complaints about her marriage to Tom is longer than most children's letters to Santa.:지루한이야기:She's so defensive that if she suspects even a hint of criticism, she launches into a litany of her accomplishments.

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