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ThanhVu's GRE High Fre Vocabs


undefined, object
copy deck
to leave secretly
deep hole
concerning the appreciation of beauty
increase in power/influence

Dr. Smith sought to aggrandize himself by claiming all ThanhVu's works were his
combine, mix

ex: The unions will attempt to amalgamate their groups into one national body.
out of place in time
similar, equivalent
anomal y/ous
provoke to anger, annoy
lack of interest, emotion
suspended action
Eating and drinking in moderation
judge a dispute between two opposing parties

ex: She was called upon to arbitrate the dispute between the union and the management.
ancient, old-fashioned
intense and passionate feeling
speak clearly and expressively
make something unpleasant less severe, ease

make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense : the letter assuaged the fears of most members. See note at alleviate . ⬢ satisfy (an appetite or desire) : an opportunity occurred to assuage her desire for knowledge.
reduce, weaken

The general hopes to attenuate the enemy line by destroying their food source.
fearless and daring, intrepid
sever or stern, undecorated
nghiem khac, khac khe, kho hanh, moc mac
warn, reprove

# khiển trách, quở mắng, la rầy
# răn bảo, khuyên răn, khuyên nhủ; động viên
promptness, eagerness, liveness
Uncertainty or indecisiveness, coexistence of opposing attitudes or feelings
pacify, soothe

mollify: pacify, soothe, placate, conciliate, làm giảm đi, làm bớt đi, làm dịu đi, làm nguôi đi, xoa dịu

satisfying: assuage (lam diu bot, lam thoa man), attenuate (lam yeu di, lam giam di, lam mo?ng bot), sooth, calm, ease:
inform, explain

ex: When he was apprised of the dangerous weather conditions, he decided to postpone his trip.

ex: Wanting her parents' regard, she looked for some sign of their approbation.
acquire, conquer
hard, difficult

ex: Her arduous efforts had sapped her energy.
open and honest
self-denying and austere, e.g. hermit
diligent, siêng nĒng, chuyên cần

ex: It took Rembrandt weeks of assiduous labor before he was satisfied with his portrait of his son.
state confidently, kien quyet
predictable, lacking originality, common, hackney
contradict, give a false impression
ex:"This statement belies my intentions"
rude, insensitive

ex: Though Mr. Potts constantly interrupted his wife, she ignored his boorish behavior, for she had lost hope of teaching him courtesy.
grow forth, flourish,
ex: "In the spring, the plants that burgeon are a promise of the beauty that is to come."
shiny, polish,
ex: "The maid burnished the brass fixtures until they reflected the lamplight."
ex: "Just as architects buttress the walls of cathedrals with flying buttresses, debaters buttress their arguments with facts."
cacophon y/ous
inharmonious, discordant

ex: Some people seem to enjoy the cacophony of an orchestra that is tuning up.
impartial and honest; candid nature

thật thà, ngay thẳng, bộc trực, vô tư, không thiên vị
unpredictable, fickle; impulsive; whimsical

ex: The storm was capricious and changed course constantly.
punish, khien trach, trung phat

ex: Sensitive even to mild criticism, Woolf could not bear castigation that she found in certain reviews.
sarcastically biting, cham biem

ex: The critic's caustic remarks angered the hapless (rui ro, khong may) actors who were the subjects of his sarcasms.
deception, trickery

ex: Your deceitful tactics in this case are indications of chicanery.
convincing and well reasoned, vu+~ng chac, co suc thuyet phuc

ex: She presented cogent arguments to the jury.
overlook, pardon

ex: Unlike Widow Douglass, who condoned Huck's minor offenses, Miss Watson did nothing but scold.
intricated, complicated

ex: His argument was so convoluted that few of us could follow it intelligently.
provide supporting evidence, confirm
ex: Unless we find a witness to corroborate your evidence, it will not stand up in court.
too trusting, gullible, ca tin, nhe da

ex: The witch doctor took advantage of the credulity of the superstitious natives.
increase in volume or intensity

ex: The overture suddenly changed from a quiet pastoral theme to a crescendo featuring blaring trumpets and clashing cymbols.
thicken, clot
ex: Even after you remove the pudding from the burner, it will continue to coagulate as it stands.
concluding section of some musical, literary composition

ex: The piece concluded with a distinctive coda that strikingly brought together various motifs.
Of the same size, extent

ex: Your reward will be commensurate with your effort.
brief, summary

ex: This text can serve as a compendium of the tremendous amount of new material being developed in this field.
trying to please.

ex: The courtier (trieu than, can than, ninh than) obeyed the king's orders in a complaisant manner.
reconciling, soothing

conciliatory act: hanh dong hoa giai

ex: She was still angry despite his conciliatory words.

ex: No mystery could confound Sherlock Holmes for long
someone who appreciates, knows about fine art

She had developed into a connoisseur of fine china (do su)
assertion, thesis.... bone of contention
quarrelsome (danh nhau, cai va)

ex: We heard loud and contentious noises in the next room
Feeling regret and sorrow for one's sins or offenses; penitent

ex: Her contrite tears did not influence the judge when he imposed sentence.
riddle; difficult problem

ex: During the long car ride, she invented conundrums to entertain the children.

ex: When he saw the enemy troops advancing, he had a craven impulse (su thuc day) to run for his life.
respect, courtesy, chieu theo y muon, to y ton trong

ex: In deference (respect) to his desires, the employer granted him a holiday.
ridicule, mock

ex: The people derided his grandiose (to lon, vi dai, lam to phong) schemes.
dry out (sa^'y kho)

ex: A tour of this smokehouse will give you an idea of how the pioneers used to desiccate food in order to preserve it.
abusive speech, scolding; invective

ex: During the lengthy diatribe delivered by his opponent he remained calm and self-controlled.
aimless, haphazard (ngau nhien), linh tinh, ro+`i ra.c

ex: In prison Malcolm X set himself the task of reading straight through the dictionary; to him reading was purposeful, not desultory.
lacking self-confidence, shyness

ex: You must overcome your diffidence if you intend to become a salesperson.

ex: In the dark, the pupils of your eyes dilate.
delaying, slow, tardy, slack

ex: Your dilatory tactics may compel (buoc phai, bat buoc) me to cancel the contract.

ex: He was not serious in his painting; he was rather a dilettante.
lament with music
correct a false impression, free from error, undeceive (lam giac ngo)

ex: I will attempt to disabuse you of your impression of my client's guilt; I know he is innocent.
perceive, recognize

discerning: mentally quick and observant; having insight

ex: Because he was considered the most discerning member of the firm, he was assigned the most difficult cases.
fundamentally different, unrelated

ex: It is difficult, if not impossible, to organize these disparate elements into a coherent (manh lac, chat che) whole.
present a false appearance, disguise

ex: Even though John tried to dissemble his motive for taking modern dance, we all knew there not to dance but to meet girls.
discord, opposite of harmony

ex: Some contemporary musicians deliberately (co y, co tinh toan) use dissonance to achieve certain effects.
firmly held opinion (giao dieu, giao ly)

ex: Do not be so dogmatic about that statement; it can be easily refuted.
dictatorial in one's opinion, positive; arbitrary (tuy y')

* giáo điều; giáo lý

* võ đoán, quyết đoán

ex: Do not be so dogmatic about that statement; it can be easily refuted.
v: deceive,
n: someone being fooled

ex: While the gullible Watson often was made a dupe by unscrupulous parties, Sherlock Holmes was far more difficult to fool.
frighten, intimidate

ex: Your threats cannot daunt me.
failure to act,

ex: As a result of her husband's failure to appear in court, she was granted a divorce by default.
portray,depict, mo ta, phac hoa.

ex: He is weakest when he attempts to delineate character.
defame; belittle

phỉ báng, gièm pha, chê bai; bôi xấu, bôi nhọ

ex: The critics have denigrated our efforts.
split, branching into two parts

ex: The dichotomy of our legislative system provides us with many safeguards.
separate, unconnected

ex: The universe is composed of discrete bodies.
not naive, sophisticated

ex: Although he was young, his remarks indicated that he was disingenous.
belittle (coi nhe, xem thuong, lam giam gia tri)

ex: Do not disparage anyone's contribution; these little gifts add up to large sums.
spread, distribute

ex: The invention of the radio helped propagandists to disseminate their favorite doctrines very easily.
expand, sung to ra

ex: I can tell when he is under stress by the way the veins distend on his forehead.
made up of a variety of disparate sources

ex: His style of interior decoration was eclectic: bits and pieces of furnishings from widely divergent periods, strikingly juxtaposed (de canh nhau, ke nhau) to create a unique color.
sorrowful poem or speech or song , khuc bi thuong

ex: On the death of Edward King, Milton composed the elegy "Lycidas."
imitate, to copy
reduce in strength, yeu ot

ex: She was slow to recover from her illness; even a short walk to the window enervated her.
cause, bring about (dem lai, sinh ra)

ex: to receive praise for real accomplishments engenders self-confidence in a child.
lie, mislead

ex: The audience saw through his attempts to equivocate on the subject under discussion and ridiculed his remarks.
unpredictable, haphazard (may rui, ngau nhien)

ex: Investors become anxious when the stock market appears erratic.
learned, scholarly

ex: Ho Xuan Huong's erudite writing was difficult to read because of the many allusions (bong gio, am chi) which were unfamiliar to most readers.
obscure, abtruse, hard to understand, understood only by a few, bi mat, rieng tu

ex: New Yorker short stories often include esoteric allusions to obscure (lam toi nghia, lam kho hieu) people and events: the implication is if you are in the in-crowd, you'll get the reference; if you come from Cleveland, you won't.
admirable, đáng kính mến, đáng quý trọng

ex: none
speech in praise of someone
mild expression in place of an unpleasant one

ex: The expression "he passed away" is a euphemism for "he died."
to make worse

ex: This latest arrest will exacerbate the already existing discontent (su bat man, khong vua long) of the people and enrage them.

ex: In this exigency (exigent situation), we must look for aid from our allies.
excitement, enthusiasm, bong bot

ex: His ebullient nature could not be repressed (kiem che, nen lai).
shameless boldness (ma(.t da`y, vo liem si)

ex: She had the effrontery to insult the guest.
draw out by discussion (suy ra, luan ra)

ex: The detectives tried to elicit where the thief had hidden his loot (do an cap duoc)
ornament, enhance

ex: My mother-in-law's stories about her journey from Russia made us laugh because she embellished the bare facts of her travels with humourous anecdotes (chuyen vat, giai thoai).
based on experience

ex: He distrusted hunches (linh cam; cai buu) and intuitive flashes; he placed his reliance entirely on empirical data.
endemic prevailing among a specific group of people or region, dac huu, dia phuong

pandemic: prevailing wordwide

ex: This disease is endemic in this part of the world; more than 80 percent of the population are at one time or another affected by it.
calmness of temperament, composure, thu thai, thanh than, binh tinh

ex: In his later years, he could look upon the foolishness of the world with equanimity and humor.
conjecture (phong doan), projection (chie^'u theo)

ex: Based on their extrapolation from the results of the primaries on Super Tuesday, the networks predicted that George Bush would be the Republican candidate for the presidency.
grovel, flattering, xun xoe, ninh bo

ex: She was constantly surrounded by a group of fawning admirers who had hoped to win some favor.
Marked by great passion or zeal; ardent (manh liet, soi noi, nong nan, ardent love for the country)

Her fervid enthusiasm inspired all of us to undertake the dangerous mission.
arouse; incite; promote the growth of

ex: This report will foment disssension (mối bất đồng, mối chia rẽ) in the club.
thrift, wise economy in the management of money, tiet kiem

ant: lavish

ex: In these economically difficult days businesses must practice frugality or risk bankruptcy.

ex: Your facetious remarks are not appropriate at this serious moment.
false, misleading

ex: Your reasoning must be fallacious because it leads to a ridiculous answer.
foolish, insane

ex: He is far too intelligent to utter (thot ra, noi ra, bay to) such fatuous remarks.
appropriate, well chosen

ex: He was famous for his felicitous remarks and was called upon to serve as master-of-ceremonies at many banquet.
intensity of feeling, su no'ng bong, sự nhiệt tình, sự hăng hái; sự tha thiết; sự sôi nổi

ex: Their kiss was full of the fervor of first love.

ex: While it is necessary to provide these fledgling poets with an opportunity to present their work, it is not essential that we admire everything they write.
reject; mock

ex: The headstrong youth flouted all authority; he refused to be curbed (kiem che).
excessively talkative, especially about unimportant subjects; loquacious; wordy

nói nhiều, ba hoa, lắm mồm, riu rit, ro'c rach

ex: Many club members avoided the company of the garrulous junior executive because his contant chatter bored them to tears.
outgoing; sociable

ex: Typically, party-throwers are gregarious; hermits are not.
deceit, duplicity (su lua doi, an o+? hai long)

ex: She achieved her high position by guile and treachery.
easily deceived

ex: He preyed upon gullible people, who believed his stories of easy wealth.

ex: She was too honest to gainsay the truth of the report.
urge on

ex: He was goaded (kich thich, treu tuc) by his friends until he yielded to their wishes.
overcharge; tear out

In that fight, all the rules were forgotten; the adversaries bit, kicked, and tried to gouge (moi, khoet) each other's eyes out.
pompous; bombastic; using high-sounding language

ex: The politician could never speak simply; she was always grandiloquent.
long, passionate, and vehement speech

ex: In her lengthy harangue, the principal berated (mang mo, nhiec nhoc) the offenders.
one who opposes established beliefs; attacking cherished traditions; nguoi da pha tin nguong lau doi

ex: George Bernard Shaw's iconoclastic plays often startled (lam giat minh, lam hoang hot) more conventional people.
not capable of being disturbed, calm

ex: Wellington remained imperturbable and in full command of the situation in spite of the hysteria (su cuong loan, kich dong) and panic all around him.
violent; hasty; rash; without thinking

ex: We tried to curb (kiem che, repress) his impetuous behavior because we felt that in his haste (su voi vang, hap tap) he might offend some people.
unable to be calmed down

ex: Madame Defarge was the implacable enemy of the Evremonde family.
not full formed; disorganized; recently begun; rudimentary; elementary

ex: Before the Creation, the world was an inchoate mass.
naive; young and unsophisticated

ex: Although she was over forty, the movie star still insisted that she be cast as an ingenuous sweet young thing.
unfriendly; hostile

ex: She felt that they were inimical and were hoping for her downfall.

ant: harmful, pernicious (malignant)

ex: Let him drink it; it is innocuous and will have no ill effect.
lacking in flavor; dull; tasteless

ex: Flat prose (van xuoi) and flat ginger ale (nuoc gung) are equally insipid: both lack sparkle.
uncompromising (khong nhuong bo), stubborn unwillingness to compromise

ex: The intransigence of both parties in the dispute makes an early settlement almost impossible to obtain.
overwhelm; cover with water; flood; overflow

ex: The tremendous waves inundated the town.
easily made angry; irritable; easily angered; nóng tính, dễ cáu, dễ nổi giận

ex: Her irascible temper frightened me.
ex: without feeling; not affected by pain; tram tinh

The Native American has been incorrectly depicted as an impassive individual, undemonstrative (kin dao, khong tho lo tam tinh) and stoical (kien cuong).
hinder; block

ex: The special prosecutor determined that the Attorney General, though inept (lac long, khong co kha nang thich hop), had not intentionally set out to impede the progress of the investigation.
burst inward, nổ tung vào trong
carelessly; unintentionally; by oversight

ex: She inadvertently omitted two questions on the examination and mismarked her answer sheet.
lack of harmony; not congruity, khong thich hop; absurdity (vo ly, buon cuoi, ngo ngan, ngu xuan)

ex: The incongruity of his wearing sneakers with formal attire amused the observers.
poverty; paucity

ex: Neither the economists nor the political scientists have found a way to wipe out the inequities of wealth and eliminate indigence from our society.

ex; He outgrew his youthful indolence to become a model of industry and alertness on the job.
hint; imply

am chi?

ex: What are you trying to insinuate by that remark?
insularity / insulate
* cô lập, cách ly

* biến (đất liền) thành một hòn đảo

narrow mindedness; isolation

ex: The insularity of the islanders manifested (bieu lo, bay to) itself in their suspicion of anything foreign.
unruly; stubborn; not easily managed; refractory (bướng, bướng bỉnh, khó bảo, dai dang (benh))

ex: The horse was intractable and refused to enter the starting gate.
abuse; tirade; diatribe

ex: He had expected criticism but not the invective that greeted his proposal.
using few words; brief and to the point

ex: Many of the characters portrayed by Clint Eastwood are laconic types: strong men of few words.
express sorrow; grieve

ex: Even advocates of the war lamented the loss of so many lives in combat.

:praiseworthy; commendable
ex: His laudable deeds will be remarked by all whom he aided.

: expressing praise
ex: The critics' laudatory comments helped to make her a star.
clearly and easily understood

ex: Her explanation was lucid enought for a child to grasp.
shining; issuing light

ex: The sun is a luminous body.
weariness; languor (suy nhuoc, thieu sinh khi)

ex: The hot, tropical weather created a feeling of lassitude and encouraged drowsiness (tho than, lo mo, ue oai).
dormant; hidden; undeveloped

ex: Her latent talent was discovered by accident.
lack of seriousness or steadiness; frivolity (su long bong, tam phao)

ex: Stop giggling and wriggling around in the pew (ghe dai trong nha tho); such levity is improper in church.
one who feigns illness to escape duty

ex: The captain ordered the sergeant to punish all malingerers and force them to work.
capable of being shaped (de uon)

ex: Gold is a malleable metal.
a person who dislikes others

ex: We thought the hermit was a misanthrope because he shunned (tranh xa, lang tranh) our society.
soften; lessen; appease

ex: Nothing he did could mitigate her wrath; she was unforgiving.
calm; make less severe
appease; placate; pacify

ex: We tried to mollify the hysterical child by promising her many gifts.
lack of variation

ex: He took a clerical job, but soon grew to hate the monotony of his daily routine.
rebel; người trí thức không chịu theo khuôn phép xã hội

ex: To the masculine literary establishment, George Sand with her insistence on wearing trousers and smoking cigars was clearly a maverick who fought her proper womanly role.
lying; habitually dishonest

ex: He was pathological liar, and his friends learned to discount (tru hao, khong ke den) his mendacious stories.
change of form

ex: The metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly is typical of many such changes in animal life.
melancholy (u sau, sau muon); Sadness or depression; sullen (buon rau, u ru)

ex: When we first meet Hamlet, we find him morose and depressed.
wordily; everyday

ex: He was concerned only with mundane matters, especially the daily stock market quotations.

ex: This mountain slope contains slides that will challenge experts as well as neophytes.
obstinate (bướng bỉnh, cứng đầu cứng cổ, khó bảo; ngoan cố); stubborn

cứng rắn, sắt đá, không lay chuyển

He was obdurate in his refusal to listen to our complaints.
eager to please; slavishly attentive; servile; sycophantic; fawning; khúm núm, xun xoe

ex: Helen valued people who behaved as if they respected themselves; nothing irritated her more than an excessively obsequious waiter or a fawning salesclerk.

self-respect: tu trong
prevent; make unnecessary; get rid of; ngĒn ngừa, phòng ngừa; tránh

ex: I hope this contribution will obviate any need for further collections of funds.
stop, shut, close, đút nút, bít

ex: A blood clot occluded an artery to the heart.
troublesome, burdensome

ex: Dr. Bui asked for an assistant because his work load was too onerous.
điều sỉ nhục, điều nhục nhã; public disgrace, infamy; vilification (sự phỉ báng; sự gièm pha, sự nói xấu)

ex: He refused to defend himself against the slander (vu cao, vu khong; sự vu cáo, sự vu khống; lời vu oan; sự nói xấu) and opprobrium hurled (phong vao, nem vao) against him by the newspapers; he preferred to rely on his record.
lĒng xĒng, hiếu sự; meddlesome (phien phuc, to meddle: lam phien, interfere); excessively pushy in offering one's services

ex: After her long flight, Jill just wanted to nap, but the officious bellboy was intent on showing her all the special features of the deluxe suite.
model of perfection

ex: The class disliked him because the teacher was always pointing him out as a paragon of virtue (duc hanh, tinh tot, tiet nghia, easy virtue: lang lo).
pedant / pedantic
scholar who overemphasizes book learning or technicalities

người thông thái rởm
người ra vẻ ta day (hoc van)

ex: Her insistence that the book be memorized marked the teacher as a pedant rather than a scholar.
perfidious (adj) / perfidy (n)
willing to betray ones trust; treacherous; disloyal

ex: When Caesar realized that Brutus had betrayed him, he reproached (trách mắng, quở trách, lam nhuc nha) his perfidious friend.
superficial; not thorough; lacking interest, care, or enthusiasm; indifferent (lanh đạm, thờ ơ, hờ hững, dửng dưng; không thiết, không quan tâm, không để ý, bàng quang)

ex: The auditor's perfunctory inspection of the books overlooked many errors.
charity; desire to do good

ex: As he grew older, he became famous as a philanthropist and benefactor (người làm việc thiện; a^n nha^n) of the needy.
soothe; pacify; conciliate

ex: The teacher tried to placate the angry mother.
excess; overabundance

ex: She offered a plethora of excuses for her shortcomings.
thực dụng; practical (as opposed to idealistic); concerned with the practical worth or impact of something

ex: This coming trip to France should provide me with a pragmatic test of the value of my conversational French class.
hasty (vội vàng, vội vã; nhanh chóng, gấp rút, mau; hấp tấp, khinh suất, thiếu suy nghĩ; nóng tính, nóng nảy, dễ nổi nóng); quick; sudden

ex: Do not be precipitate in this matter; investigate further.
to lie, equivocate

ex: Some people believe that to prevaricate in a good cause is justifiable and regard the statement as a "white lie."
characteristic of earlier times; primitive, unspoiled; pure
ban sơ; xưa, cổ xưa, thời xưa

ex: This area has been preserved in all its pristine wildness.
increase; grow rapidly; spread; multiply; tĒng nhanh

ex: Times of economic hardship inevitably encourage countless get-rich-quick schemes to proliferate
conciliate; appease;
làm lành; làm dịu, làm nguôi

ex: The natives offered sacrifices to propitiate the gods.
prudence (n) / prudent (adj)
wisdom; caution; sự thận trọng, sự cẩn thận; tính thận trọng, tính cẩn thận; sự khôn ngoan; tính khôn ngoan

ex: A miser (người keo kiệt, người bủn xỉn) hoards (tích trữ; dự trữ; dành dum) money not because he is prudent but because he is greedy.
one-sided; prejudiced;
committed to a party;
người theo một đảng phái, đảng viên

ex: On certain issues of conscience, she refused to take a partisan stand.
sự khan hiếm, sự thiếu thốn, sự ít ỏi

ex: They closed the restaurant because the paucity of customers made it uneconomical to operate.
strong inclination; liking; (seems like propensity) ?

ex: He had a strong penchant for sculpture and owned many statues.

When his pension (lương hưu, tiền trợ cấp ) fund failed, George feared he would end his days in penury.
perennial, ephemeral (n/adj)
long lasting
cay lau nam

ex: Tese plants are hardy perennials and will bloom for many years.
spread throughout

ex: Despite airing them for several hours, she could not rid her clothes of the pervasive odor of mothball that clung (cling: bám vào, dính sát vào, níu lấy) to them.

mothball: A marble-sized ball, originally of camphor but now of naphthalene, stored with clothes to repel moths.
calm; not easily disturbed

ex: The nurse was a cheerful but phlegmatic person, unexcited in the face of sudden emergencies.
trite remark; commonplace statement

tính vô vị, tính tầm thường, tính nhàm
lời nói vô vị, lời nói tầm thường, lời nói nhàm

ex: The platitudes in his speech were applauded by the vast majority in his audience; only a few people perceived how trite his remarks were.
uncertain; risky

ex: I think this stock is a precarious investment and advise against its purchase.
arrogant; taking liberties (coi thường)
tự phụ, quá tự tin

ex: It seems presumptous for one so relatively new to the field to challenge the conclusions of its leading experts.
uprightness; tính ngay thẳng, tính chính trực, tính liêm khiết

incorruptibility; tính không thể mua chuộc được; tính không thể hủ hoá được, tính liêm khiết

Everyone took his probity for granted; his defalcations (tham ô, thụt két), therefore, shocked us all.
An innate (natural, bẩm sinh) inclination; a tendency.

To incline to _verb_: có khuynh hướng ...

ex: Convinced of his own talent, Sol has an unfortunate propensity (chie^`u hướng) to belittle (coi nhẹ, xem thường) the talents of others.
ostracize; banish; outlaw; đày đi, trục xuất

ex: Antony, Octavius and Lepidus proscribed all those who had conspired (âm mưu, mưu hại) against Julius Caesar.
motionless; at rest; dormant
im lìm, yên lặng

ex: After this geyser (mạch nước phun, thùng đun nước nóng) erupts, it will remain quiescent for twenty-four hours.
reject the validity; recant; disown; disavow

ex: He announced that he would repudiate all debts incurred by his wife.

incur: chịu, gánh, mắc, bị; to incur debts: mắc nợ; to incur losses: chịu thiệt hại; to incur punishment: chịu phạt
reserved; uncommunicative; inclined to silence

ex: Hughes preferred reticent employees to loquacious ones, noting as these non-chatters ensure their discretion (sự thận trọng, su suy xet khon ngoan) about his affairs.
thuật hùng biện; effective writing or speaking; art of effective communication; insincere or grandiloquent (khoac lac) language

ex: All writers, by necessity, must be skilled in rhetoric.
stubborn; cứng đầu cứng cổ, ngoan cố; refractory

ex: Donkeys are reputed to be the most recalcitrant of animals.
confess; repudiate; withdraw previous statement

công khai, rút lui và từ bỏ; công khai rút (ý kiến...)

repudiate: không công nhận, không thừa nhận, bác bỏ (một thuyết...), từ chối, cự tuyệt, thoái thác, không nhận

ex: Unless you recant your confession, you will be punished severely.
hermit; loner
(nguoi) sống ẩn dật, xa lánh xã hội

ex: The recluse lived in a hut in the forest.

rw: secluded
esotoric, abstruse (thâm thuý, sâu sắc); profound; secret
tối tăm, bí hiểm, khó hiểu

ex: He read many recondite books in order to obtain the material for the scholarly thesis.
resistant; stubborn; unmanageable

recalcitrant, intractable

ex: The refractory horse was eliminated from the race when he refused to obey the jockey.
banish to an inferior position;
banish; consign (uỷ thác, ký thác; giao phó) to inferior position

đổi (viên chức) đi xa; đày ải; hạ tầng

ex: If we relegate these experts to minor posts because of their political persuasions (persuade: lam cho tin, persuasion: tin nguong), we shall lose their valuable services.
express disapproval
blame; censure

ex: I want my work to be above reproach and without error
devoid (không có, trống rỗng ) of decency (tao n ha, le nghi ..); person hardened in sin,
* (tôn giáo) người bị Chúa đày xuống địa ngục

* người tội lỗi

* đồ vô lại; kẻ phóng đãng truỵ lạc

ex: I cannot understand why he has so many admirers if he is the reprobate you say he is.
cancel; huỷ bỏ, thủ tiêu (luật hợp đồng...)

ex: Because of public resentment, the king had to rescind his order.
deceptively attractive; misleading; seemingly reasonable but incorrect

chỉ có mã ngoài, chỉ có bề ngoài; chỉ tốt mã; chỉ có lý ở bê ngoài

ex: Let us not be misled by such specious arguments (An argument that appears good at first view but is really fallacious).
mark of shame; token of disgrace; brand

vết nhơ, điều sỉ nhục

ex: I do not attach any stigma to the fact that you were accused of this crime; the fact that you were acquitted (trả hết, trang trải, tha bổng, tha tội, tuyên bố trắng án) clears you completely.
dullness; impassivenss
thản nhiên, phớt lạnh

ex: The earthquake shattered his usual stolidity; trembling (run so), he crouched (ne', cui minh) on the no longer stable ground.
grand; exalted; noble; uplifting

ex: Mother Teresa has been honored for her sublime deeds.
without words; ngầm, không nói ra

ex: We have a tacit agreement based on only a handshake.
verbal attack; extended scolding; denunciation
tràng đả kích, tràng chửi rủa; diễn văn đả kích

tirade of invectives: một tràng chửi rủa (invective: n/adj: chui rua, cong kich du doi, to cao kich liet, thoa ma)

ex: Long before he had finished his tirade, we were sufficiently aware of the seriousness of our misconduct.
lethargy (trạng thái hôn mê; giấc ngủ lịm; tính lờ phờ, tính thờ ơ); sluggishness; dormancy

trạng thái lịm đi; trạng thái mê mệt

to arouse oneself from one's torpor
tỉnh dậy khỏi trạng thái mê mệt

ex: Nothing seemed to arouse him from his torpor; he had wholly surrendered himself to lethargy.
temporary, impermanent; nhất thời, tạm thời

ex: Conscious (Biet ro, nhan thuc) that all things pass, the psalmist (writer of psalm) relates the transitoriness of happiness and fame.
indecisive; unpredictable;

ex: Uncertain which suitor (người cầu hôn) she ought to marry, the princess vacillated, saying now one, now the other.
to respect deeply

ex: We do not mean to be disrespectful when we refuse to follow the advice of our venerable leader.
filled with truth; truthfulness

ex: Trying to prove Hill a liar, Senator Spector repeatedly questioned her veracity.
annoy; distress

ex: Please try not to vex your mother; she is doing the best she can.
fluctuate between choices (lung lay, do du, luong lu)

to waver between two opinions
lưỡng lự giữa hai ý kiến
capricious (unpredictable); fanciful (tuong tuong)

# bất thường, hay thay đổi
# kỳ quái, kỳ dị

ex: He dismissed his generous gift to his college as a sentimental (de cam, da cam) fancy (su tuong tuong, so thich), an old man's whimsical gesture.
passion; excitement; fervid

Wang's zeal was contagious; soon all his fellow students were busily making posters, inspired by his ardent (fervid) enthusiasm for the cause.
healthy, lành, tốt (khí hậu, không khí)

ex: Many people with X fever move to more salubrious sections of the country during the months of August and September.
enjoy; have a distinctive flavor, smell, or quality

ex: Relishing (them gia vi, thu vi, thuong thuc) his triumph, Costner especially savored the chagrin (su that vong, chan nan, lam that vong, lam tui nhuc) of the critics who had predicted his failure.
fragment; mảnh vỡ

ex: The archaeologist assigned several students the task of reassembling earthenware (đồ bằng đất nung) vessels (bình, chậu, lọ, thùng) from the shards he had brought back from the expedition (cuoc tham hiem, vien chinh).
repayment for a wrong; su chuoc loi

When a man has been guilty of any vice or folly, the best atonement he can make for it is to warn others not to fall into the like.

In Christianity, atonement is achieved through the death and resurrection of Jesus.
* ở trạng thái mê ly; làm mê ly; dễ bị làm mê ly

* ngây ngất

* xuất thần, nhập định; dễ xuất thần

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