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Music 121 Final


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A typical first movement of a Classical string quartet is?
in a moderate or fast tempo and in sonata form
Beethoven's personal life was?
chaotic and lonely
The slow movement of a Classical instrumental work?
could be in a variety of classical forms
Which dynamic indication is the softest?
A string quartet consists of ?
2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello
Beethoven stopped performing because?
he became progressively deaf
In what key is the 2nd theme likely to be heard in the recapitulation?
the tonic key
Which diagram shows the greatest amount of musical contrast?
The 3rd movement in most Classical symphonies is generally?
the fastest, lightest movement
Music for the Mass was? Music for the daily Office was?
complex; simpler
Who was blamed for seducing Zerlina at the Ball?
The shape, arrangement, relationship, or organization of elements in disciplins such as poetry, visual arts, and music is called?
Classical string quartets generally have?
4 movements
A section of a fugue in which new, contrasting material is presented is a(n)?
A typical string quartet would not include the?
bass viol.
How many Brandenburg Concertos did Bach write?
Which section in sonata form is most likely to be repeated in a free fashion?
Which composer wrote music in both the Classical style and the Romantic style?
Ludwig van Beethoven
a typical form of the theme in them and variations form is?
I: a :II: b :I
The musical term for the level of strength of a sound is?
The 1st movement of Haydn's Symphony No. 88 in G is?
in sonata form w/ a slow intro
The ___________ was the main instrument on which Bach performed.
in the _________ sonata form, there is modulation away from the tonic key?
The fugue subject is the?
main theme or melody
While in Vienna, Mozart relied on _________ for income?
teaching and conerts
The Middle Ages, or medieval era, covers the time period of the?
fifth century to the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries
Another name for an ABA form with an exposition, a developement, and a recapitulation is ?
sonata form
The standard form for the italian opera aria is?
da capo form
When themes are broken up, recombined, reorchestrated, extended, or played in new musical contexts, they are being?
Acoustically speaking, a cyle
is one vibration that is transmitted through the air
The 1st movement of Mozart's symphony No. 40 in G minor has no?
slow intro
The musical term for "suddenly" is?
In sonata form, which section conatins the most modulation?
the development
Which is not true of an aria
Has no set meter, the meter and melody serve the text first and foremost
Haydn's career shows
a combo of the patronage system and the concert system
The single-line melodies of the early Christian Church are known as?
Name 4 of 7 main characters in movie
Don Giovanni, Zerlina, Seporello, Donna Elvira
Which is true of the style periods of Beethoven?
They progress from Classical to heroic to serence
What happens to Don Giovanni at the end?
He goes to hell
Handel composed most of his operas and oratorios in?
Which dance movement survived into the Classicl era?
the minuet
How many movements does a typical concerto have?
Which is ture of the key in which the 2nd theme is heard in the exposition?
The 2nd theme is heard in 2nd key, to which the music has modulated during the bridge section
With which genre is beethoven most closely associated?
The 1st movement of multimovement words from the Classical era are in ?
sonata form
Which characterizes Beethoven's personality?
brusque and strong willed
Which is true of most of Haydn's symphonies?
include simle, cheerful melodies
Most of the music of medieval times was preserved for us in musical notation that was written down by?
members of religious orders
A late eighteenth century work in sonata form that starts in the key of C major will end in the key oof?
C major
Which is not a feature of Beethoven's symphonic compositional style?
disregard for Classical form
Which of the following is true of the way Classical omposers wrote for the string quartet?
All 4 parts were interdependent, each reacting to musical gestures by the others
The 2nd movement of Beethoven's Piano Sonata NO. 31 in A-flat, Op.110, is in?
scherzo form
What keys are used during the development section in sonata form?
many different keys
"Viri Galilaei" would most likely have been used?
at a royal coronation
What was the fee Mozart recieved to write the opera?
100 ducats
During the early Middle Ages, the institution(s) that preserved written records of its culture, including music, was/were the?
Christian Church
What are the main elements of teh exposition in sonata form>
1st theme, bridge, second theme, cadence theme
Music is exclusively the art of ?
sound in time
Italian comic operal was called?
opera buffa
Which musical characterisc of Beethoven's symphonies is the most moving to the listener?
psychological progression
The 2nd movement of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 17 in G is in?
double exposition form
Which is not a medieval mode?
Mozart's Piano concert No. 17 in G can be characterized as?
Beethoven's performing instrument was the?
A coda?
is a closing section of a movement
In which language are dynamics generally described?
how much of the 1st movement of a symphony is generally repeated?
the exposition w/out the slow intro
Which describes the relatinoship between the soloist and the orcestra in the Classical concerto?
The soloist and the orchestra were equally balanced in importance
What is the form of the 3rd movement of Mozart's Piano Concerto NO. 17 in G?
theme and variations form
The essence of the text of "La guistizia" involves?
the encouragement of vengeance and justice
the firt movement in most classical symphonies is generally?
a moderate or fast movement in sonata form that sometimes has a slow introduction
In a piece of music that can be diagrammed as ABA, the A indicates? the B indicates?
Repetition; contrast
The major genre developed by Classical composers is the?
Which is not a genre?
Which is considered to be the most widely used form developed in the Classical era?
sonata form
The individual style of a particular composer is described in terms of?
the way the composer handles musical elements
Where did the string quartet not perform in the Classical era?
large concert halls
In double exposition form?
the first exposition does not modulate, but the second one does
The 2nd movement of Symp. No. 88 in G shows Haydn's gift for presenting?
natural, simple, beautiful melodies
Which describes the struggle involved in the psychological progression of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5?
There is no break between the third and fourth movements
The country that led the way in eighteenth-century comic opera was?
From what condition did Beethoven suffer?
The 2nd movement in most Classical symphonies is generally?
a slow movement with beautiful, relaxing melodies
Handel's "Glory to God" is a(n)?
The string quartet has as many movements as the?
Which best describe Beethoven's character as relfected in his music?
heroic, striving, and triumphant
What month and year did opera premier?
October 1787
Which is not a Baroque variation form?
The only one of Mozart's operas to be a success during his lifetime was?
The Magic Flute
Another term for tone color is?
In sonata form, the bridge
restates earlier themes in the tonic key
Our perception of high, low, and medium pitched sounds stems from?
the range of the human voice
What kind of operatic genre is the opera?
"dramma giocoso" or "light hearted drama"
In a recitative, the rhythm?
follows the words
The broad term for the way music functions in time is>?
A fast, triple meter movement that evolved from the minuet is called a ?
Which describes the early nineteenthy century concept of the artist as personified in Beethoven?
an inspired soul who suffers to deliver art to humanity
Which instruments are not heard until the fourth movement of beethoven's Symphony No. 5?
Handel's most famous oratorio, which is frequently performed today is?
Music scholars divide Beethoven's music into what style periods?
Beethoven composed mostly what in his last style period?
piano sonatas and string quartets
How many movements does a Classical sonata generally have?
The English word for scherzo is?
The 1st movement of Mozart's piano Sonata in B-flat, K 570, is?
in ABCA' coda form
the form developed by Mozart for the first movement of a concert is called?
double exposition form
In a Classical conerto, there is no
minuet movement
In the final section of the first movement of a Classical concerto, the solist improvises a solo passage called a?
The shape, arrangement, relationship, or organization of elements in disciplines such as poetry, visual arts, and music is called?
Many Baroque operals deal with ancient? whereas oratorios deal with ancient?
Rome; Israel

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