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one who is sketpical of the existence of a god or any ultimate reality. Agnostics say we can neither prove nor disprove the existence of God; we simply have no way to know
stir up; disturb. her fiery remarks agitated the already angry mob
nimbleness; The agility of the acrobat amazed and thrilled the audience
horrified; dumbfounded. Miss Manners was aghoast at the crude behavior of the fraternity brothers at the annual toga party
attacker. Before you punish both boys for fighting, see whether you can determine which one was the aggressor
gather; accumulate. Before the Wall Street scandals, dealers in so called junk bonds managed to aggregate great wealth in short periods of time. adj aggretation N
increase or intensify; raise in power, wealth rank or honor. The history of the past quarter century illustrates how a President may aggrandize his power to act aggressively in international affairs wihtout considering the wises of Congress
collection; heap. It took weeks to assort the agglomeration of miscellaneous items she had collected on her trip
items of business at a meeting
openmouthed. She stared, agape, at the many strange animals in the zoo
insult; offense; intentional act of disrespect. When Mrs. Poudlie was not seated beside te Archdeacon at the head table, she took it as a personal affront and refused to speak to her hosts for a week
abundance; wealth. Foreigners are amazed y the affluence and luxuery of the American way of life
state of distress; cause of suffering. Even in the midst of her affliction, Elizabeht tried to keep up the spirits of those around her
attach or add on; fasten. First the registrar had to affix his signature to the liecense; then he had to affix his official seat
positive assertion; confirmation; solemn pledge by one who refuses to take an oath. Despite Tom's affirmations of innocence, Aunt Polly still suspected he had eaten the pie
joining; associating with. His affiliation with the political party was of short duration for he soon disagreed with his colleagues.
written statement made under oath. The court refused to accept her statement unless she presented it in the form of an affidavit
artificia; pretended; assumed in order to impress. His affected mannerism-his 'harvard ' accents his air of bordom, his use of obsecure foreign words bugged us; he acted as if he thought he was too good for his old high school friends. affectation N
easily approchable; warmly friendly. Accustomed to cold, aloof supervisors, Nicky was amazed at how affable his new employer was. affability N
artistic; dealing with or capable of appreciating the beautiful. The beatuy of Tiffany's stained glass apppealed to Alice's aesthetic sense. aesthete N
nest of large bird of prey (eagle, hawk) the mother eagle swooped down on the rabbit and bore it off to her aere high in the Rocky mountains
shield; defense. Under the aegis of the Bill of Rights, we enjoy our most treasured freedoms
urge; plead for. The abolitionsists advocated freedom for the slaves.
support; active pleading on behalf of someone or something. No threats could dissuade BIshop Desmond Tutu from his advocacy of the human rights of black south africans
refer (to). Since you advert to this matter so frequently, you must regard it as important
poverty; misfortune. We must larn to meet adversity gracefully
unfavorable; hostile. The recession had a highly adverse effect on Father's investment portfolio he lost so much money that he could no longer afford the butler and the upstairs maid
opponent; enmy. Batman struggled to save Gotham City from the machinations of his wicked adversary, the Joker
accidental;coincident, casual. She found this adventitious meeting with her friend extremely fortunate
arrival. Most Americans were unaware of the advent of the NUclear Age until the news of HIroshima reached them
make impure by adding inferior or tainted substances. It is a crime to adulterate foods without informing the buyer
flattery; admiration. The rock star thrived on the adulation of his groupies and yes man. adulate v
skillfu;. Her adoit handling of the delicate situation pleased her employers
decorate; wall paintings and carved statues adorned the temple. adornment N
warn; reprove. When her courtiers questioned her religious beliefs, Mary Stuart admonished them, declaring that she would worship as she pleased
staff officer assisting the commander; assistant. Though Wellington delegated many tasks to his chief adjutant, Lord Fitzroy Somerset, Somerset was in no doubt as to who made all major decisions
adjoining; neighboring; close by. Philip's best friend Jason lived only four horuses down the block, near but not immediately adjacent
supporter; follower. In the wake of the scandal, the senator's one time adherents quietly deserted him
stick fast. I will adhere to this opinion until proof that I am wrong is presented. adhesion n. adherence N
expert at. She was adept at the fine art of irritating people
direct a speech to; deal with or discuss. Due to address the convetion in July, Brown planned to address the issue of low-income housing in his speech
muddle; drive crazy; become rotten. This idiotic plan is conusinng enough to addle anone. addled adj
compulsive, habitual need. His addiction to drugs caused his friends much grief
addition; appendix to book. Hane's editior approved her new comparative literature text but thought it would be even better with an addendum on recent developments in literary criticism
alter; modify. Some species of animals have become extinct because they could not adapt to a changing environment
hard; inflexxible. In this movie Bronson played the part of a revenge driven man, adamant in his determination to punish the criminals who destroyed his family
wise saying; proverb. There is much truth in teh old adage about fools and their money
quickly perceptive; keen; brief and sever. The acute young doctor realized immeidatley that theg radual deterioration of her patient's once acute hearing was due to a crhonic illness. not an acute one
mental keenness. Her busines acumen helped her to succeed where others had failed
sharpness. In time his youhful acuity of vision failed him, and he needed glasses
motivate. I fail to understand what actuated you to reply to this letter so nastily
calculating, pertaining to insurance statistics. According to recent actuarial tables, life expectancy is greater today than it was a century ago
fear of heights. A born salesman, he could convince someone with a bad case of acrophobia to sign up for a life membership in a sky-diving club
bitter in words or manner. The cadidate attacked his opponent in highly acrimonious terms. acrimony N
sharp; bitterly; pungent. The acrid odor of burnt gunpowder filled the room after the pistol had been fired
deliverance from a charge. His acquittal by the jury surprised those who had thought him guilty. acquit v
assent; agree passively. Although she appeared to acquiesce to her employer's suggestion, I could tell she had reserations about the changes he wanted made. acquiescnece N acquiescent adj
science of sound; quality that makes a room easy or hard to hear in. Carnegie Hall is liked by music lovers because of its fine acoustics
peak; pinnacle; highest point. Welles's success in Citizen Kane marked the acme of his career as an actor; never again did he achive such popular acclaim
recognize; admit.
slightly sour. sharp; caustic. James was unpopular because of his sarcastic and acidulous remarks
vinegary. The salad had an exceedingly acetic flavor
come about by addition. you must pay the interest that has accrued on your debt as well as the principal sum. accrual N
growth; increase. Over the years Bob put on weight; because of this accretion of flesh, he went from size M to size XL. accrete v
equip. The fisherman was accoutred with the best that the sporting goods store could supply. accoutrement n
approach and speak first to a person. When the two young men accosted me, I was frightened because I thought they were going to attack me
agreement. she was in complete accord with the verdict
partner in crime. Because he had provided the criminal with the lethal weapon, he was arrested as an accomplice in the murder
oblige or help someone; adjust or bring into harmony; adapt
sharp upslope of a hill. The car could not go up the acclivityin high gear
adjust to climate or environment.;adapt.. One of the difficulties of our present air age is the need of travelers to acclimate themselves to their new and often strange enviornments
applaud; announce with great approval. The sportscasters acclaimed every American victory in the Olympics and decried every American defea. acclamation. n
additional object; useful but not essential thing. Seh bought an attractive handbag as an accessory for her dress.
easy to approach; obtainable
move faster
agree. If I accede to this demand for black mail, I am afraid that I will be the victim of future demands
related to a schoo; not practical or irectly useful. The dean's talk about reforming academic polices was only an academic discussion; we knew little, if naything would change
enormous chasm; vast, bottomless pit. Darth vader seized the vil emperor and hurled him into the abyss
bottomless. His arrogance is exceeded only by his abysmal ignorance
border upon; adjoin. Where our estates abut, we must build a fence
coarsely insulting; physically harmful
obscure; profound; difficult to understand. Baffled by the abstruse philosophical texts assigned in class, Dave asked Lexy to explain Kant's Critique of Pure Reasons
theoretica;; not conrete; nonrepresentational. To him, hunger was an abstract concept; he had never missed a meal
restraint from eating or drinking. The doctor recommended total abstinence from salted foods. abstain.v
sparing in eating and drinking; temperate. Concerned whether her vegetarian son's abstemious diet provided him with sufficient protein, the worried mother pressed food on him
refrain; withhold from participation. After considering the effect of alcohol on his athletci performance, he decided to abstain from drinkning while he trained for the race
pardon (an offense). The father confessor absolved him of his sins. absolution N
complete; totally unlimted; certain. Although the King o Siam was an absolute monarch, he did not want to behead his unfaithful wife without absolute evidence of her infidelity
depart secretly and hide. The teller who absconded with the bonds went uncaptured until someone recognized him from his photograph on America's most wanted
removal by cutting of, as in surgery; separation. Gas gangrene spreads so swiftly and is so potentially deadly that doctors advise abscission of the gangrenous tissue
abolish. The king intended to abrogate the decree issued by his predecessor
condense or shorten. Because the publishers felt the public wanted a shorter version of War and Peace, they proceeded to abridge the novel
rubbing away; tending to grind down. Just as abrasive cleaning powders can wear away a shiny finish, abrasive remarks can wear away a listener's patience. abrade v
unsuccessful; fruitless. Attacked by armed troops, te Chinese students had to abandon their abortive attempt to democratize Beijing peacefully. abort v
being the first of its kind in a region, primitive; native. Her studies of the pirmitive art forms of the aboriginal indians were widely reported in the scientific journals. aborigine n
loathe; hate. Moses scolded the idol worshippers in the tribe because he abominated the custom
cancel; put an end to. The prsident of the college refused to abolish the physical education requirement. abolishion n
renunciation; self-sacrifice. Though Rudolph and Duchess Flavia loved one anther, their love was doomed, for she had to wed the king; their act of abnegation was necessary to preserve the kingdom
washing, HIs daily ablutions were accompanied by loud noises that he humorously labeled 'opera in the Bath'
renounce upon oath; disavow Pressure from university authorities caused the young scholar to abjure his heretical opinions. abjuration N
wretched; lacking pride. On the streets of NY the homeless live in abject poverty, huddling in doorways to find shelter from the wind
detest; hate. She abhorred all forms of bigotry. abhorrence N
suspended action. The deal was held in abeyance until her arrival
assist; usually in doing something wrong; encourage. she was unwiling to abet him in thes windle he had planned
abnormality; departure from the norm; mental irregularity or disorder. It remains the consensus among investors on Wall Street that current high oil prices are a temporary aberration and that we shall soon see a return to cheap oil
abnormal or deviant. Given the aberrant nature of the data, we came to doubt the validity of the entire experiment
renounce; give up. When Edward VIII abdicated the BRitish throne, he surprised the entire world
shorten. Because we were running out of tiem, the lecturer had to abbreviate her speech
subside or moderate. Rather than leaving immediately, the waited for the storm to abate
embarrass. He was not at all abasehed by her open admiration
lower; degrade; humiliate. Anna expected to have to curtsy to the King of Siam; when told to cast herself down on the ground before hi, she refuse to abse herself. abasement N

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