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Film Exam 3


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What is not a common genre of documentary films?
What is the TRUEST statement about rhetorical documentary form?
addresses the viewer openly
What term describes a film that follows several kinds of documentary filmmaking at once?
What documentary technique is NOT used in American Movie?
Reoccurring symbolic images that carry meanings from film to film
According to Bordwell and Thompson, which of the following is "central to the genre film"?
interplay of convention and innovation
NOT a convewntion or theme of horror films as defined by Bordwell and Thompson
ambiguous heroes
In a horror film: conventions or themes
a monster's attack on normal life, the limits of human knowledge, fears about the environment
According to Wood, in twentieth-century art, what is "always closely linked to total despair"?
the absurd
Which of the following is a characteristic of what Wood calls "reactionary" horror films?
monster as totally non-human
What is the BEST example of what Feuer calls "winking" at the audience?
Don describes "The Broadway Ballet"
Acording to Feuer, what is "the most outrageous claim made in the plot of "Singin' in the Rain"?
Kathy gets credit for dubbing Lina's voice
Dominant style for westerns
continuity editing
creat smooth flow from shot to shot
continuity purpose
Documentaries are defined by
content, style, and synthetic
Defined by content
nature, portrait, instructional
defined by style
compilation, interview, direct-cinema
"groupings that individuals or societies create to organize their knowledge of the world"
"ersuade the audience to adopt an opinion
4 basic attributes to documentaries
direct address, debatable subject matter, appeal to emtion, attempt to persuade
Most successful genres
western and gangster
Westerners are
refinement, virtue and civilation
3 Arguements
source, subject centered, viewer centered
Western cinematic elements:
the wide expanses of LAND, the free movement of men on HORSES
Reoccurring symbolic images that carry meaning from film to film
2 ways film change
conventions and iconography
Western's conflict is between what and what
civilized order and lawless frontier
Westerns are defined by
subject, theme, and iconography
Horror defined by
emotional effect
2 types of musicals
backstage, straight
3 common categories of film
documentary, experimental, animated
Genres are grouped by...
subject matter, style, intended emotional effect
"The interplay of covention and innovation, familiarity and novelty are........."
central to the genre
Examples of iconography
covered wagon/railroad vs. horse/canoe
Warshow, "true of a western..."
limitation, its material bareness, the pressures of obligation
HORROR: __________ group takes it very seriously
that in a society built on monogamy and family there will be an enormous surplus of sexual energy that will have to be repressed; and that what is repressed must always strive to return
Treudian theis
5 reoccuring motifs in horror
monster, revenge of nature, satanism, the terrible child, canibalism
HORROR: Unifyed by master figure:
the family; repressed sexuality
Central to the film (centered on its monstrous family)
sense of grotesque comedy, which in no way disminishes its nightmare horror
HORROR: Reactionary wing:
simply evil, the presence of chritianity, the presentation of the monster as non-human, repressed sexuality
Horror is a genre that...
is suited to suggest the limits of human knowledge
HORROR: Uses of distorition
makeup, lighting, also logic- bending it so odd things can happen.
Built on intentions about society and pulling it apart
horror films
Major West,,,stage of normality
people killing people
causes the audience to think eitehr about the nature of those earlier films or about film's own status as a cinematic production
Is "singin'" integrated or not
NOT integrated
Is "Singin'" modular or organic
Film that used demystification and remysticfication
Singin' in the Rain
Musical means
defined by presentation
Usually light-hearted, romance and comedy
Uses a mobile camera
Performance as performance
Singin in the Rain
Typles of Musicals
Set or numbers with little or no narrative
Types of Musicals:narrative centered on people performing for others
Typles of Musicals:
people can alway sexpress themselves through song and ance
Typles of Musicals:
Number's advance to plot. plot continues happening through the numbers
What kind of musical is Singin'in the Rain?
What type of film is Singin' in the Rain?
Reenactment isn't used in
American Movie
produced by assembling images from archival sources...combining
compilation films
records ongoing events as it happens minimal interference by filmmaker. Also known as cinema-verite
direct-cinema documentary
_______ is a common documentary for television journalism
fake documentaries
intended to convery information
categorical form
What argument presents film as a reliable source
arguments for source
What type of argument is about subject matter
subject-centered argument
What type of argument makes an argumetn that appeals to emotions of the viewere
non conformist do what
challenge orthodox notions of what a movie
Form organizing an entire film around color, shpaes, sizes and movemnet in the images
abstract form
Standard shooting speed for live-action filmaking is
24 frames per second
Who were the brothers of Mark?
Alex and Chris
28 Days later:
Who said, "only been around a few blinks of an eyes...return to hormality"
Segeant Farrell
28 Days Later:
New age sergent:
Segeant Farrell
28 Days Later:
"I promised them women"
Corporal Mitchell
Singin' in the Rain:
Director in the film
Roscoe Dexter
Singin' in the Rain:
"lina! We're missing every other world! You've got to talk intot he mike!"
Roscoe Dexter
Singin' in th Rain:
Owner of studio
R.F Simpson

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