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Grade 12 Religion Exam Review


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A person who acts and chooses freely
A title given in the gospels to the twelve chief disiples of Jesus and later also to St.Paul.
Free self-direction; responsibility
Form of pronouncemen tha presupposes that a good or happiness has already been given or is about to be recieved.
Call Story
encounter with God, God speaks, God gives a mission, the person being called objects, they are reassured by God and God gives a sign that He is with them in their mission (when God calls us he does not leavve us alone).
The way your actions over time tend to become fixed in your body
Common Good
The sum total of social conditions which allow people, either as groups or as individuals, to reach their fulfillment more fully and more easily.
The analysis of texts in their original context. Uncovering historical, cultural, linguistic, etc. particularities that the original author was dealing with in order to better understands the original meaning and intent of a text.
Commutative Justice
Pertains to contractual relationships between individuals, and between institutions that have legal status of a person
Is a law inscribed in human hearts. It is our most secret core and sanctuary where we are alone with God whose voice echos in our depths.
A radical transformation of values, a turninf around, that takes place at the intellectual level as an awareness and openness to truth and true knowing
A binding agreement between two parties that spells out conditions and obligations of each party. God's covenant is bond of love that calls to us on our freedom to respond in love.
Distributive Justice
The relationship of government to the individual, and the governemnt's obligations.
Something that somebody is obliged to do for moral, legal or religious reasons; the urge to meet moral or religious obligations-a strong sense of duty
A discipline that deals with the nature of the good, he nature of the human person, and criteria that we use for making right judgments

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