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Allied Health Chapter 1


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Name 4 types.
Name Classifications based on funding.
general, specialty, government, university. Private, religious, non-profit, govt.
What do Long term care facilities do?
Care for elderly, and provide living areas (apts.)
What do Nursing homes provide? Name 4
Used for emotional/physical care, ADL's, secure environment, social interaction.
What do Extended care facilties do? Name 3 services they provide
For short term stay, patients will be discharged. rehabilitative care, preparation for returing home, sub-acute units.
What does Independant living/assisted living do? Name 5 services they provide
Rent or purchase apartments in a facility for those who can take care of themselves, but may need immediate help. meals, housekeeping, transportation, social events, basic medical care
What are Medical offices? What 2 types are there? Name 5 services they provide.
facilities privatley owned by physicians. Diagnostic, treatment, exams, lab tests, minor surgery.
Name 3 types of Dental offices
private office/dental clinics, retail/departments stores, general/specialty.
What are clinics? Name 5 types.
group of medical/dental doctors that share a facility and personnel. corporate/private, hospital operated clinics/outpatient, health departments, college centers
Explain Optical centers. What services do they provide. Name 3
provide cision exams, prescribe glasses/lenses, check for disease
What are Emergency care services? Name 5 types
special care for accidents or sudden illness. Ambulance, rescue sqauds, emergency care clinics/centers, emergency rooms, helicopter
What types of Laboratories are there? What do they do?
medical labs - diagnostic tests, dental labs - prepare dentures and devices
What is home health care? Name 4 things they provide
provide care for patients in their home. Provide nursing care, personal care, therapy, and homemaking
What is Hospice care? Name reasons for it.
provide care for terminally ill people (only have 6 months to live). Die with dignity/comfort. Counsel patient/family
What are mental health facilites? name 4 types.
deal with mental diseases and disorders. guidance/counseling, psychiatric clinics, chemical abuse treatment centers, physical abuse.
What are genetic counseling centers? Name 4 services
give prenatal screening tests, check for birth defects, explain results, identify medical options
What do rehabilitation facilities do?
create maximum self-care and function
What are HMOs? What do they do?
Health maintenance orginizations. Preventive care.
What are industrial health care centers?
provide health care for employees in large industries or companies. Educate, exams, emergency care.
What do school health services do?
Chekc students general health, emergency care, performs tests
Govt. health agenceiss... Name types and what they do.
WHO - do statistics, publish health info, investigate world problems. USDHHS-deals w/ U.S. issues. NIH-research. CDC-cause, spread, control of disease. FDA-food, drug. OSHA-protect workers. AHCPR-collect data and statistics
What are non-profits? Name 3 examples
voluntary, take contributions, studies disease, provides funding, educates, provide treatment centers. American Red Cross, ACS, AHA
What is the most popular health insurance plan?
Blue cross blue shield
What is a deductable?
The individual must make a payment to insurance first before the insurance can start.
what is co-insurance?
Expenses share by individual and company. usually 80-20%
what is co-payment
specific amount of money patient pays for particular service
What is HMO
pay for membership, fee stays the same, for preventive care. Has to use HMO affiliated facilities
What is PPO?
health insurance plan provided by companiesto employees
what is Medicare?
funded by govt. For elderly older than 65. covers 80% of medical bills
what is Medicaid?
state medical assistance program. For welfare recipients and disabled.
What is Workers Compensation?
Provides treatment for workers injured on the job, administerd by employers, reimburss.
What is managed care?
all health care provided to patients must have a purpose
What is an orginizational structure?
encompasses line of authority, chain of command, and makes operations efficient. Important to know immediate advicers
What is cost containment? Name types
controls rising cost of health care and maximum benefit for each $ spent. DRGs, combination of services, outpatient services, early intervention, energy conservation.
what are DRGs?
certain diagnoses are separated into payment groups. Has expense limit, if exceeded than hospital has to pay out of pocket, otherwise they recieve money
What is Home health care?
provides shorter hospital stays and DRG's with care at home
what is telemedicine?
tech. way to recieve care in own home.
what is wellness?
state of optimum health physically, emotionally, and socially. focuses on prevention. weight control, nutrition, etc...
what is alternative and complementary methods of health care?
alternative ways to treat without biomedicine. Complimentary uses both biomedical and alternative medicines.
what is the office of alternative medicine do?
researches therapies and determines standards of quality of care
What is national health care plan?
nationalizes medicine using taxes

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