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special warfare


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What mammal does mk6 MOD 1 use
it uses dolphins to provide security against combat swimmers
what mammal does Mk 7 MOD 0 use
it uses dolphins to detect and mark bottom mines
What three components make up mine countermeasures
EOD personnel, surface units, and air units
What is the officer training pipeline
-Basic Dive Officer school - 1 month
-tour as a division officer - 18 months
-EOD school - 13 months including 3 months of EOD dive school
-EODMU tour - 18 months
When was SEAL team 6 founded and by whom
1981 CRD Richard Marcinko
How long is the workup for a deployment
18 months
How are the SEALs depolyed today
An entire SEAL team is deployed and the platoons are acattered throughout the world as needed
How many platoons are in a SEAL team
When was the Special operations community officially organized
July of 1978
When was the Mine disposal school founded
may 1941
When was the bomb disposal school founded and by whom
January 1942 by LT Draper Kauffman
When were the first two explosive ordinance disposal commands commissioned
What are the sub-communities of special operations
-explosive ordinance disposal
-mine countermeasures
-diving and salvage
-expendable ordnance management
what is the primary objective of EOD
to remove, disarm, or blow in place any explosive materials in a safe manner
What are the EOD units in COMEODGRU ONE
EODMU 3, 5, 11
What are the EOD units in COMEODGRU TWO
EODMU 2, 6, 8
What mammal does Mk 4 MOD 0 use
it uses dolphins to detect and mark moored and buoyant mines
What mammal does Mk 5 MOD 1 use
it uses Sea Lions to attach pinging elements to exercise mines and torpedoes
What are the team numbers and where are they located?
-SEAL teams 1,3,5,7 are in Coronado, CA
-SEAL teams 2,4,8,10 are in Little Creek, VA
Where is SDV team 1 located
Ford Island, HI
Where is SDV team 2 located
Little Creek, VA
What are the special warfare units
NSWU 1,2,3,4,8,10
What replaced SEAL team 6
Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGROUP)
What was the first verson the the SEAL/s and who formed it?
The US Navy Scouts and Raiders were created in 1942 by then LT Draper Kauffman
Where were UDTs during WWII
the pacific theatre
Where did the Navy Combat Demolition Units operate?
In the Atlantic theatre
Why did JFK create the SEAL teams?
He believed future wars would be fought on small scale so he created the SEALs to be experts in guerrilla warfare.
When were the SEAL teams created?
Jan 1, 1962
What was the SEAL kill ration in Vietnam?
How many Medals of Honor were awarded to SEALs and who won them?
3; LT Thomas Norris, LTJG Joeseph Kerry, Petty Officer Michael Edwin Thornton
how many Navy Crosses, silver stars, bronze stars were awarded during Vietnam
2, 42, 402
What are the three types of Special Warfare units?
SEALs, SEAL delivery vehicle teams, and Special boat units
What are the five basic missions of Special warfare
-direct action
-unconventional warfare
-counter terrorism
-special reconnaisance
-foreign internal defense
Direct action
involves ambushes, search and rescue, close quarters combat, and visit board search and seizure
Special Reconnaisance
covert beach surveys, hydrostatic reconnaisance, and listening and observation posts
Unconventional warfare
training of guerrilla forces or other clandestine operations
Counter terrorism
prevention, deterrence, and responding to terrorism
Foreign internal defense
training other countries in law enforcement/internal peacekeeping, border defense, and military strategy
How long is BUD/S and what is the main thing that it stresses?
30 weeks and it stresses teamwork
What are the phases of BUD/S
-INDOC-4 weeks
-Physical conditioning phase-8 weeks
-dive phase-7 weeks
-land warfare phase-10 weeks
Where is eodmu 3 located
San Diego, CA
Where is eodmu 5 located
Where is eodmu 11 located
Whidbey Island, WA
Where is eodmu 2 located
Little creek, VA
Where is Eodmu 6 located
Charleston, SC
Where is Eodmu 8 located
Sigonella, Italy
Where is SDV team 2 located at
NAB Little Creek, VA
Where is NSWU 1 located at
Where is NSWU 2 located
Where is NSWU 3 located
Where is NSWU 4 located at
Puerto Rico
Where is NSWU 8 located
Where is NSWU 10 located
Where is the Naval Special Warfare Development Group located
FCTC Dam Neck, VA
What is the mission of the PC-1 Cyclone
Costal Patrol and the interdiction survelance fully supports SpecWar and SpecOps operations
What are the Weapons on the Cyclone
-Mk 38 25mm cannon
-Mk 52 decoy rocket launchers
-Mk 2 twin .5 caliber machine guns
-Mk 247 62mm Machine guns
-Mk 96 25mm gun 40mm grenade launcher combo
What is the crew of the Cyclone
30 plus 9 passangers
What is the speed of the Cyclone
25/35 knots
What is the mission of the Mk V special operations craft
med range insertion, and med threat extraction
What are the weapons on the Mk V
5 mounting positions that can have a variety of machine guns or missles
What is the Crew on the Mk 5
4 plus 13 SEALs
What is the Speed of the Mk V
35-55 knots
What is the mission of the A-10 thunderbolt II
USAF CAS and FAC(Forward air controller)
What are the weapons of the A-10
-30mm gattling gun
-AIM 9
-Mk 82
-GBU 10,12
-AGM-65 Maverick
What is the crew on the A-10
What is the max speed of the A-10
What is the Mission of the Advanced Seal Delivery Vehicle
Support SEALs for insertion, search and rescue, sabatoge, and operations in shallow water
What is the Crew of the ASDV
2+ a SEAL team
What is the Speed of the ASDV
8 knots

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