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France Religious Wars


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Who was Henry II?
the King of France who dies while jousting.
Who was Henry II's wife?
Cahterine De Medici
Who was Henry II's mitress? & what shateau did he give her?
Diane De Poitiers; Chenocoaux
Who was Henry II & Cahterine De Medici's children?
Frances II, Charles IX, Henry III, & Margot
Who was Frances II's wife?
Mary Stewart of Scotland
Who were the two religious catholic family rivarlies?
Duke of Guise & Cardinal Guise
What were protestants called in France?
Who were the two protestant family rivalries & who led each family?
bourbon, Henry Naverre and Duke Conde & Monaturey Chatillon, Coligay
What Edict did Frances sign?
Edict of Fontanbleu
What Edict did Henry II sign?
Edict of Chattenbriand
What did the Edict of Fontainbleu do?
allow equisition into France
WHat did the Edict of Chattenbriand do?
Illegalize the discrimination against Protestants
What Edict did Chaterine sign and what did it do?
January Edict, said everybody in France can worship as they please
What did the january edict do?
everybody in France can worship as they please
What was the first religious war & why did it happen?
Massacre of Vassey because Duke of Guise didn't want the protestants to sing but they sang and the war happened.
Who killed the Duke of Guise?
Duke of Conde
Who killed the Duke of Conde?
the young Duke of Guise
Who marries Catherine's daughter, Margot?
Henry Nevarre
which men did Charles IX admire?
On what day was the Barhalomew Day massacre?
August 24, 1572
What happened on the Bartholomew Day massacre?
bell rings & catholic attacks protestants, coligny dies
Who did Henry Nevarre become and what dynasty did he start?
Henry IV, bourbon dynasty
what is the name meaning that you put the welfare of the kingdom before religion
what edict did Henry IX sign? & what did it do?
Edict of Nantes, all hughenots have rights to protect themselves.
what did the edict of nantes do?
all hughenots have rights to protect themselves.
Who was Henry IX prime minister?
who was Phillip II of Spain?
king while france had their religious wars, taxed his people heavily, & spends alot of money, wants to return catholism
What palace did Phillip II built? & what was it like?
Escurial, dull, cold, dry
Who was Phillip II crazy son & half brother?
Carlos & Don John of Austria
in what battle did Phillip beat the muslims and turks at?
battle of lepanto
who did Phillip II send to netherlands to try to recontrol it?
Cardinal granvellas & his sister, Margaret
who were the people who led the rebellion of the netherlands
egamot and william of naxsaw
wwho were the three other men Phillip II send to netherlands
Duke of Alba, Don john of austria, & duke of parma
who created the council of blood (trouble)
Duke of Alba
what city did the duke of alba sacked that caused him to get kick out
what was the passification of ghent?
an agreement by the dutch & belgium to go against the spanish
what edict did don john signed that upsetted Phillip II?
Perpetual Edict of 1577
what did the perpetual edict do?
mad holadn independent of the Spanish
What was the treaty that acknowledged that the dutch was free
the treaty of westfallia
what was the treaty of westfallia?
acknowledged that the dutch was free
what act did edward VI have parliament pass? & what book did it adopt from?
act of uniformity, the book of common prayer
who wrote the book of common prayer
thomas cramner
who were the two advisors of Queen Elizabeth II?
William Secil & Walsingham
who did Elizabeth send to Scotland?
Lord Darnley
Who was Lord Darnley?
a man who married Mary Scot
who was known as Mary's GF & was killed because they were accused of having an affair
Damien Rioussial.
who was Mary's half brother?
James Stewart
Who saved Mary from being imprisioned and kidnapped her?
Lord Bothwell
Who called mary a prostitute?
John Knox
who were elizabeth past two lovers?
Robert Dudley & Earl of Lisester
what is the Mercantilism?
where you buy raw materials from another country and vice versa.
who were the four English explorers?
Sir Franics Drake, Hawkins, Sir Walter Warley, Martin Frotoshure
Who brought in alot of gold & silver for Elizabeth that can be used for 5 years of the national budget
Sir Franis Drake
what is a panasea
an answer to everything
Who led the Spanish Armada?
Duke of Sadonia
who was the Duke of Sadonia
he led the spanish armada
where did the spanish armada anchor at?
the port of calais
who was crowned after elizabeth's death? & who did she/he become?
James Stuart of Scotland --> James I of England

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