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Health Test 2


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Vas deferns is cut, tied off above Epidermis to stop path of sperm
DNA of egg and sperm combined
Embryonic (2nd through 6th Months)
Heart beating regularly, toes finger formed, finger prints formed, can hear sounds
name by which the embryo is known from the end of the eighth week until birth
Primary Sex Characteristics
directly related to production of gametes
French Abortion Pill
chemical compound taken in pill form which includes abortion in women up to 9 weeks pregnant
Everybody grows, matures at different rate
minimizes or eliminates menstrual period
rubber cup filled with spermicide gel
cells of blastocyst divide, begin to implant or attach to lining of uterus
Sexual Responsibility
being responsible and accountable for your sexuality and sexual health
Breech Birth
when body not turned in normal position
Tubal ligation
female still ovulate, but egg will not be able to get through fallopian tubes and will die
Depo Provera
99% effective, shot that prevents pregnancy for 3 months or 12 weeks
Mini pill
contains only prgesterone
Contraceptive Implant
prevents pregnancy up to 5 years, 99% effective
Seasonale pill
pill take for sundays no pill taken for inenstruation
the inability of a woman to become pregnant
Segments of DNA molecules
Stage 3 Afterbirth
surgical incision made just before delivery in muscular area
Contraceptive Patch
helps with menstruation contains estrogen
Postpartum Period
being sad or irratable period
tiny structures within nuclei of cells carrying infro about hereditary traits
Lea's Shield
on size fits all reusable vaginal barrier
ovaries begin process of releasing one mature ovem each month
Chronic Villi Sampling
extration of chorion cells
Umbilical Cord
Tube through which nutrients and oxygen pass from the mothers blood into embryo's blood
combination monthly pill
Stage 1 initial labor
onset of birth process, contractions
Fetal (Last 3 Months)
Fetus can hicup, cry, suck thumg, eyes are open, brain development finalized, major organs complete development
Combination pill
oval contraceptive which prevents pregnancy primarly by suppressing ovulation
Sexual Abstinence
person decision to refrain from any participation in sexual activity
Actual Effectiveness
% based on actual use of product, human error, product failure
blood-rich tissue developed from an outer layer of cells from embryo
Shedding and lining of uterus
Germinal (First 20-30 days)
Heart, brain, lung begin to form
Everybody becomes 1 year older each year
gender, male or female, also used in slang term for people engaging in sexual activity
Genetic Disorder
resulting health problems and deseases
each person development of gender characteristics of masculinity or femininity
Apgar Test
Activity, pulse, grimace, apperance, respiration
shot given in arm or but once a month that causes lighter periods
Secondary Sex Characteristics
includes body hair and development of breasts in female and muscle devolpment in male
Ectopic pregnancy
out of place fertilized egg implanted outside of uterous
Cervical Cap
Inserted into vagina and fits snugly over cervix
Nuva Ring
inserted into vagina for 21 days
Stage 2 Birth
delivery of baby
pregnancy loss before 20 weeks
Secondary Abstinence
personal decision to make renewed commitment to refrain from sexual activity
uses of high frequency sound waves to look inside stomach
Still Birth
Fetal death occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy or during child birth
procedure in which syringe is inserted through the pregnant female's abdominal wall
cluster of developing cells following implantation
Morning After pill
over counter for 18, prescription for 17 and younger, intended for rape victims or failed birth control
meeting of egg and sperm cells
Throretical Effectiveness
% based on theory, laboratory tests and predicted failure

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