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Lindmark path-CH 19

Prescott principles ch. 19, Neinococci and Nonproteobacteria


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Reticulate body (initial body)
Fragile cell wall, sensitive to sonication, lysed by trypsin, no subunit in envelope, not infectious, RNA:DNA 3:1
3 chlamydiae species significant to humans
Chlamydia trachomatis, Chlamydia psittaci, Chlamydia pneumoniae
What does Chlamydia Trachomatis cause?
Trachoma, nongonococcal urethritis, infects humans and mice
What Chlamydiae life cycle stage is the Metabolic stage?
Reticulate Body
What are the 3 stages of lyme disease?
localized, disseminated, and late
What is the best studies genus of STD
Chlamydia pneumoniae
causes pneumonia, person to person transmission by respiratory secretions
What are the 2 types of Syphilis?
Venereal and congenital
Oldest of the Bacteria, organisms of multiple shapes or forms
Major importance of Cyanobacteria
Nitrogen fixation
How is Lyme disease diagnosed?
isolation of bacterium, PCR, and serological tests.
Chlamydia psittaci
Causes psittacosis (parrot disease) acquired by inhalation, treat with tetracyclines 10-14 days.
What does Treponema pallidum cause?
Disseminated stage
occurs weeks or months after infection. Neuro abnormalities, heart inflammation and arthritis
High vibrations controlled used to break bacterial cells
Treatment, prevention and control of syphilis
Antibiotics early, public education, follow up on sources and contacts, sexual hygiene, and condom use
What stage is the infective stage in Chlamydiae life cycle?
Elementary Body
cause of lake blooms in nutrient rich ponds and lakes
Why are chlamydia energy parasites?
Dont have genes for substrate level phosphorylation, e- transport and oxidative phosphorylation
Filamentous cyanobacteria reproduce by
------------ of
One of few bacteria that has a life cycle
Genus Chlamydia
How is congenital syphilis transmitted?
In utero
Where are spirochetes usually found that makes them difficult to isolate?
Our mouth
What is the Number 1 reportable STD
How is Vernerial syphilis transmitted?
What is appearance of a spirochete?
Coiled morphology, use multiple axial filaments for motility
How is chlamydiae transmited
interpersonal contact or airborne respiration.
How do Colonial forms of Cyanobacteria divide?
multiple fission.
1st evidence of photosynthetic bacteria by fossil record
Photosynthetic bacteria
tertiary stage of syphilis
Almost imposs. to treat. Formation of gummas in skin, bone, and nervous system.
Treatment, prevention and control of Lyme disease
antibiotics in early stages, tick control and avoiding ticks
What can reticulate bodies synthesize with host precursors
Amino acids
Late stage
Occurs years later. Demylination of neurons, behavior changes and MS or Alzheimers like symptoms
genus plantomyces
attach to surfaces through stalk
Most common STD in US
Chlamydia trachomatis
What does Chlamydia pneumonia cause?
Human pneumonia and linked to coronary disease
localized stage
develops 1 wk to 10 days after infection. Bullseye appearing lesion, flu like symptoms
What is an axial filament?
Complex of axial fibrils (periplasmic flagella)
What causes Lyme disease?
Primary stage of syphilis
treated more easily. presents as chancre at sites and contains spirochetes
What are gummas and what do they cause?
Degenerative lesions, cause insanity as most prominent symptom
Are cyanobacteria gram+ or gram-?
Gram Negative
How is Treponema pallidum treated?
Penicillin- penetrates and disrupts peptidoglycan synthesis
Many Cyanobacteria are
Obligate photolithoautotrophs
Whre do chlamydiae get majority of ATP from
Host cell
What is the major form of Lyme disease caused by?
Borrelia brugdorferi
Elementary body
rigid cell wall, resistant to sonication, resistant to trypsin, subunit in cell envelope RNA:DNA 1/1 Isolated organisms infections, adapted for extracellular survival
Secondary stage of syphilis
Immitates small pox. Highly variable rash followed by latent period
Chlamydia trachamonas
MOST IMPORTANT causes blindness, urethritis, lymphogranuloma venereum. Treated with Tetracycline
Phylum Planctomycetes
have compartmentalized cell, lack peptidoglycan.
Phylum Chlamydiae
gram-, obligate intracellular parasites, need to be in cell to replicate, have both types of nucleic acid
Signs, symptoms and treatment for lyme disease
fever, headache, rash, fatigue- tx with antibiotics for few weeks.
Cyanobacteria have phototrophic relationship with
associated with inside of cell. Contain enzymes that fix nitrogen
Shat does Chlamydia Trochomas cause
Severe eye infections, may cause blindness. Is major cause of blindness in subSaharan Africa
Where is the flagella attach?
between cell wall and cytoplasmic membrane
What are the 3 stages of syphilis?
Primary, secondary, tertiary
what does Chlamydia psittaci cause and organisms it infects?
Psittacosis in humans. Infects humans and many other animals.
Cyanobacteria have symbiotic relationship with
Protozoa and fungi
Cyanobacteria is major producer
Characteristics of Phylum Spirochaetes
gram- bacteria with distinctive structure and motility. slender, long helical, flexible, crawling motion d/t axialfilament, chemoheterotrophs
Which bodies have biosynthetic capabilities when supplied by host?
Reticulate bodies
how do Unicellular cyanobacteria divide?
Binary fission
nonmotile, coccoid, gram- bacteria, lack muramic acid and peptidoglycan
Genus Chlamydia
How is syphilis diagnosed?
clinical history, microscopy and serology
Thermophilic cyanobacteria can grow at temps up to
75 celcius
How is Lyme disease transmitted
From animal reservoirs (carry, no symptoms)
What can result from lyme disease?
How is Borrelia burgdorferi named?
After a person

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