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Rest is included in which basic human need category?
A toddler is expected to weigh four times the birth weight at age..
24 Months
The preschool age of life begins a which age?
3 years
A risk factor for heart disease that cannot be contorlled is...
Which is most likely to be a part of a work site wellnes program?
BP montoring program
Which food is not permitted for a patient who is on a low fat diet?
When talking with a patient regarding personal concerns, it is important for the medic to....
refer the patient's concerns to the provider in a timely manner.
Define the amatomical term lateral.
Away from the midline of the body or body part.
A line projecting at right angles to the plane of motion is....
Axis of joint rotaion.
Moving the forearm toward the head by bending the elbow is an example of...
Which prefix is used to make the gram smaller?
Five dL is the equivalent of...
.5 L
Where is the greates barometric pressure found?
At which altitude is denstiy of the atmosphere greatest?
Sea Level
As altitude increases, barometric pressure will
The physiological significance of boyle's law is...
it explains the effects of altitued on the middle ear, sinuses and GI tract.
What is the main contibuting factor to inflight noise?
Air rushing over the canopy.
The best description of inflight nosie is it...
Increases with airspeed and decreases with atltitude.
Special diet corntrol is improtant to many aircrew members because it...
reduces the incidents of gas pains.
What causes an aircrew member's circadian rhythm to be affected on a cross country flight?
Crossing time zones.
What does the "B" stand for under "BICEPS" approach to treating patients suffering from combat fatigue?
Extreme blood loss will lead to what type of hypoxia
The cardiovascular and respiratory systems may compensate for hypoxia at altitudes up to...
10,000 ft.
Hyperventillation is best described as a condition in which respiratory rates...
increase causing an excessive loss of carbon dioxide
Which cause of hyperventilation is characterized by the reversing of your breathing cycle?
Pressure breathing.
What is the most effective treatment for hyperventilation?
Reducing the rate and depth of breathing.
Hypoxia is most frequently caused by...
Equipment malfuntion.
The initial condition leading to decompression sickness is the...
Sudden reduction in pressure applied to the body.
Which is not a factor of decormpression sickness?
Rate of Descent.
What are the sites of bends pain?
Shoulders elbows wrists and ankles.
What is the best method for treating the chokes?
Immediate descent to ground level.
What key symptom differentiates chokes from false chokes?
Sharp substernal pain.
The skin symptoms of decompression sickness, such as skin rash, are believed to be caused by bubbles evolving...
Under the skin.
What process can protect an aircrew member against decompression sickness?
What is the best way to administer oxygen while treating decompression sickeness?
Aviator's Mask.
What is the maximum flying altitude for unpressuriszed aircraft when transporting a patient suffering from decompression sickness?
1000 ft.
In what direction are Negative G forces applied?
Foot to head.
What presents the primary source of damage associated with negative G forces?
Hemorrhage of the eye.
The anti G suit increases human tolerance of G forces by applying external...
Counter pressure below the heart.
Which of the senses of orientation is considered to be reliable in flight?
A vestibular input of rotaion in the opposite direction of the original rotation is a characteristic of which sensory illusion?
Graveyard Spin.
Who owns the health record?
US Government
What mus occur to ensure health records are maintained according to Air Forcec and JCAHO standards?
MTF Reviews.
Into how many sections is the outpatient record divided?
Four Sections
In which section of the outpatient record is every completed SF 600 filed?
Section 2
Which metod of health record documentation is used to chronologically document the entire patient record?
The various components of the POMR include...
Database, problem list, care plan, and progress notes.
IMR status green means the IMR requirements are...
Met and current.
How many general parts does a cell have?
The tubular system within the cell that transports molecules is the....
endoplasmic reticulum.
What cytoplasm components are responsible for cell contractions?
The first stage of Mitosis is...
What is the interphase?
Continuation of cell growth.
The complicated process responsible for the distinction of cell characteristics is know as
Cell differentiation
What type of tissue is the major component of glands?
What type of tissue can change shape?
The third layer of the epidermis is the...
Stratum spinosum
Sebaceous glands are located in the...
Lower external temperatures result in...
blood vessel constriction.
A localized skin elevation that lasts less than 24 hours is a
Lichenifictation is...
the thickening of the skin.
Moles are classified as...
Benign tumors
Which condition is caused by a parasite..
intertrigo, furunculosis, Tinea corporis, Pediculosis keratoses
Pediculosis keretoses
What percentage of body surface area is affected if an adult hs burns on the chest and abdomen
18 %
Bone ends contain...
Very little compact bone
The term used to describe the joining of two or more bones is...
The epimysium is located beneath the...
The muscle layer that lies just below the epimysium is the...
What type of jonit joins the sternum and the first rib?
Osteoarthritis is commonly seen in patients who are...
Over 50 years old.
A break that extends straight across a bond is classified as what type of fracture?
Which are is most likely to be affected by tendinitis?
A blood clot that breaks free and travels through the circulatory system until it becomes lodged is a...
The pain associated with angina pectoris normally lasts...
3-5 minutes
The seriousness of a puncture wound or laceration to the heart or blood vessels is dependent upon the...
size and extent of the injury.
The valve that leads from the right atrium to the right ventricle is the...
Tricuspid Valve
What are the characteristics of O+ Blood?
Absense of antigen A and B. Rh factor D is present.
The pressure in the blood vessels when the heart is at rest between contractions is the...
Disastolic Blood pressure.
Oxygenated blood travels from the lungs to the heart through the...
Pulmonary Vein
Vessels that lead out of the lymph nodes are called...
efferent lymphatic vessels.
The largest lymphatic organ is...
the Spleen
Lymph is transported through the lymphatic trunk directly to...
the collecting duct
What are two infection-fighting organisms associated with the lymph nodes?
Lymphocytes and Macrophages
The small spaces between neurons are called the...
What type of neuron has one axon extending from one end of the soma and one dendrite extending from the other?
The primary functions of the cerebellum are to coordinated muscular movements and...
Control activity of the brain itself.
The "fight or flight" reactoin is controlled by the...
Sympathetic nervous system
The parasympathetic nervous system is designed to...
Prevent extensive overworking of the body.
Meningitis primarily affects...
Infants and children.
Grand mall seizures are also known as
tonic clonic seizures
Temporary loss of memeory is most likely a sign of a brain...
The sigmoid colon is located in the...
Left lower quadrant of the abdominal cavity.
The layer of the alimentary canal that is responsible for movement of substances through the canal is the...
Muscular layer.
What part of the alimentary canal is between the pharynx and the stomach?
The Esophogas.
The ileocecal valve in the small intestine connects to the...
Undigested chyme passes from the ileum to the...
Beneficial water is absorbed for use by the body by the...
A patient who complains of having the sensation fo incomplete bowel movements is exibiting a symptom of...
If organs of the abdomen are protruding outside of the body, the patient has...
an abdomenal evisceration.
What is a common symptom of an esophogeal perforation?
Kidneys are in the posterior abdominal cavity and extend from the...
thoracic to the lumbar spinal region.
Approximately how many nephrons are withing each kidney?
1 Million.
The length of the uterer in an adult is approximatley..
10 Inches.
Backflow of urine into the uterers is prevented by...
a flap of mucous membrane.
The urge to urinated is usually first experienced when the bladder contains approximatley...
250 ml.
An increased production of urine is known as...
The presense of stones in a kidney is known as...
What is a common sympton of renal failure?
Weight Loss.
The testes aer two oval shaped structures that are made of...
connective tissue.
The coiled tubule located on the top and to the side of each testis is the...
Fluid is secreted from the seminal vesicles to help carry sperm through the
Ejaculatory Duct.
Growth of body hair on a male is a...
Secondary sex characteristic.
How many main parts does each ovary have?
The lower third of the uterus is called the...
The second phase of the menstrual cycle begins when
An ovum is released by one of the ovaries.
Secondary Syphilis usually occurs...
6 weeks to 6 months after infection.
Which untreated sexually transmitted disease can result in infection of the prostate or the epididymis?
An infection that ususally spreads from the urinary tract or prostate gland to the epididymis is...
Painful menstruation is known as...
Abnormal growth of the uterine tissue outside the uterus is indicative of...
To attain the goal of a healthy and fit force, all airmen should be percieved as...
Human weapons systems
A healthy and fit force increases resiliency to overcome...
In health services managment, who has the intermediate level of leadership?
Promoting the health, safety and morale of Air Force people is best described as a part of the USAF Medical Services....
Which describes the act of completing a job skillfully to the best of one's ability?
How many general goals have been established to help reach the USAF Medical Service vision
Who Directly serves as an advisor and principal consutlant to the AF Surgeon General on all matters pertaining to to the Nurse Corps?
Director USAF Readiness and Nursing Services
How many approved flights are there in a medical support squadron?
Aerospace medical service technicians normally are assinged to the...
Medical operations element
Which figure in an AFSC identifies career grouping?
The Second
At which skill level would an individual be responsible for conducting disaster training, fire drills, and evacuation procedures?
5&7 level only
Accurate Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System data is important to...
Justify budget and manning allotments
What is the primary document used to reflect the positions authorized to accomplish the mission?
UMD (unit manning document)
Who is responsible to ensure all Air Force personnel have a safe and healthy work environment?
The Commander
One of the most common sources of accidents in hospitals is...
the forgotten side rail
Whic of the exendable items loses it identity when used, cannot be resused for the same purpose or is not durable enough to last one year?
Consumable supply item
Equipment-medical has a lilfe expectancy of...
Five years or more.
A list of equipment items authorized for use by a section is called...
Discrepancies noticed on the monthly activity issue/turn-in summary should be promptly reported to the...
Medical Logistics
What should custodians do when a backorder report is recieved?
Validate that items on the list are still needed.
Air Force training involving safety and policy issues often is mandated on an...
Annual Basis
What is an example of a factor that is paramount to the success of a mission?
Job Proficiency
Who chairs a U&TW?
Career Field Manager
Where can information pertaining to skill level training requirements be found in the CFETP?
Part I, section C
A change to the mandated guidance pertaining to the six-part folder can only be changed by...
a change to the CFETP
Where are all AF Forms 623a, OJT record Continuation Sheet maintained in the six part folder?
Part 4
A code of ethics includes...
Rules and a Standard of Conduct
When a a family member of a dying patient verbally targets his or her frustrations toward a tech, the tech should...
Demonstrate care and professionalism
Slander is a form of...
A written plan that reflects the standard of care to follow in a specific situation is called...
a Protocal
Visibility of a living will is possible in unexpected emergencies by ensuring a copy of the document is maintianed...
in the outpatient record.
What is a barrier to effective to communication when talking of patients?
Porviding a comfortable environment, allowing independent function, and establishing achievable healing process goals are measues that help
Relieve patients stress
During which stage of the grieving process is it most important to allow a patient to do most to the talking?
Prioritizing high-risk patients is the responsibility of which PCM team member?
Who is ultimately responsible for establishing an individual's eligibility for medical care in DEERS?
Patients treated without initial proof of eligibility must sign a statement saying they will provide eligibility documentation within...
30 days
Which information system is responsible for capturing , editing, and maintianing sponsor/family demographics?
Enrollment information from DEERS is sent to the MTF at least...
Which population helath managment principle is enrollee focused?
Condition Management
Who is responsible for completing all diagnosis infroamation for the KG-ADS?
the Provider
The superior portion of the pharynx that contains the eustachian tubes is the...
Th larynx is comosed of the...
Three single and three paired cartilages.
During inhalation, the intercostal muscular contraction permits the ribs to move...
Slightly forward and upward
The amount of air that enters the and leaves the lungs with each natural respiration is know as...
Tidal air
Aspiration of fluid into the lungs is most likely to cause...
the flail chest is characterized by...
Three or more ribs fractured in at least two places
Tracheal deviation to the uninjured side of the chest is most likely a sign of...
tension pneumothorax
Aqueos humor fills the space between the cornea and the...
What part of the eye is largely responsible for viewing dimly lit images?
The auditory ossicles are located in the...
Middle ear.
Movement of the stapes causes stimulation fo the fluid within the
Odors are described as one of the...
Seven primary odors or a combination of at least two of them.
Which condition is an infection of and eyelash follicle?
What condition results from increased pressure within the eye?
Twenty-five percent of all foreign body eye injuries affect the...
Presbycusis is the loss of hearing attributed primarily to..
Rhinitis is best described as...
and inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane
What nasal condition is considered to be a resulting complication of an upper resiratory tract infection?
The pituitary gland is divided into tow sections called the...
anterior lobe and posterior lobe.
Adrenocorticortropic hormone (ACTH) is secreted by the...
Anterior lobe of the Pituitary gland
Which gland is shaped like a pyramid?
Which hormone secreted by t he adrenal medulla has little effect on blood sugar levels?
The Islets of Langerhans is the...
Portion of the pancreas that has and endocrine function.
Pituitary tumors often directly affect...
Target cells
What is a symptom of hypothyroidism?
Slow pulse.
Hypothyroidism is most common in...
women over 50 years old.

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