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What are the items developed in Phase I (Plan) of TBCD?
TPP Training Project Plan (blueprint for curriculum)
Building a plan for course revision or development
Course Data Page
Course revisions
Resource Requirements List
Course Cancellations
Impact Statement
What are the items developed in Phase II (Analyze) of TBCD?
CTTL Course Training Task List

Determine what will be taught
What are the items developed in Phase III (Design) of TCBD?
TCCD Training Course Control Document
Front Matter
Curriculum Outline of Instruction
Course Master Schedule CMS
Resource Requirements List RRL

LO’s Learning Objectives
Terminal Objectives (To’s) From the Duties of the CTTL
Enabling Objectives (Eo’s) From the Task of the CTTL
What are the items developed in Phase IV (Develop) of TBCD?
Pilot Course
Lesson Plan
Trainee Guide
Test, Quizzes
What are the elements of a lesson plan?
Front Matter
Cover page
Title Page
Change record page
Table of contents
Security/safety awareness notice page
Terminal objectives
Lesson Topics
Lesson topics numbered the same as the TCCD
Topic pages
Discussion-Demonstration-Activity DDA pages
What are the elements of the trainee guide?
Front Matter
Name page
Title page
Change record
Table of contents
Safety/Security awareness notice page
How to use the trainee guide
Terminal objectives
Course Master Schedule
Instructional Sheets
Organized by units
Include the following:
Problem sheets
Diagram sheets
What are the rules for writing a Course Training task List CTTL statement?
Support Course Mission Statement
Be short
Begin with a performance action verb
End with an object
Be observable
What is the purpose of testing?
To determine trainees attainment of the TO’s and EO’s
What is the purpose of conducting a Pilot Course (Phase IV)
Validate the curriculum and materials
What are justifiable reasons for developing, revising, or canceling a course?
Tasking by higher authority
Internal/External course reviews
Training appraisal
What is the purpose of Phase V (Implement) of TBCD?
Approval of Course by CCA
Course authorization by Functional Commander
Letter of promulgation issued
Course becomes active
What is the purpose of Phase VI (Evaluate) of TBCD?
Keep training materials current and accurate
What is the relationship between a Job, Duty, and Task?
Made up of Duties and Task
Major part of a job
Collection of duties make up a Job
Must be measurable
Major part of a duty
Short period of time
Must be measurable
What is the difference between Course Mission Statement and a Terminal Objective?
To’s relates to trainee behavior
CMS Descriptive of the course…not the trainee
What are the three products of the Training Course Control Document (TCCD)?
Front Matter
Course Data
Letter of Promulgation
What are the volumes of the NAVEDTRA 130 and their purpose?
Volume I Developers Guide
Step-by-step guidance for developing effective training materials

Volume II Sample Product
Sample documents

Volume III Managers Guide
Management information important to P.A.D.D.I.E
How many pages make up a lesson plan?
200 sheets
What are the procedures for handling and storage of classified training materials found?
Safety/Hazard awareness notice pages describe procedures for handling classified materials in the course
OPNAVIST 5510.1 series

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