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MTS Module 3


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Parts of the TPP
Cover page, Table of Contents, Justification, Impact if not undertaken, Course Data Page, Safety Risks/Hazmat, Curriculum development recommended, Resource Reqs, Milestones
Training Project Plan
Course Training Task List
Phase I of the Task Based Curriculum Devlopment is known a the _______ phase.
Phase II of the Task Based Curriculum Devlopment is known a the _______ phase.
Phase III of the Task Based Curriculum Devlopment is known a the _______ phase.
Phase IV of the Task Based Curriculum Devlopment is known a the _______ phase.
What is the CTTL used for?
List of duties and tasks to be trained in a course.
What is an LO
Learning Objective
What are the 3 elements of a learning objective?
Behavior, Condition, Standard
From what phase is the CTTL developed into Learning Objectives
Design Stage (Phase III)
What is the behavior element?
What the student is expected to do after training. Behavior, Condition, Standard
What is the condition element of the design phase?
Under what circumstances the behavior is expected to be performed
What is the standard element of the design phase?
How well the student is expected to do the behavior
What is the output of the design phase?
Training Course Control Document
State the two categories of Learning Objectives
Terminal and Enabling
What items are developed in the developing phase? (Phase IV)
Lesson Plan, Trainee Guide, and Tests/Test items
What is the purpose of Instructional Media Materials?
Focus student attention, Show basic structure of a concept, Relate general concepts, explain relationships
What are the elements of a lesson plan?
Front Matter, and Lesson Topics
What is "Front matter" of a lesson plan?
Cover page, title page, change record page, Table of contents, security notice, safety notice, terminal objectives
What are the parts of lesson topics?
Topic Pages, and Discussion/demonstration Activity pages (DDA)
What are the elements of the Trainee Guide?
Front Matter, Instruction Sheets
What is the front matter of a Trainee Guide?
Trainee name page, Cover, Title page, Change record, ToC, Security Awareness, Safety Awareness, How to use your trainee guide pages, TO's and Course Master schedule
What types of instruction sheets are there?
Outline sheet, Assignment, Info, Job, Diagram, Problem
What is the purpose of testing?
To evaluate how well the trainees have achieved the objectives
What is the purpose of conducting a pilot course? (Phase IV)
Validate curriculum and materials. Find flaws and determine time for each topic
What are the justified reasons for developing, revising, or cancelling a course?
Need for a course that gives a set of skills that is not yet in existence. Modification in course length, tools, or objective. Course is no longer needed
What is the purpose of Phase V (Implement)
Implemented by CCMM, gets course out in world
What is the purpose of Phase VI (Evaluate)?
Keep material current, respond to alterations, remain open to innovation
As per the CTTL, what is a job?
An event made up of duties and tasks
As per the CTTL, what is a duty?
A major part of the job. A collection of duties makes up a job, and is made of a collection of tasks. Must be measurable.
As per CTTL, what is a task?
Activities performed in a relative short period of time, and must be measurable.
What is the difference between a mission statement and a terminal objective?
A TO relates ot trainee behavior, while mission statement is descriptive of the course.
Training Course Control Document
What are the three products of the Training Course Control Document?
Front Matter, Curriculum Outline of Instruction, Annexes
What are the volumes of the NAVEDTRA 130?
Vol 1. Developers Guide
Vol 2. Sample Products
Vol 3. Managers Guide
Lesson Plan
DDA Page
Discussion Demonstration Activity
Terminal Objective
Enabling Objective
Discussion Point
Related Instructor Activity
Instructional Media Material
Where are the procedures for handling and storage of classified training materials?
Security Program Regulations, CH 14 and 16

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