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Mississippi History - Ch 1


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What is the framework or five themes of how to study places in geography?
location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and regions
Physical characteristics of a place include what?
climate, water resources, landforms, soils, energy and mineral resources, vegetation, and animal life
In geography, a PLACE has both _________ and _________characteristics.
A PLACE has both physical and human,or cultural characteristics
Cultural characteristics of a place include what? Give examples of ELEMENTS of culture.
languages, religions, tech-nology, and political systems of the inhabitants ... things like airports, shopping cen-ters, roads, and bridges are elements of culture
human-environment interaction describes what?
how humans use and interact with the environment
movement concerns___________: the ways we are linked with _______, ________ and _______ beyond our immediate environment.
human interaction
regions, cultures, and people
patterns of movement can be seen in what?
exploration, trade routes, settlement, migration, and invasion.
Geographers divide the world into ___________.
natural regions are defined by what?
landforms, bodies of water, vegetation, climate, soil, or the presence of certain resources
cultural regions are defined by what?
political alliances, land use patterns, ecomonics, ethnic composition, language, religion, or combinations of several factors
regions may change as a result of what?
shifting boundaries, alliances, population, land use, or climate
Mississippi can be divided into four geographical regions, they are...
the Delta; northwest MS
the Hills; central & north MS
the Piney Woods; southern MS
the Gulf Coast; narrow strip of land bordering the Gulf of Mexico
which is the largest geographical region in MS?
the Hills (in central and north MS)
location can be either _______ or __________.
relative or absolute
relative location describes what?
where a place is compared to other places (landforms or water bodies nearby ex.)
What is the relative location of MS?
bordered on east by AL, by TN on the north, and by AK and LA on the west
population of MS in 2000?
2.8 million
definition of absolute location
absolute location directs us to a precise position on earth's surface
what describes absolute location on a map or globe?
latitude-longitude coordinates describe absolute location
latitude measures what?
distance north or south of the equator
longitute is what?
distance east or west of the prime meridian at Greenwidh, England
Coordinates of MS
between 30 and 35 degrees north latitude and between 88 and 91 degrees west longitude
what is GPS
global positioning system - satellite based system that determines absolute location

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