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Tarot Minor Arcana Pentacles


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Ten of Pentacles
Material abundance, seeking permanence, following convention. Family support, comfort, success, stability, happiness
Nine of Pentacles
Discipline, relying on yourself, pursuing refinement, attainment, desire for financial security, investment, self-control
Page of Pentacles
Have an effect, practicality, grow and expand, faith in others, keep your word, small financial gain, educational opportunities, determination
Knight of Pentacles
Tangible progress, new people/experiences, common sense, diligence, loyalty. Actions: unwavering/stubborn, cautious/unadventurous, thorough/obsessive, realistic/pessimistic
King of Pentacles
Makes any venture successful, adept, reliable, supporting, steady. Security minded, steady progress, ambition, gentleness, contentment
Queen of Pentacles
Nurturing, supporting, bighearted, down-to-earth, resourceful, trustworthy. Fertility, prosperity, abundance, fondness of luxury, emotional maturity.
Ace of Pentacles
Getting results, prospering, practicality, faith and trust, start of fiscal improvement, new opportunity
Two of Pentacles
Balancing, juggling, flexibility, having fun, pulled in many directions, working hard to make ends meet, change of job/environment, new relationship
Eight of Pentacles
Diligence, increasing knowledge, attention to detail, enthusiasm about work, material security, career change/promotion, preparation for the future
Five of Pentacles
Hard times, ill health, lack of support, being alone, loss, disappointment, financial strain, wasted talents, sorrow, uncertainty
Six of Pentacles
Getting what you deserve, helping others, repaying debts, appreciation, question the obvious and go deeper, look at both sides, knowing which way to go
Four of Pentacles
Possessiveness, control, blocking change, hard work pays off, financial security, holding on to the present, creating order
Three of Pentacles
Teamwork, planning, competence, employment, professional growth, success through skill, progress, new learning, confidence
Seven of Pentacles
Assessment, reaping a reward, pondering alternatives, slow & steady growth, patience, persistance, working hard

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