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Tarot Minor Arcana Swords


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Seven of Swords
Doing the unexpected, trickery, avoiding obligation, being a lone wolf, deceiving/being deceived, self defeatment
Ace of Swords
Being objective, analyzing, facing problems, seeking justice, being honest, dispelling doubts
Six of Swords
The blues, recovery, traveling, welcome transition, reconcilliation, going with the flow, beneficial change.
Three of Swords
Heartache, hurt, loneliness, betrayal, loss, misfortune, upsetting changes, miscarriage, abortion, funerals, painful news
Two of Swords
Tense situation, blocking emotions, avoiding the truth, staying stuck, uncertain which way to go, agreement, settlement
Five of Swords
Negative thinking, humiliation, arguing, insensitivity, sacrificing integrity, conflict, manipulation, revenge, deceit
Four of Swords
Resting, contemplation, quiet preparation, truce, need for renewal, recuperation, recovery from illness, meditation
Eight of Swords
Feeling restricted and powerless, confusion, lack of empowerment, fear of unknown, disappointment, misunderstandings, lack faith
Ten of Swords
Nowhere to go but up, feeling powerless, being a martyr, ruin, failure, life altering decision, hardship, separation, serious illness
Nine of Swords
Worry, guilt, anguish, despair, stress, anxiety, hopelessness, sorrow, illness, unfounded fears
Knight of Swords
Sudden changes, unexpected situation, new people/experiences, quick solutions, mental challenges. Actions: Direct/Blunt, Authoritative/Overbearing, Incisive/cutting, Logical/unfeeling.
Page of Swords
Use your mind, be truthful and just, have fortitude, exciting changes, unexpected or upsetting news, diplomacy, adaptibility, message of change
Queen of Swords
Honest, astute, forthright, witty, experienced. Head over heart, strong will, ambition, analytical, independent, determination, career minded
King of Swords
Intellectual, analytical, articulate, just, ethical. Fair, charm, clear thought, commitment.

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