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geography defintions chpt.4


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a material that humans take from the natural enviroment to survive & to satisfy their needs
natural resource
a natural resource that the enviroment continues to supply or replace as it is used
renewable resource
a natural resource that cnnot be replaced once it is used- for example, mineralls such as fossil fuels, iron, copper, aluminum, and gold
nonrenewable resource
any one of several nonrenewable minerals resources-coal,oil,natural gas-formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals and used for fuel
fossil fuels
a type pf energy produced by fission-the splitting of uranium atoms in a nuclear reactor, releasing stored energy
nuclear energy
energy from the earths intense interior heat, which transforms underground water to steam that can be used to heat homes or to make electricity
geothermal energy
energy produced by the sun
solar energy
the process of turning a raw material into a finished product
A modern industrial society with a well-deweloped economy
developed country
a country with relatively low industrial production,often lacking modern technology
developing country
gross national produst
the total value of goods and serviced produced by a country in a year
gross national product
the gross national product of a country divided by the countrys total population
per capita(GNP)
farming that provides only enough for the needs of a family or a village
subsistence farming
the raising of crops and livestock for sale in outside markets
commercial farming

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