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The Plant Kingdom


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What is the purpose of the Root Cap?
It protects the root tip as it grows into the soil.
What is a Fungus?
A plant that does not make it's own food. Instead it absorbs food from decaying dead organisms.
What is the Epidermis?
It is the outer layer of a root.
What Makes Animals Different From Plants?
Animals cannot make their own food.
What is the Phloem?
Food flows down into the leaves through this.
What does the Cortex do?
It stores food.
What is the purpose of the Cambium?
It separates theXylem from the Phloem. It is where new Xylem and the Phloem grow.
What are the tiniest living things?
What happens in the Xylem?
Water and Minerals flow up through it.
What was the original name of the vine that ate the South?

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