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World History: Chapter 27 Section 5


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Representatives from how many nations met in the common purpose of defeating the Axis?
Where did the representatives to defeat the Axis meet?
Washington DC
The Germans pushed the Soviets back to which city?
Which country won the battle at Stalingrad?
Soviet Union
To which place were Allied forces pushed east to in North Africa?
El Alamein
Which British General pushed Rommel's forces westward across Libya?
Which American general led British and American troops eastward across North Africa, which had the Axis powers pushed from two sides?
Which government was given control of the French colonies in Africa?
Free French government
Allies that had been fighting in North Africa now landed on which island in an invasion of Italy?
When Mussolini was forced to resign, who replaced him?
Which party did Badoglio dissolve?
Fascist Party
What nation did Badoglio declare war on?
What new technological device located submarines?
At which battle between German and Allied ships was sonar used?
Battle of the Atlantic
At which battle did American and Australian air and naval forces defeat a Japanese fleet steaming toward Australia, which is the first setback the Japanese suffered?
Battle of the Coral Sea
Which highly strategic island northwest of Hawaii did the Americans capture?
What was the battle between Japan and American forces to capture Midway called?
Battle of Midway
On which islands did Americans marine land to protect the Australian supply line? Which airfield on these islands did the Americans seize?
Solomon Islands; Guadalcanal
What was the strategy the Allies adopted in which certain Japanese-held islands were captured while others were bypassed and left helpless for lack of supplies called?
island hopping
During 1944, the Americans cleared the Japanese from which islands or set of islands?
Marianas; Marshal Islands; New Guinea
Which two places on the Marianas became bases for long-range bombing attacks on Japan?
Saipan; Tinian
An American army landed on which island in the central Philippines in 1944?
Which island did they land on?
MacArthur's landing inflicted a crushing defeat on Japan on which battle?
Battle of Leyte Gulf
Which islands did the Americans recover after heavy fighting?
Philippine Islands
What was the operation to invade Europe, aimed at the heart of Germany, called?
Operation Overlord
On which French beach did the Allied forces land on?
On which day did the allies land on Normandy?
June 6, 1944
What was this day where the Allies landed on Normandy called?
Who was the leader of the resistance fighters in Yugoslavia that liberated the country from Germany?
In which country did the heaviest Soviet fighting take place?
At the Germans' last desperate counterattack, they drove a wedge into Allied lines where? How long was this wedge?
Belgium; 50 miles
Where did the Soviet and American armie make their first contact in eastern Germany?
Which city did the Americans agree to allow the Soviets to take?
On which day did the German high command surrender unconditionally?
May 8, 1945
What is this day when the Germany command surrended called?
V-E Day
Which volcanic island directly south of Tokyo did American marines capture after a month of the most bitter fighting of the war?
Iwo Jima
As the Americans approached closer to Japan, which island did they take after desperate fighting?
Which special tactic was practiced by the Japanese at Okinawa?
What does "kamikaze" mean?
Divine Wind
How many Allied ships were damaged by kamikaze attacks of Japanese planes at Okinawa?
Which three leaders are known as the Big Three?
Churchill; Roosevelt; Stalin
At which city did the Big Three meet to discuss the war and future of Germany?
Which nation is Yalta in?
Soviet Union
At Yalta, which nation did the Big Three agree would join the war against Japan?
Soviet Union
At which city near Berlin was another conference held?
When Roosevelt died, who replaced him as president?
Before the meeting at Potsdam ended, who replaced Churchill as British prime minister?
Which party did Attlee belong to? ("? Party")
Labour Party
(Again) On which date did an American bomber drop the first atomic bomb on Japan?
August 6, 1945
(Again) On which city was the first atomic bomb dropped?
(Again) What type of bomber dropped this bomb?
The atomic bomb exploded with a force equal to how many tons of TNT?
How many people did the bomb kill?
Two days after the bombing of Hiroshima, which nation declared war on Japan and attacked Manchuria?
Soviet Union
On which date was the second atomic bomb dropped on Japan?
August 9, 1945
On which city was the second atomic bomb dropped?
The allies agreedthat the emperor would be allowed to retain his title and authority as long as the Japanese accepted the orders of which supreme allied commander in the Pacific?
On which date did the Japanese surrender?
September 2, 1945
What is the day that Japan surrendered known as?
V-J Day
On board which battle ship were the official Japanese surrender documents signed?
USS Missouri
Where was the USS Missouri anchored when the surrender ceremony was held?
Tokyo Bay
More than how many people died as a result of World War II?
22 million
More than how many people were wounded as a result of World War II?
34 million
How many Soviet lives were lost as a result of World War II?
7 million
(Again) How many Jews died in German concentration camps and gas chambers?
6 million

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