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They prayed.
How did they solve the crisis?
NewsCorp Co. and Mortimer Zuckerman
Who are the potential buyers of Newsday?
All of the above
Where will Burger King's Whopper Bar be located?
Negotiate directly with Yahoo's shareholders
What does Microsoft plan to do if Yahoo does not accept the offer in the next three weeks?
large-scale layoffs
What has Washington Mutual done in order to cut back costs previous to TPG's offer?
Who is threatening a hostile takeover on Yahoo!'s board?
How many unique pieces of malicious software, like viruses, exist?
Vikram Pandit
Who is Citigroup's recently appointed CEO?
Which Japanese automotive giant had to make several of their plants idle to avoid overproduction due to diminished consumer demand?
Borrowed Money
Leverage is a term in the investment world for?
Which is not one of the auto companies branching out into global markets that is commonly referred to as one of the "Big Three?"
32 minutes
How many minutes a day do people, ages 18 to 24, spend texting?
In this article, whom is Microsoft threatening to contact in order to make their transaction go through?
What percentage of Americans has been garnering the largest portion of income since 1929?
Maintaining customer loyalty and trust
FaceboŠ¾k says their main concern with global expansion is:
The offer represents a significant premium over Yahoo's current stock price
Why is Yahoo accepting this offer in its shareholders' best interests?
Sheryl Sanberg brings to Facebook previous experience from which monster company?
It has gone down
2. What has happened to the value of Microsoft's bid since January?
Identify future crisis and strictly supervise banks
Name two responsibilities the reorganized Fed would have?
John McCain
Which prominent political candidate offers the following solution to this economic situation: a gas tax holiday and more than $200 billion a year in new tax reductions, which include the middle-class tax cut.
Benefits of prosperity going to the very rich
Recessions tend to negatively affect middle-class incomes and general satisfaction with life. Recent declines in these two areas are strange in that they began during economic expansion in 2001. What is the main reason for this?
Slower profit growth and lower returns
Lowering leverage levels can lead to what?
Allowing users to submit their own moments online
What is one aspect of Unilever's ad campaign for Degree?
employee buyouts
What method has New York Times Co. been using to cut costs?
Some Analysts note that it is unlikely that the money lost to the Internet will return when the economy improves.
Lower than the actual level
Adjusted leverage levels of companies tend to be...
How many times was the average large U.S. business attacked by hackers in 2007?
Wealth Management
Citigroup has recently experienced staggering losses. What sector of the group recently posted a $250 million loss, sending shock waves through the conglomerate?
What is the average percent total decline in the auto market in the month of March?
A _______ is the reusable portal that a hacker uses to get into a system.
How much has Wal-Mart shares risen this year?
Despite increasing demand, China does not want to increase prices because they fear:
The rising dollar
Which of the following are not contributing factors to the current ailing economy?
An institution that manages failing assets so a bank can focus on its recovery
What is a "bad bank"?
Microsoft's stock price has decreased
Why has the original value of Microsoft's offer dropped?
US made cars are becoming "Greener"
Which is not a reason for the increase in the export of US made cars?
Congress wants to see the Yuan
How much has the Yuan appreciated so far this year?
United States
China's currency is most notably appreciating against which country's currency?
export competitiveness and potential profitability
The more competitive U.S. dollar improves ________________.
Mortgage lenders, construction, manufacturing, and securities
What industries have had massive job cuts since last December?
The business cycle goes in booms and busts
What is the nature of the business cycles on Wall Street
The strategists argue that the worsening economic downturn and stock market weakness makes the original bid look even more generous.
Why is Microsoft hesitant to raise their bid?
Treasury secretary
Who is Henry Paulson?
All of the above
Why are conditions more favorable for export of U.S automobiles?
All of the above
What was a barrier as to why US auto companies were not exporting as much as they currently are?
the declining housing market
What is the largest contributing factor to Washington Mutual's financial decline?
Which presidential candidate expressed their support for increased Fed supervision?
A continuing pattern of recorded loss
What outcome do Citigroup officers predict for the near future?
Backed the sale of Bear Stearns
What key lesson has the US already applied from the Swedish crisis?
How many average annual grocery store trips did the average American make in 2007?
China has a trade surplus. The U.S. has a trade deficit.
What is the current trade relationship between China and the United States.
Where did the idea for The Whopper Bar originate from?
Which of the following firms is least affected by the sub prime loan crisis?
Which is the second largest U.S. food retailer?
Investment banks
Who is the Fed now loaning money to that they weren't previously?
Bear Sterns Cos.
The sale of what company mirrored the Swedish solution?
Which auto company performed the best in the month of March?
Evaluate borrowing investment banks
What would the Fed like to do in the future?
Thinks the economy is nearing a recession but believes the Fed is handling the current credit situation well
Which of the following is true concerning the opinions of CEOs in the Financial Services Industry?
All of the above
What makes the Swedish crisis different from the current US situation?
According to the article, even with additional info, could the Fed have foreseen the Bear Stearns catastrophe?
increase in automobile production in the U.S.
How have the automakers responded to the current conditions?
high interest rates
What is not a similarity between the two different crises in the U.S. and Sweden?
When was the Strategic Economic Dialogue launched?
Translating to more languages
Facebook is currently trying to expand by which strategy:
What kind of segmentation does Unilever mainly use?
Which of the following countries is not a target market?
Among hamburger chains, what is Burger King ranked?
China and India
Which of the following countries is/are most likely to be the largest contributor(s) to global economic growth?

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