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Hitler's Lightning War


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September 1, 1939
Hitler invades Warsaw, Poland, with massive numbers of war arsenal (planes, tanks, etc...)
Joseph Stalin
Communist dictator of Soviet Union, forged an alliance with Hitler via the nonaggression pact. Went splitsies with Hitler on Poland, controlling the eastern half, as well as gaining the baltic countries (lithuania, estonia, latvia).
A northern France port city. Was where the Allied forces were cornered by the German forces. Hitler let them go though, the Royal navy and all manner of watercraft coming up across the English Channel to save over 330,000 brit soldiers.
Battle of Britain
Lasted nearly a year. Ignited when the Luftwaffe nearly obliterated the RAF at the airfields and aircraft factories. Then on Spe. 7, 1940, germany started focusing more on the cities, especially LOndon. It was total chaos and devastation. Nevertheless, the british fought back. German daylight raids shifted towards night and at sunrise the alarm would sound for people to get to the nearest bomb shelter like the subway. It all finally ended on May 10, 1941 when a stunned Hitler withdrew and decided to focus on other pursuits in the Mediterranean and Middle East, planning to deal with it later.
Winston Churchill
The new British Prime Minister, vowed to fight the Germans for as long as possible and never surrender.
CHarles deGaulle
French general that fled to London after France's fall, setting up a government in exile dedicated in reconquering France. Rearded Henri Petain a traitor to the country in his overseas urgings to his countrymen.
Literally means, "lightning war". It was Germany's newest military strategy, involving the use of massive collective war arsenal to attack, and overwhlem the enemy(ies).
Non-Agressive Pact
Between Soviet Union, and Germany. It was a don't attack me and i won't attack you sort of understanding. Divided up Poland between the two powers, and gave the baltic countries and Finland over to ussr.
June 22, 1940
France surrendered. Germans took control of the north and left the south in the control of a puppet government under Petain.
September 3, 1939
France and England declare war on Germany.
September 17, 1939
Stalin takes what was promised to him in the nonagression pact. Easily overpowered the baltic countries, and then went after Finland, but found it to be not as easy as the Finns fought back passionately against the apathetic soviets, but it was won over in the end.
Operation Sealion
Hitler's plan to first knock out hte RAF's forces, bombing the airfields and aircraft factories, before landing 250,000 german soldiers on english shores.
Germany's Aircraft force.
General Erwin Rommel
German general (desert fox), sent to rescue Mussolini's forces in Libya from the British forces. Commanded the newly formed tank force, Afrika Corps. Played back and forth assault-wins with the British forces before finally taking Tobruk (the British safehold).
June 22, 1941
Hitler invaded the Soviet with his blitzkrieg forces.
Lend-Lease Act
In March 1941, FDR persuaded COngress to pass this Act, which allowed the president to lend or lease arms and other supplies to any country vital to America.
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, tried to persuade Congress to allow the U.S. to sell arms and supplies to the Allied forces, and succeeding in the lend-lease act. Secretly met with Winston Churchill on a battleship off the coast of Newfoundland to discuss the war, drawing up the Atlantic Charter. Waged an unannounced naval war with germany, even though U.S. had not joined the fight yet.
Georgi Zhukov
Soviet general that led a fresh 100-division siberian army against the marching Germans. Used the harsh Soviet winter to his advantage, as tanks were rendered useless from the fuel becoming frozen, as did the supplies.
Hitler cut off the whole city from the outside world, stopping supplies from coming in until Leningrad surrendered. The 2.5 million inhabitants refused, rsorting to eating rats, and horse and dog food. Over 1 million died, but the still fought against the Germans. Hitler saw this and gave up, setting his sights on Moscow.
Was divided in half between Germany and the Soviet Union in the non-agression pact. Invaded by Germany on Sept. 1, 1939. Before that, Hitler had demanded that the Polish Corridor be returned to Germany before the Reichstag.

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