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Us History Exanm # 4


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5 Beaches in Normandy
Utah, Ohmaha, Gold, Juno, Sword
(lightning war) made use of military advances such as faster tanks and a more powerful aircraft. Took the enemy by surprise and quickly crushed all opposition with overwhelming force.
The Battle of Britain
Germany couldn’t match the naval strength of Britain so they launched a air attack also. The Luftwaffe began making bombing runs over Britain. Hitler had 2,600 planes. On a single day around 2,000 German planes flew over Britain for 2 solid months. The RAF was able to fight back with the creation of the radar.
The fall of France
the German offensive troops trapped almost 400,000 British & French soldiers as they fled to the beaches of Dunkirk. Germans occupied the northern part of French and set up a Nazi-controlled puppet government.
Axis Powers
On September 27 Germany, Italy, and Japan signed a mutual defense treat called the Tripartite Pact. The pact aimed at keeping the United States out of the war. Because of the treaty each nation agreed to help the other one if they were attacked.
Allied Powers
The Atlantic Charter made countries pledge collective security, disarmament, self-determination, economic cooperation, and freedom of the seas. This was the basis of the Declaration of the United Nations. This was the backbone of the Allies. They were nations that fought the Axis powers.
The Lend-Lease Act
under this plan the president would lend or lease arms and other supplies to “any country whose defense was vital to the United States.” He compared this plan to lending a garden hose to a neighbor whose house was on fire. Congress passed the act in March 1941.
U-Boats and “Wolf Packs”
Hitler launched these U-Boats in order to attack Allie supply ships. Individual surface attacks by individual U-boats gave way to what became known as the wolf pack attack. At night groups of up to 40 subs patrolled areas in the North Atlantic where convoys were expected. They were successful in sinking as much as 350,000 tons of shipment in a single month.
The Attack on Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor was one of the largest U.S. naval bases in the Pacific. It was attacked by more then 180 Japanese warplanes launched from six aircraft carriers. The Japanese planes were barely disturbed by the U.S. antiaircraft guns and blasted target after target. In less than 2 hours, the Japanese had killed 2,403 Americans and wounded 1,178 more. The surprise raid has sunk or damaged 21 ships, including 8 battleships.
Manhattan Project
the code name for research to build an atomic bomb. The research was done at Columbia University in Manhattan.
Code named Operation Overlord was set for June 5 but bad weather moves it to June 6th, 1944. The 1st day shortly after midnight three divisions parachuted down behind German lines. They were followed in the early morning hours by thousands upon thousands of seaborne soldiers. The largest land-sea-air operation in army history.
Battle of Bulge
As the Germans swept westward, they captured 120 American GIs near Malmedy. They herded the prisoners into a large field and mower them down with machine guns and pistols. The Germans lost 120,000 troops, 600 tanks and assault guns, and 1600 plane.
V-E Day
victory in Europe day. The war in Europe was finally over
Battle of Midway
turning point in the Pacific War. Americans broke the Japanese code and knew that Midway was to be their next target.
aka the suicide-plane attack in which Japanese pilots crashed their bomb-laden planes into allied ships. Sunk 16 ships and damaging another 80.
On August 6, a B-29 bomber named Enola Gay released an atomic bomb, code named Little Boy. A Japanese military center. 140,000 die from a bomb
the place where the second atomic bomb code named Fat Man. Leveling half the city. 70,000 die from bomb
Nuremberg Trials
Because of the Nazi death camps the allies decided to put 24 surviving Nazi leaders on trial for crimes against humanity, crimes against the peace, and war crimes.
because of Pearl Harbor people got scared which led to confinement of 1444 Japanese Americans, 1% of Hawaii’s Japanese American Population.
Because of the Soviet threat America decided to stop “babying the soviets. So they decided to use a system of containment. This meant taking measures to prevent any extension of communist rule to other countries.
The Cold War
a moral crusade against the spread of communism. It lasted from about 1947 to the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 11, 1989.
The United Nations
On April 25, 1945, the representatives of 50 nations met in San Francisco to establish this new peacekeeping body. After 2 months, on June 26, 1945, the delegates signed the charter establishing the UN. Although intended for peace, it became a arena in which 2 superpowers competed. The United States and the Soviet Union used the UN as a forum to spread their influence over others.
Wannsee Conferance
-Jan 1942
-Final Solution
-20 high level nazis
-Carbon Dioxide Poison
-Rat Poison
The Truman Doctrine
the statement in which Truman asked congress for $400 million in economic and military aid for Greece and Turkey.
Nazi Germany's policy, to provide extra space for the growth of the German population.
The start of World War II
September 3, 1939
Operation Barbarossa
June 22, 1941

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