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Journalism and Mass Communications Chapters 5-8


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Name two black newspapers
Atlanta's DAILY WORLD, Chicago's DEFENDER
What is the name of the first newspaper owned and edited by blacks?
Who founded THE NORTH STAR?
Frederick Douglass
Who founded THE CRISIS? and, What does NAACP stand for?
W.E.B. DuBois, National Assosiation for the Advancement of Colored People
What is Robert S. Abbott associated with?
Chicago's DEFENDER
Who was a civil rights reporter for the DEFENDER?
Ethel Payne
Who was the founder of DAILY WORLD?
William A. Scott
Who is associated with the PITTSBURGH COURIER? (which was closest to country wide newspaper)
Robert Van
John H. Johnson
What Magazine is Andrew Bradford associated with?
What magazine is Benjamin Franklin known for?
What was important about the magazine HARPER'S MONTHLY?
featured pictures by Matthew Brady and cartoons by Thomas Nast. Nast did political cartoons, invented the mule and elephant assosiation
What magazines are associated with Cyrus Curtis?
What is a muckraker?
an expose
What did Ida M. Tarbell write an expose on?
Standard Oil
What literary pieces were exposes written by Upton Sinclair?
The Jungle, Brass Check
What was a Knickerbocker?
a magazine that ran weeks of serialized work from book authors
Name two such authors, and what they wrote
James Fenimore Cooper (Leatherstocking Tales, one of which was The Last of the Mohicans) and Washington Irving (Legend of Sleepy Hollow)
What three types of magazines developed between the two world wars?
the digest, news magazines, and pictorial magazines
What is Dewitt Wallace known for founding?
What were Henry Luce and Britton Haden known for founding?
TIME magazine
What was John Mack Carter known for?
was from Murray, was US editor of the half century. in charge of Hearsts stuff
What kind of magazine is Standard Rate and Data Service?
publishes ad rates, circulation data
who is WRITERS MARKET used by?
What are two mass media magazines?
what is MODERN MATURITY about?
member magazine for AARP, has 50 million readers
What must freelance writers do?
send a query (three parts of a letter: 1.Biography 2.brief description of story 3. 1 sentence-"I would be glad to send this for your consideration") and SASE (self addressed stamped envelope)
Would you rather get paid on acceptance or publication?
what are the two paid or controlled distributions?
vertical (from cow to carton) and horizontal (across medias through buyers)
What is the main business publishing company?
What are the two main costs of producing magazines that have gone up over the last ten years?
paper and postage
What terms do they use for Planning the Magazine?
dummy, break of the book. usually divisible by four.
What is Simmons Market Research Bureau?
finds out how many people in marketable area
What was printed in 1456?
Gutenberg's Bible
What is Isaiah Thomas known for?
first noted American book publisher
What were the four best known writers of the Penny Press Era, and what are they each known for writing?
Charles Dickens (Great Expectations, etc.) Sir Walter Scott (Ivanhoe) Herman Melville (Moby Dick) and Harriet Beecher Stowe (Uncle Tom's Cabin)
Who came up with free public libraries?
Ben Franklin
What are the three main segments of the book industry?
Publishers, distributors, retailers
what are the two main sources of income for a publisher?
book sales and subsidiary rights
what is a kill fee?
gets publisher out of contract, return paper, 20% fee usually
vanity press
the writer has to pay for it, being publication
what are the two main classes
fiction, non fiction. New York Times and Publishers weekly are best known
what three subjects are how-to books about?
health, love, money
what is the earths biggest bookstore?
two thirds of all books are purchased by readers over 40. t/f?
What is Henrich Hertz known for?
created basic unit of frequency
What is Guglielmo Marconi known for?
creating the radio
What is Lee De Forest known for?
vaccum tube
KDKA is the first fully licensed commercial radio station for broadcasting, 1920, by Frank Conrad in Pittsburgh, t/f
true, but it is east of mississippi
Who owned many of the first radio stations?
Who was the first to give licenses (three in order)
Department of Commerce in 1912., Radio Act of 1927, FCC which regulates all AM/FM
What is Edwin Howard Armstrong known for?
invented FM radio
Who did the first national radio advertising?
Eveready Battery Company
What is Edward R. Murrow known for?
went to europe to cover war, famous "this is london" broadcast of 1940
Name the significance of Vaudeville
pregnant pause, furnished many of the entertainment figures
Who was Eddie "Rochester" Anderson?
on Jack Barry Show
What is ASCAP?
American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers
What is BMI?
Broadcasters Music Incorporated
Describe AM
signal went farther, height varies of wave, means amplitude modulation
Describe FM
frequency modulation, line of sight, static free
Describe what these radio formats mean: MOR, R&B, CW, AC, AOR
Middle of the Road, Rythmn and blues, country/western, adult contemporary, album oriented rock
What did Alan Freed do?
coined the term "rock n roll"
what is payola?
floating money to DJ to play a song or record
what is NPR?
national public radio
what did the 1996 Telecommunications Act do?
put no limit on how many radio stations one unit could own, but did limit to eight stations in one market/town
in talk radio, name the conservative guy
rush limbaugh
in talk radio, name the jock of shock
howard stern
what is DAB?
digital audio broadcasting
how many radios per person in the US?
what is voice tracking?
same DJ used by many stations
what is arbitron?
main radio audience researcher
what is rating?
one percent of the people in the market who are listening to a particular station
what is share?
one percent of LISTENING people who are listening to a particular station
when is prime time?
drive time
What did Thomas Edison do?
invented the phonograph, 1877
What did Emile Berliner do?
invented the gramophone
what did Alma Gluck do?
first to sell a million records (carry me back to ole Virginny)
who was scott joplin?
king of ragtime
what artists are known in the jazz era?
Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton
Who is known for the Big Band era?
benny goodman, glenn miller, dorsey brothers, andy kirk, duke ellington, count basie
what was a big deal in 1933
name the record formats
78, 33 1/3, 45, reel to reel, 8-track, cassette, CD, DAT
what is a crossover hit?
someone who switches genres or their song is on more than one chart
name the style of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's
50's:rock n roll, 60's: folk singers (bob dylan) 70's: KC and the sunshine band, bubblegum and country western, 80's: disco, 90's: new wave, rap,oldies revival
What name is associated with Sun Records?
Sam Phillips
Who is associated with Motown?
smoky robinson, jackson 5, temptations, berry gordy
what is a garage band?
band that may or may not be signed, practice in a garage
what is PI?
per inquiry, charged per item sold
what is Music Boulevard?
online sales

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