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China term list


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Qianlong's letter to George III
- A letter in which Qianlong refused to trade with the British
Sui Dynasty
Preceded the Tang dynasty, founded by Emperor Wen
Dynastic Circle
rise and fall of Chinese dynasties according to the Mandate to Heaven
a Variety of Philosophical and Religious traditions and concepts
A group of states or territories controlled by one ruler
Grand Canal
connected the Huang river to the Chang river as a way to ship goods
Song Dynasty
Chinese Dynasty from 960 to 1279; known for artistic achievements
Zhou Dynasty
a dynasty that lasted from 1122 B.C. to 256 B.C. that overthrew the Shang
system of government that includes different jobs functions and levels of authority
Marco Polo
an italian merchant who traveled to china and served 17 years in Kublai's service
Ming Dynasty
1368 - 1644 - restored chinese order and rule
Silk Road
a network of trade routes opened by Wudi
The Way of Virtue
It's a Book that has to do with Confucianism
a philosophy of mutual respect and ethics
Local Military Ruler
Qin Dynasty
its peak, there where about 40 million people in it, it built the Terra Cotta Army
Shi Huangdi
Chinese emperor of the Qin, first to unite China, known for the introduction of Legalism
Tributary States
Independent state that has to acknowledge supremacy of another state and pay tribute to its ruler
Five Relationships
ruler to subject, parent to child, husband to wife, elder brother to younger brother, friend to friend
Qing Dynasty
Dynasty Established by the Manchus in the mid 1600 and lasted until the early 1900, China's last Dynasty
A system of government where appointments and responsibilities are given based on demonstrated talent and ability
Tang Dynasty
Chinese Dynasty from 608 to 907
People originally form Manchuria, Nort of China, Who conquered the Ming dynasty and ruled China as the Qing Dynasty from the mid 1600 to the early 1900
ruling family
Shang dynasty
The first historic Chinese Empire that ruled over Northeastern China, reigned 550 years, farming community
tribes united under Genghis Khan
loosely organized system of government in which local lords governed their own lands but owed military service and other support to a greater lord
Ancestor Worship
the Chinese believed that the Gods only listened to the prayers of ancestors so they worshiped their ancestors so that their gods will listen to them
a region of southeaster china made up of a peninsula and two islands, a Portuguese territory from mid 1800s to 1999
a form of government based on Hanfezi's teachings which believed that the only way to establish order is to pass strict laws
Kublai Khan
defeated the last song empire in 1279 - Genghis khan's nephew
Yin and Yang
a delicate balance between the earth ( darkness and female forces) and heaven (light and male forces)
Han Dynasty
Proceeded Qin Dynasty, ruling family was Liu. Lasted 400 years, sometimes considered Chinas greatest Period
Pax Mongolica
a period of peace in china and most of Asia
Great Wall of China
One of the four main Philosophic schools during the Spring and Autumn period and the warring states period
Civil Service System
created by the Han, a system where officials win their position by merit and move up through the system
Mandate to Heaven
the divine right to rule
Genghis Khan
chieftain that united the warring tribes - means universal leader
Filial Piety
respect for parents and ancestors
Zheng He
a chinese admirlal and diplomat - lead several expeditions at the front of numerous fleets

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