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A Growing Nation


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died within 1 month of inauguration
seize Americans and draft them into the navy
Robert Fulton
revolutionary atheist; 1st P in DC
Panic of 1837
1/3 jobless
Madison's Plan
protective tariff; national bank; sponsor travel improvements
Jeffersonian Republicanism
Philosophy; reduced army/shrink govt./lowered $ for parties
Louisianna Purchase
$15 million; Doubled the US
12th amendment
have to vote for P and VP
Missouri Compromise
Debate: Is Missouri a slave state or free state
National bank
agent of wealthy; Jackson withdrew $ and put it in pet banks
Convention of 1818
Got Michigan to Rocky Mts.; Oregon; Florida
Indian Removal Act
forced indians to move west; Cherokee refused; started in 1838; 800 miles; 1/4 died
Marbury v. Madison
made Supreme Court stronger; could rule anything unconstitutional
chose it because it was between the north and south
Eli Whitney
Cotton Gin
Monroe Doctrine
Warning to Europe: they cannot interfere in foreign affairs
Andrew Jackson
1828; Spoils System; Indian Removal Act; National Bank; Panic of 1837
shipping crisis; Britian v. France
Consequences of war
end of the Federalists; encouraged growth in industries in America; confirmed the status of the US-free
War of 1812
US was not prepared; Britian ransacked DC; Treaty of Ghent ended war
Spoils System
Jackson gave govt. jobs to supporters
Lewis and Clark
explored St. Louis to Pacific

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