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World History


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Karl Marx & Frederick Engels wrote.....
\"The Communitst Manifesto\" detailing communist philosophy

Term for the rich factory owners
Term used to describe blue collar workers
(factory workers)
Czar Nicholas Romanov II
Last Czar of Russia
German Wife of Czar Nicholas
Hemophiliac son of Nicholas II and Alexandra
Strange Russian Monk whose influence on the royal family helped lead to their demise
The White Army who wanted a return to Czarist Rule (Russian Cival War)
Communist who wanted a communist fovernment for Russia (Russian Cival War)
Alexander Kerensky
He lead Russia\'s Interim government following Nicholas II\'s abdication
Vladimir Lenin
First Communist Ruler of Russia
Leon Trotsky
Lenin\'a right hand man and a leader of the Red (Bolshevic)
Joseph Stalin
He succeeded Lenin. His purges caused the death of 20 million Russians
Gail S. Halverson
The Chocolate Pilot
Nikita Kruschev
He succeeded Stalin and called for \"de-Stalinization\"
Francis Gary Powers
U-2 Pilot shot down over the Soviet Union in late 1950s
Leonid Brezhnev
Soviet Ruler who succeeded Nikita krueschev
Mikhail Gorbachev
Last ruler of Communist Russia. His changes ended communism in the Soviet Union
February Revolution 1917
Nicholas II abdicateds thrown of Russia
Boris Yeltsin
Succeeded Gorbachev
October Revolution 1917
Lenin and Trotsky impose communism in Russia
Berlin Blockade 1948
Russians try to force American and Brits out of Berlin by blockading the city
Berlin Airlift 1948
Allied response to the Blockade. Americans airlift food to Berliners.
Korean War 1950-53
First line in the Sand as American attempt to keep communism from spreading to South Korea
Bay of Piggs Invasion 1961
American CIA sends Cuban exhiles to attack and dipose Communist Castro in Cuba
Cuban Missile Crisis 1962
Americans threaten Nuclear war if Russians refuse to remove Nukes from Cuba
Vietnam War 1956-1975
War fought to keep communism from spreading to South Vietnam
Economic system in which government own all means of production. Private property is not involved
Economic system that is run through supply and demand. Government is not involved.
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Withdraws Russians from WWI-allows a 1 front war for the Germans
Restriction of private property at the hands of the communists
New Economic Plan
Lenin\'s plan that returned private property to farmers to encourage increased production
Social Realism
Depiction of happy communist in art and literature
Five Year Plans
Stalin\'s plans for production that imposed harsh qquotas on Russian workers
The Purges
Stalin kills of political enemies and relieve food shortages

Lightning War
The sitdown of phoney war in west Europe in WWII
Scorched Earth
A policy of retreating and destroying everything left behind to deny comfort to the enemy.
The Cold War
A war of harsh words and threats between US and Russia from 1945-1990
US Spy Plane
American plane capable of flying at very high altitudes (about 7 miles) and spying on enemies.
Mutually Assured Destruction
The idea that the US and USSR would destroy each other in a nuclear war
The Balance of Terror (Power)
The idea that the US and USSR would destroy each other in a nuclear war.

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