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What PPE is required when using a grinder?
Eye or face protection
At what speed should the saw blade be revolving at before it contacts the material being cut
Full Speed
How much pressure is required for safe efficient operation from the air hose?
90 pounds per square inch
How many people should be responsible for coordinating the lift?
Only one person
Hooks should be no more than how much of a percentage of the normal throat opening measured at the narrowest point or twisted more than how many degrees from the plane of the unbent hook?
15% or 10 degrees
Why is it called a bobtail?
The backend has been shortened by Half
The MB-4 aircraft towing tractor can two how much weight?
30 mm Universal ammunition loading system carries load/unload GPU-5/A 30mm gun pod
Which trailer does the MAC get stored on?
What is used as forklift adapter to raise the gantry to full height
When GP bombs are loaded on 25-40 foot trailer are they loaded up or down position?
Either up or down position
What is the CGU-1/B web strap made of and what load weight can it support?
Nylon webbing Load of 5000lbs
What authorizes you to use two CGU-1/B for one MB-1 tie-down assembly anywhere MB-1 is specified?
The code name for a situation where DOE convoy seeks sanctuary at a military base as a result of a hostile or emergency situation
Safe Haven
The material used to manufacture the explosives must be ______
Basic explosive train consists of a _____, _____, ______
detonator, booster, and bursting charge
Detonates the main charge
Booster charge
Munroe effect is defined as
Increase standoff distance to gain penetrating effect
What are the 3 main types of fuze actions
Impact, time, proximity
This fuze goes into Fuze well of 117 and MK80s when equipped with high-drag fin
FMU-54/B tail fuze
RF radar ranging system providing high-altitude functions SUU-64/B, SUU-65/B, SUU-66 B
FZU-39/B Proximity sensor
Which is the "propaganda bomb"?
M129/MJU-1 750-pound leaflet bomb
What part of the BDU-38//B deploys the weight of the outer deployment tube assembly and parachute
Comes equiped with a dummy FZU-39 (D-4)/B proximity sensor
CBU-87 (SUU-65 dispenser)
What is the difference betwen the CBU-89/B and CBU-87/B
CBU-89/B doesn't have canted fins
CBU-97/B consists of____, ____, ____
10 BLU-108/Bs, SUU-66/B dispenser, FZU-39/B proximity fuze
Why doesn't 20mm API require a fuze?
Incendiary composition is initated by the impact of the projectile?
How is 20mm identified?
Model number, lot number, and manufacturer's symbol
Why does the 25mm have an ignition booster?
To ensure consistent propellant ignition
What does 25mm Dummy ammo look like?
It has a nonseparable projectile and the total cartridge is surface treated to give an overall gold color
How is bulk 25mm ammo packaged?
either 80- or 100-round configuartion in a CNU-405/E
What fuze is affixed to the nose of the 30mm ammo HEI round
How is 30mm ammo identified?
Model number, lot number, part number, and color coding
40mm cartridges/airborne artillery ammo is classified according to what?
The type of projectile
40mm multiple projectile, M576E1 is basically what?
40mm shotgun shell
Which 40mm round has a M533 point detonating fuze?
40mm High Explosive (HE), M384
What is the minimum arming distance of 40mm High Explosive (HE), M384
how many 105mm ammo HE or WP are packed in PA71 mod fiber container
How many 105mm ammo PD M577 are in a metal box? how many in wire-bound crate?
8 to a metal box and 16 in a wire-bound crate
What type of squib assembly is on each flare?
Electric squib assembly?
hat firing devices do RR-170/188 series chaff cartridges use?
BBU-35/B squibs
How much chaff or flare does MJU-11 magazine hold?
SUU-25 flare dispensers dispense a max of ____ illumination flares, countermeasure flares, or pyrotechnic target markers
What supplies the gas pressure to eject the flares from a SUU-25?
ARD 863-1
What sets off the functioning of an impulse cartridge?
Electrical voltage applied to the electrode at the base of the cartridge
What are the four factors which control the visibility of pyrotechnics
candlepower, color, weather, light
What are weapons with a bore diameter of .50 inch or less?
Small Arms
Grenades used by the Air FOrce are classifieds as ____, _____, ____
service, practice, training
What are M26 M26A1, M26A2 frag gernades filled with?
.39 pounds of Composition B
What are the inherent limitations of light mortars?
Short Range, Small explosive charge
What do heavy mortars require to move them?
Trucks or tracked mortar carries
What do Semi-active PGMs home in on?
Energy reflected off the target by another or outside source.
What are the rocket moters used in our propulsion systems?
single-stage, solid-propellant
Both the GBU-10 and the GBU-12 LGBs use which CCGs?
Either the MAU-169 series or the MAU-209 series CCGs
What is an automated test set used for field testing all laser-guided bomb CCGs and LGB GCUs?
The TTU-373
TV, MK84, FMU-124A/B (nose and tail)
GBU-15(v) 1/B
IR, MK84, FMU-124A/B (nose and tail)
GBU-15(v) 2/B
TV, BLU-109, FMU-143/B (tail)
GBU-15(v) 31/B
IR, BLU-109, FMU-143/B (tail)
GBU-15(v) 32/B
TV, BLU-118, FMU-143/B (tail)
GBU-15(v) 33/B
IR, BLU-118, FMU-143/B (tail)
GBU-15(v) 34/B
What guidance does the AGM 130A-1 use?
What bomb body does the AGM 130A series use?
How many test sets does the AN/GJM-65 consist of?
6 portalbe units
On a JDAM what does the aerosurfaces do?
Provide life, maneuverability and other flight characteristics?
What is the GBU-39/B warhead?
250lb advanced penetrator
Which AGM-154 JSOW is used for hardened-armor targets?
The 154B contains six BLU-108 submunitions (each with 4 projectiles for a total of 24 projectiles)
What initiates BIT and gets systems and munitions status, reprograms munitions OFPs, and loads mission planning and GPS crypto keys?
The Test Adapter Unit (TAU)
What test set projects an optical image into the guidance section of the AGM-65A/B/H missile to simulate a target during the operational readiness test of the missle
AGM-88 uses what in it's guidance section?
Passive Broadband RF tracker
What is the delivery platform for the AGM-114 (Hellfire)?
The Predator Unmaned Aerial Vehicle
What are the 5 major components for AIM-9M
Guidance control sections, Target detector, S&A Device, Warhead, R/M
What test set does that AIM-9X use for a BIT test?
What does the AIM-120 warhead contain?
15lbs of the explosive PBX-108
How many miles can the AIM-120 travel at supersonic speeds?

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