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Muscles And Joints 2


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Three different types of muscles and the control under which type functions
skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscle
Five major muscle functions
head and neck, upper extremities, lower extremities, and trunk
skeletal muscles also known as voluntary muscles or striated
attach the bones to the skeleton and have a striped appearance when looking at them under a microscope
Smooth or visceral muscles
found in the walls of hollow organs and tubes such as the stomach or intestines
fibrous connective tissue in the muscle
made up of the fascia and make a strong fibrous band
the point of attachment of the muscle to the bone that is less moveable
the point of attachement to the bone that moves
orbicularis oris
mouth muscle
muscular dystrophy
progessive weakness and muscle fiber degeneration without evidence of nerve involvement or degeneration of nerve tissue
Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy
the muscles atrophy and shrink and could show up in as little as three year's old
chronic, progessive disease affecting the skeletal muscles. Muscle weakness.
fibrous joint
the surfaces of the bones fit closely together and are held toigether by fibrous tissue. Immoveable joint
catilaginous joint
bones connected by cartilage and has limited movement
synovial joint
have a space between them called a joint cavity and have synovial fluid that acts like a cushion and they are held together by ligaments. Knee
sac in the joint that lubricates the area around the joint where friciton is most likely to occur, elbow, knee or shoulder
hinge joint
allows movementin one direction like in the elbow
ball and socket joint
allows movement in many directions like the hips, and shoulder
palm up
palm down
foot up
circular motion
plantar flexion
foot down
inflammation of the joints
anklosing spondylitis
form of arthritis found in the spine
cystic tumor developing on a tendon
form of arthritis characrterized by inflammation of the first metatarsal joint of the big toe, ususally found in people who eat alot of red meat or where taking dieurtics
lyme disease
recurrent inflammatory infection transmitted by a tick
degenerative joint disease. form of arthritis results from wear and tear ont he joints, especially the hips and knees
rheumatoid arthritis
chronic, systemic, inflammatory disease that affects many joints, n=mainly the small peripheral joints in the hands and feet. joint pain, fatigue, stiffness, movement and limitation of muscles
systemic lupus eryemateous
inflammatory connective tissue disease affecting lungs, joints, kidneys and skin. Butterfly rash
abnormal passage between two tublar organs either born with or created
pressure ulcer due to loss of circulation
basal cell carcinoma
most common skin cancer
squaneous cell carcinoma
faster growing, potential for metastatis
inflammed skin, intense itching, cracking, scales, can contribute to arthritis
scales and itching
herpes zoster
viral inflection , eruptions on the skin following along nerve pathways
parasite infection
thickening of derma, swelling of hands and feet, leatherly, inflexible skin, auto-immune disease

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