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Animal Adaptations 2


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Geese fly south from Canada in the fall. This is an example of what?
How does the color of the feathers help the snowy owl?
They serve as camouflage
How are some small animals able to hibernate during the winter?
They are able to store food as fat.
What is an example of a behavior that an animal knows from birth (an instinct)?
a bird's song
What is an example of learned behavior?
a dog sitting on command
Which is NOT a basic need for all animals?
The strong scent of a skunk serves what basic need?
Which baby animal is fed by its parents?
To blend into one's surroundings is an example of?
An example of an animal that would need a parent's care is:
a bird
Why is a baby deer born with white spots?
to help blend into shadows
When a mocking bird copies the call of another bird, it is using:
A bird builds a nest for what purpose?
A squirrel that eats only numts is called:
a herbivore
A deer is caught and eaten by a wolf. What is the wolf called?
the predator
A rabbit is caught and eaten by an owl. What is the rabbit called?
the prey
An example of a carnivore is:
a hawk
What are organisms that make their own food called?
Caterpillars eat leaves, birds eat caterpillars, and hawks eat birds. This is:
a food chain
What organisms get their food mostly from dead materials?
How do squirrels benefit or help the oak trees they live on, and how do the oak trees benefit the squirrels?
A few of the acorns that squirrels bury for food will grow into new oak trees. Oaks provide food and shelter for the squirrels.
People who eat both vegetablea and meat are:
The energy that powers the food cycle on Earth comes from what?
the sun
Where would cattle likely find the most food to eat?
on a grassland
Camels have adapted to live in the desert. What does this adaptation allow them to go several days without?
What are the different kinds of organisms all living in the same place called?
Why do fish and frogs lay so many eggs?
Many eggs and young are eaten by other animals.
What is likely to happen if a wetland is drained to build a shopping center?
The food chains will be disrupted.
What is the nonliving part of the place where an animal lives called?
a habitat
What would happen to the rabbits living in a grassland, if all their predators were removed?
The number of rabbits would increase.
An example of a population is:
a squirrel family in a nest
The ants in an ant hill represents a:
A description of a community would be:
A community is made up of all types of organisms in an area.
The famous Greek temple is called the:
The Romans used what structure to transport water from the rivers to the cities?
The collosseum was a popular place where Romans could:
see gladiators fight
Small pieces of colored tile arranged to create a picture is a
The men of Athens met weekly, discussed city problems, worked on solutions, and started a form of government known as a:
Why do we have rules and laws?
to keep people safe, protect rights, and to show how people should behave.
Which is the best example of a community?
The city of Hampton
The government of the United Sttes does all of these:
make laws, enforce laws, and have trials to determine if laws have been broken
Mr. Jones expects his studens to behave properly. Students must raise their hands before they speak. Students need to respect the rights and property of other students. Students are not allowed to run in the halls. These are some examples of :
Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome are both located on what continent?
The Ancient Greeks and Romans used what body of water as a form of transportation?
Mediterranean Sea
Both the Greeks and Romans:
farmed on hillsides
The imaginary line that divided the earth into Northern and Southern hemispheres is the?
the equator
In which direction does the Prime Meridian run?
north and south
What imaginary line divides the Earth into the Eastern and Western hemispheres?
the prime meridian
In what direction does the Equator run?
east and west
Which continent is located entirely in the Eastern and Southern Hemispheres?
Where would you find the South Pole?
What ocean is located in the North Pole?
Arctic Ocean
What ocean is located east of North America and west of Africa?
Atlantic Ocean
What ocean is located west of North America and east of Asia?
Pacific Ocean
What ocean is located south of Asia and northwest of Australia?
Indian Ocean
The first President of the United States was:
George Washington
What February Holiday honors Abraham Lincoln and George Washington?
Presidents Day
George Washington Carver was known as the Plant Doctor. What did he find over 300 new uses for?
What does Independence Day celebrate?
the birth of our country
What is a round model of the Earth called?
a globe
Maps and globes show places and things as if viewed from:
an airplane
What are the cardinal directions?
north, south, east, west
The Ancient Greeks were unable to grow wheat and Barley, which they relied on for food. They traded olive oil for wheat from other lands. This shows:
This is an example of specialization?
a tobacco farm
What shows respect for our country?
saying the Pledge of Allegiance
What do patriotic symbols and traditions help us do?
honor and respect our country
In our country, who must follow rules and laws?
all citizens
All of these things are true about Abraham Lincoln:
He freed the slaves, He gave the "Gettysburg Address", and he was the 16th President
I worked hard to get women the right to vote. I was honored for my work by receving a coin named after me. Who am I?
Susan B. Anthony
I was born on January 15, 1929. I helped change many unfair laws. I gave a famous speech in Washington D.C. called "I have a Dream." Who am I?
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Everything that takes up apace and has mass is called?
The amount of space an object fills is that objects _________________.
The color, size, and shape of an object are some of its ___________.
The three states of matter are:
liquid, gas, solid
The tiny particles that made up matter are called:
Matter with a certain shape are:
What state of matter has particles that move around the least?
The formation of drops of water on the outside of a cold pitcher is:
When a liquid changes to a gas, it has ______________.
What tool would help you measure the mass of an object?
balance scale
How might you describe a gallon of water?
It's a collection of particles that occupies a definite volume but can take any shape.
What happens when you freeze water?
It forms a solid
What happens when you boil water?
It becomes a gas.
These are examples of liquids:
water, rain, juice, and milk
Matter is made up of atoms. About how small are atoms?
too small to see even under a microscope
Are atoms unbreakable?
No, but they are hard to break.
If you increase the amount of heat under a container with boiling water, what will happen?
The water will boil faster.
The tiny particles that make up matter are called?
If you cut a piece of paper in half what are you changing about the paper?
its size
An ax is what kind of a machine?
a wedge
Wheels and axles are used to:
turn and move things, as in a bicycle
Screws are used to:
hold things together
Pulleys are used to:
raise or lower the flag on the flagpole
As you make the handle of a lever longer what will change?
It will make the load easier to lift the rock.
Which simple machine is used in roller blades, wheel barrows,and shopping carts?
wheel and axle

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