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kaiser wilhelm LL
ruler of germany
explain arms race
military's building up
gavrilo princip
member of black hand from serbia who assassinated archduke ferdinand
14 point plan
eliminated 4 underlying causes of war; ended the war
cease fire
herbert hoover
president during WWII
david lloyd george
member of bif four from great britain
war labor board
settle disputes between workers and bosses; set wages; no strikes
vittorio orlando
member of big four from italy
what problems did zepplins have
hard to control in harsh weather, very slow, easy to shoot down
what was the immediate cause of WWI
assassination of archduke
explain the war guilt clause
germany is officially blamed for WWI
list the members of the allies
great britain, france, russia, italy, (united states, japan)
charlie chaplin
enforce liberty bonds
big four
group that met at versailles; italy, great britain, france, usa
bernard baruch
war industry board tells companies what to produce
why did the sinking of the lusitania upset americans
128 american passangers died
eddie rickenbacker
pilot for USA; "Ace" in WWI; got many metals
zimmermann note
instructed the minister to urge mexico to attach the united states if the united states declared war on germany
explain alliances
countries back each other up
sussex pledge
promise not to sing passenger ships without a proper warning; german promise
what was the importance of the battle of the marne
beginning of trench warfare; 1st time germans were stopped and then germans dug in
liberty bonds
bonds that american citizens used that were lending money to the government to pay for the war
payments from a defeated nation to a victorious nation to pay for losses suffered during the war; (payment for war debt)
list the member of the central powers
germany, austria-hungary, bulgaria, ottoman empire (aka turkey)
woodrow wilson
president of the usa; peacemaker
hogn pershing
general; became U.S. army chief of staff
explain imperialism
expanding- fighting over land
ferdinand foch
french soldier, military theorist, writer; general in french army
manfred von richtofen
german fighter pilot; "red barren"
bolshevik revolution
people of russia overthrow russian government with czar nicholas
what is the strategy of trench warfare
1. each side takes a defensive position 2. each side is preceded by an artillery attack 3. during the attack, soldiers crossed "no man's land" and attacked the trench 4. attacks were usually followed by a counter attack
treaty of versailles
bigned by big four; treaty; getting revenge on germany
war industries board
U.S. government agency under bernard baruch
list the underlying causes of WWI
arms race, alliances, nationalism, imperialism
georges clemenceau
member of big four from france
black hand
secret organization that princip was apart of to assassinate archduke
mary pickford
helped enforce liberty bonds
alvin york
lead german machine gun nest
explain nationalism
when one nation thinks it's the greatest/best
what events leg the united states into WWI
assassination of archduke + isabella; sinking of lusitania; submarine warfare; zimmermann note
what weapons were used for the 1st time in WWI
machine guns, poison gas, submarine, zeppelins, airplanes, tanks, big bertha, flame thrower, barbed wire
archduke ferdinant + queen isabella
assassinated by princip; event started WWI

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