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history test ch 16 expanding west


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spanish colonists living in CA
spanish settlers
James Long
person who persuaded a group of US citizens from Natchez, mississippi, to settle illegally in Spanish Mexico and build a fort on Galveston Bay
agents contracted by Mexico to bring settlers to Texas in exchange for a large amount of land
Stephen F. Austin
person who selected a colony site on the lower Colorado River and bought 300 families known as the Old Three Hundred to Texas. took charge of Moses Austin's expedition. tried to keep peace between Mexican government and AMericans arriving in TX. thrown in jail by self-gov. in TX. released after 1 1/2 years and said war the only remedy
People brought to Texas by southern settlers to work the land, often growing cotton.
African Americans
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
person who suspended the Mexican Consititution of 1824 after he became the new Mexican leader. won battles at the Alamo and Goliad but lost at San Jacinto. ordered James Fannin and almost 400 soldiers to be charged with treason and was executed. thrown out of power by his own people.
town in which first battle of Texas Revolution took place
San Antonio
town in which a group of Texans led by William Travis and Jim Bowie defended the Alamo against Santa Anna and his troops
town in which a battle between Mexican forces and Texas troops resulted in the surrender and execution of COmmander James Fannin and almost 400 of his soldiers by Santa Anna
San Jacinto
scene of the battle in which Santa Anna's army was destroyed by Texas troops and Santa Anna was captured
What was another name for the El Camino Real?
The Royal Road
How long was the Oregon Trail?
over 2000 miles long
How many missions were in California?
21 missions
What were the purpose of the missions?
To house slaves and Mexicans
What does GTT mean?
Gone To Texas
Where did the first battle of Texas Revolution take place?
The independent nation of Texas was called
the Republic of Texas
The capital of the newly independent nation of Texas was
The independent nation of Texas encouraged immigration from the United States and Urope by offering
land grants to settlers
Texas changed their capital to _________. Why?
Austin; to keep up with the rapidly expanding settlement
In 1840, Texas passed a law forcing _________________ to leave Texas.
free African Americans
The largest group of European immigrants to Texas came from various regions of what is now ___________.
ALthough Texas was rich in resources, it had little ______.
The Texas congress organized the ________ to guard the frontier agaisnt Mexican and Indian attacks in the late 1830s.
Texas Rangers
An attack on Santa Fe, New Mexico, by Texans prompted Mexican leader Santa Anna to send an army into Texas to recapture _________.
Santa Antonio
Pres. Sam Houston
tried to make peace with Indians and ended the fighting with Santa Anna by signing a peace-treaty. commander in chief of Texas army. made a stand at San Jacinto.
Pres. Lamar
made Indian policy harsher and demanded that Indians leave or face military actions. Started fight with Mexico.
Sutter's Fort
located near Sacramento River. it became a popular destination for US immigrants. however mexican gov't was displeased with John Sutter
Santa Fe Trail
it ran from Independence, Missiouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico.
California Trail
the southern branch. some settlers took this trail to avoid the Oregon Trail. it was the road to CA.
was an old Franciscan mission. Santa Anna was outraged with all the defeats and marched rapidly toward San Antonio. William Travis ignored orders to retreat and waited for reinforcements. Santa Anna arrived with 3000 soldiers while Travis only had 189 troops. Santa Anna surrounded the Alamo for 13 days.
Battle of Goliad
Mexican forces attacked the Texas troops at the town of Goliad. Texas was severely out-numbered so commander James Fannin surrendered. by Santa Anna's orders, Fannin and 400 soldiers were charged with treason and was executed
Battle of San Jacinto
when Texans attacked, most of the Mexicans were resting. This defeat crushed Santa Anna's army and was forced to organize a peace treaty and was captured. when released, he was forced out of power with his people. Mexicans did not accept that Texas had become a free and independent country.
What was the oldest province in New Spain?
New Mexico
Why weren't missions successful in TX?
isolation and Indian resistance and frequent attacks by Indian inhabitants
Agustin de Iturbide
led a revolutionary army in 1821 and defeated the Spanish. The group declared Mexico an independent country. made himself emperor of Mexico but lacked political support. After two and 1/2 years of power, the army forced Iturbide to step down from office.
The current states the Mexican republic included were the current US states of
Arizona, CA, New Mexico, Nevada, TX, Utah as well some parts of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.
What happened to missions in CA?
Were successful in the 1800s but Mexican government decided that the mission system was too powerful and ended the mission system and gave mission lands to Californios.
Moses Austin
was a US citizen and became one of the first empresarios. however, he died before he could bring any American settlers to TX but his son Stephen F. Austin took charge of his expedition.
What was the problem if TX was annexed?
The balance between free states and slave states would be off.
What was the difference reguarding the Indians in TX from Houston to Mrabeau Lamar?
Sam Houston tried to make peace with Indians and ended the fighting with Santa Anna by signing a peace treaty. Mirabeau Lamar made Indian Policies harsher and demanded that Indians leave or face military actions. He started fight with Mexico.
Mountain men
frontier hunters and merchants
a yearly event where mountain men met to trade and socialize
Challenges on the Oregon Trail
food shortages, rough weather, natural barriers, and wagon trouble
Donner Party
perhaps the most tragic example of a group of western travelers with bad luck and poor judgement. began journy west in spring of 1846.
the Whitmans
played an important role in the settlement of Oregon Country. Narcissa Whitman and a fellow missionary's wife were the first 2 white women known to have crossed North America. estab. a mission called Waiiltpu and had limited success converting the local Cayuse Indians.

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