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Geography Study Guide


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What are some problems in Megapolis?
preserving rural character
air pollution
disposal of sewage and toxic waste materials
What factor influences climate the most?
culture traits
an activity or behavior repeatedly practiced by people in a given culture
What are two causes of conflict?
Traditional vs. Modern values
Is the population of South America growing or declining?
they are experiencing rapid population growth
What is South America's largest climate zone? Is this the largest in the world?
Humid tropical region and yes this is the largest in the world
Where are the pampas and llanos plains found?
llanos: Columbia and Venezuela
labor intensive
requires a large work force; for example industries that manufacture export products
Who were the first Europeans in Canada?
What were the first countries to establish colonies in South America?
What is the culture of Quebec?
A French culture; called little Paris
science that deals with the atmosphere, weather, and weather forecasting
a long deep valley on the ocean floor cause by subduction
person who makes maps
human geography
the study of how people and their activities vary from place to place
physical geography
the study of how the earth's natural features vary from place to place
Who employs cartographers?
Companies that produce maps, atlases, newspapers and nearly all government agencies
totalitarian government
a government in which only one or a few people decide what is best for everyone in the society
the limit on the amount on a particular good that can be imported
a growth in the proportion of people living in towns and cities
commercial farms
farms on which people grow crops for sale, usually large farms using modern technology
subsistence farms
the type of farms in which people grow food mostly for their own use
The act of the earth turning around its axis, it causes day and night and takes 12 hours
either of the two times each year about March 21 and September 23 when the sun appears overhead at the equator and day and night are everywhere of equal length
the outer part of the solid earth
the surface waters of the earth and the water vapor in the atmosphere
the part of the world in which life can exist
the whole mass of air surrounding the earth
In summer in the northern hemisphere, the suns rays would strike where?
Near the Tropic of cancer or north of the equator
What is the longest day of the year?
June solstice
What is the shortest day of the year?
December solstice
an area with more common characteristics than differences
deals with where places and regions are located; defined in terms of absolute and relative location
Landforms and climates are examples of what type of geography?
physical geography
a shape on the earths surface
How are mountains created?
The bending and breaking of rock layers creates folds and faults. These folds and faults then create mountains
subarctic climate
long cold winters, short, warm summers
extremes of temperatures
marine-West coast climate
cloudy mild summers and cool, rainy winters
What climate is most changeable?
humid-continental climate
Areas near the equator experience what kind of climate?
low-latitude climates
warm temperatures and a large amount of rainfall year round
Where are prairies found?
The great plains
calm areas with no prevailing winds along the equator
Low pressure areas
equatorial low pressure
subpolar low pressure
What is the center of the solar system?
The sun
Most of the sun's energy is absorbed by what?
gases in the atmosphere
the action or process of eroding; the wearing away of land by water, wind or ice
a break in the earth's crust accompanied by a displacement of rock masses parallel to the break
a bend produced in rock
the triangular or fan-shaped piece of land made by deposits of mud and sand at the mouth of a river
truck farm
farms where products can easily be trucked to city markets; found in New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland
Anthracite coal
hard coal found in eastern Pennsylvania
What caused the growth of Megalopolis?
ongoing commercial and industrial growth of the Atlantic seaboard
Break of bulk
a place where shipments of goods are moved from one mode of transportation to another; such as from train to ship
when all the continents were linked as one supercontinent
abyssal plain
a large flat area on the ocean floor
What is absolute location?
exact spot on earth where something is located. Expressed in latitude and longitude
Define human environment interaction
people interacting with their surroundings.
special characteristics that differ one place or spot from another
learning how to grow or tame plants and animals
Dairy Belt
located north of the Corn Belt.
Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota
Textile Industry
90% of the textile industry is in the Southern United States...Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Virginia
Where is there poverty in the Southern States?
There is high unemployment and poverty in the Appalacia, the lower Mississippi Valley and the MidAtlantic States
What is the future economic growth of New England states predicted to be?
Economic growth has to be balanced with the impact on the environment.
Controlling acid rain and over population and pollution are concerns
Climate of the New England States
humid continental climate

Long hard winters, hurricanes, warm summers
Service industries
Service industries are those that provide services to consumers rather than products..such as carpet cleaning, etc.
a landform bordered by water on three sides (upper pennisula of Michigan is surrounded by three lakes and attached on one side to Canada)
Coastal Plains
area that stretches along the Atlantic Ocean from New to the Gulf of Mexico.
First settlement in U.S.
Native Americans 10-40 thousand years ago.
Then Vikings in 1100
low area of land generally surrounded by mountains
How much of U.S. is forested?
1/3 of the United States is forested
What are the western most states?
What is the greenhouse effect?
sunlight is changed into heat energy the by earth's surface and trapped in the atmosphere by pollution destroying the ozone layer keeping the earth warm
Climate of Southern States
climate is humid-subtropical with long hot and humid summers and mild winters
What are the climates of the U.S.?
Southeast-humid subtropical
Tip of Florida-tropical savanna
Hawaii humid tropical &tropical savanna
Great Plains (west) steppe
Interior west-higland and desert
Pacific coast-Mediterranean & marine west coast
Alaska-subartic and tundra

NO ICE CAP climate is U.S
the process in which manufacturing based on machine power becomes widespread in an area

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