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Social Studies 2nd 9 Weeks Key People


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Diego Rivera
One of Mexico's most celebrated 20th centry artists. He painted a series of historical murals in the National Palace in Mexico City.
Montezuma II
Great Warrior who was feared throught the Aztec Empire
Octavio Paz
Won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1990. He often writes about the connections bedtween elements of Mexico's past.
Inca King
Miguel Hidalgo
He was a priest. Gave a famous speech urging the famers of Dolores to throw off Spanish rule. The speech is known as the 'Grido de Dolores'.
Francisco Pizarro
Defeated the Incao ruler, Atahualpa, and claimed Atahualpa's empire for Spain
Hernan Cortes
Captured the Aztec Ruler Montezuma II in 1519. He claimed the Aztec Empire for Spain in 1521 and renamed it New Spain.
Benito Juarez
Rose from poverty and became president of Mexico.
Francisco Madeo
Wealthy Rancher who became president in 1911. His key issue was free, honest elections.
Frida Kahlo
Married to Diego RIvera. She was a famous Mexican painter. She was injured in a car accident and painted many famous self-portraits from her bed.

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