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a house divided


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north, south, west
that did the north south and west have intrests in
west-farming, transcontinential railroad
who said "a house divided against itself can not stand"
Abraham Lincoln
missouri wants to be added. who does this cause a problem to
the US senate
who is called the great compromiser
herny clay
Where was the 36 30 line
on the border of missouri
ssince missouri was annesed which free state was annexed with it
who though up the Wilmot proviso.
david wilmot of philadelphia
what was the wilmot proviso
it was a proposal that all new states won from mexico would be free.
did the proviso pass?
what is popular sovereignty?
where people coted for what they wanted either free or slave
what were the choices for the new states
1. the wilmot proviso
2. popular sovereignty
3. take slaves everywhere
4. slavery nowhere
5. take the missouri compromise line and extend it
which party was the only party who talked a lot about slavery
the free-soil party
in what year was the gold rush
why was this a problem for california
becuase california didn't have enough resources for this many people
the compromise of 1850, what is it
what was up with califrnoia
Henry Clay makes 4 rules about califonrnia.. what are they
1.california is free
2. utah and new mexico -pop.sov
3. ban slave trade in washingon dc
4. fugitives slave law
what was the fugitive slave law?
that if a judge sent u back, then they got paid a lot of money
where was henry clay from
the west
where was dan webster from
who wrote uncle toms cabin?
harriet beacher stowe
in the election of 1852 who were the candidates?
franklin pierce-democrat
winfield scott-whig [war hero]
whatdid newspapers declare the Whig Party
Dead Dead Dead
what will the free-soil party soon become
who proposes popular sovergnity for kansas and nebraska
stephan douglas
who doesn't lke the idea of popuular soverngity
the north and abolishionists
y doens't the north like this
because it was supposed to be free
what are the pro-slave people who move into kansas called
border ruffians
what was the "sack of lawerence"
when pro-slaves went into lawerence and beat people up and vandilized the town
who was john brown
a crazy man who believed that god put him on earth to kill everyone who owned slaves
what did john brown do
he killed 5 pro-slaves with his 4 children
who made "beechers bibles"?
harriet beacherstowe's brother
were they actaully bibles?
no they were rifles
in bleeding kansas how many people were killed
about 200
what is civility
polietness, gentelmans club
who was charles sumner
he was an abolishionist from the north, a republican, he gave a speech that insulted other embers of the senate
who was preston brooks
he was a nephew of someone sumner insluted in his speech
what did brooks do
he came in a beat sumner till he was unconsious and bloody with a cane
how long does it was somner to become normal again?
3 years
what did people sell in honor of brooks
cane pins and cane souviners
who did the republicans run in the election of 1856
john c fremont... war hero, part of campaign against mexico.
what revolt did he lead
the bear revolt in california
who did the democrats run?
james buchanan, from PA, only pres ever from PA
who wins?
are these 4 year gonna be good or bad?

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