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Ch. 37


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London Economic Conference, 1933
66 delegates, revealed how Roosevelts foreign policy was subordinate to domestic economic recovery
Tydings-Mucduffie Act 1934
Provided for indepencece of Phillippines after 12 yrs
Soviet Union
Recognized by Roosevelt in 1933
Latin America
Refreshing new relations
7th Pan American Conference
Montevideo, Uruguay, US formerly endorsed non intervention
Last Marines departed in 1934
Released from hobbles of Platt Amendment in which US was allowed to intervene in affairs
Naval base retained by US in Cuba
US released grip in 1936
Seized Yankee oil properties in 1938
Cordell Hull
Sec of State who was supposed to go to London Conference, high minded Tennessean of the low tarriff school
taken over by Hitler in 1933 "big lie", bad guys
Mussolini seized power in 1922, Fascism, bad guys
on the make, so called have not power, bad guys
Gerald Nye
Senator, head of commitee appointed to investigate "blood business"
Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act, 1934
avoided uncertainty of a wholesale tariff revision
Johnson Debt Default Act, 1934
prevented debt-dodging nations from borrowing more from US
Neutrality Acts of 1935,36,37
when the pres. proclaimed WHEN PRES PROCLAIMED:the existance of a foreign war, certain restrictions would automatically go into effect
Spanish Civil War, 1936-39
proving ground and dress rehearsal for WW2
Treaty of Versailles
used as political capital by Hitler
Francisco Franco
led Spanish rebels against left-leaning republican gov.
fought each other in Spain
Marco Polo Bridge
Jap. militarists touched off explosion that led to all out invasion of China, near Beijing
"Quarantine Speech"
Chicago 1937, Roosevelt called for "positive endeavors" to "quarantine" the aggressors
American gunboat sunk by Jap. in Chinese waters
Rhineland, 1936
Hitler occupied brazenly going against Versailles Treat
Austria, 1938
Hitler occupied bloodlessly
Sudetenland, 1938
given to Germany by Western Europe, part of Czechoslovakia
Soviet Union, 1939
signed treaty with Germany
Poland, 1939
invaded by Hitler causing Britain and Grance to declare war on Germany
"Phony War"
months following the collapse of Poland in which Britain and France did nuttin
attacked by Soviets to gain a buffer zone, given money by congress
Denmark and Norway
overrun in April of 1940 by Hitler
forced to surrender in late June
French port where Britain salvaged its army
made provisions for training 2 million troops/yr.
Netherlands,Denmark, France
owned orphan colonies in New World
Havana Conference, 1940
US agreed to share with it's neighbors the responsibility of upholding the Monroe Doctrine
Commitee to defend America by Aiding the Allies
propaganda group designed to help British
America First Commitee
determined to avoid American bloodshed at all costs
Sep 2nd, 1940;Fifty old-model, W.W.1 destroyers
Roosevelt gave Britain ships in exchange for colonies
"An act Further to promote the Defense of the US", heatedly debated
unarmed American merchantman, torpedoed by German sub
June 22, 1941
Hitler attacks Soviet Union
Robert A. Taft
tried for Republican nomination, round faced and flat voiced
Thomas E. Dewey
energetic lawyer from NY, ran for Republican nomination
Wendell Wilkie
won Republican nomination, German descendent of Hoosier Indiana
alleged dictatorship condemned by Republicans
Burton Wheeler
Senator opposed to Lend-Lease Act was "the new Triple A"
Atlantin Conference, August 1941
secret meeting between Roosevelt and Churchill
Convoy of Merchant ships carrying lend-lease supplies
escorted by Navy as far of Iceland
Sep. 1941 followed and the attacked by German U-Boat, caused Roosevelt to adopt a shoot-on-sight policy
Oct 17 crippled by German U-Boat, lost 11 men
Reuben James (UNDERLINED)
torpedoed and sunk off the coast of Iceland
Mid-November, 1941
Congress passed bill allowing merchant ships to be armed
Sep 1940
Late 1940
US imposed first of it's embargoes on Japan-bound supplies
Froze Jap. assests in the US
November and early December 1941
final tense negotiations between US and Japan

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