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copy deck
paper $ issued by govt for taxes NOT gold
habeas corpus
Rule that told people why they were on trial. Licoln eliminated it b/c too hassle
martial law
temporary rule by military authorities
conscription (act)
draft to bring people to fight
Ft Sumter
Fort to protect the Charleston Harbor where Licoln made supplies run out therefore Confederates had first shot of war
Trent Affair
US captured the "Trent" in International waters with Confederate sailors but Licoln released them after British threats
Emancipation Proclamation
Bill to free slaves and motive for Union fighters
Homestead Act 1862
Free land if you farm it for 5 years
Morrill Land Grant Act 1862
law passed for land grant for state establishments
Pacific Railway Act 1862
land grants for railroads (TRANSCONTINENTAL ROADS)
National Banking Act 1863
Took away states rights to print $=therefore uniform currency
Sherman's March to the sea
Atlanta to Georgia where they schorched everything behind them.
ex parte Merryman/Milligan
limit military rule and way of keeping military from going into justice
FL & AL ships
Confederate ships built by British
Monitor and Merrimack Ships
1st iron clad ships which changed ships forever
Radical Republicans
north group wanting slaves free
Jefferson Davis
first and only pres of confederate (MISS senator)
Pres in North
Stonewall Jackson
Confed. general killed at Chancellorsville accidental shot by own solider, (Lee's R hand man)
Thaddeus Stevens/ Ben Wade
Penn. congressman, leader of Rad Repubs/ RR
"peace" democrat
Bull Run
July 1861,
1st battle-Mcdowell vs. Beauregard both retreated to reprepare

2nd battle- 1862 Confed "stonewall" defeated Union & John Pope
Peninsula Campaign
1862 Union-mcClellan civil war campaigned with Richmond as objetive = failed
1962 battle where Union- Burnside failed and lost
1862 Confederate victory where Jackson was injured
april 9 1865 confed Robert Lee surrended to Grant in this VA town
Fort Donelson
one of two strategic forts on Tenn and Cumerland River for Union
Union victory along Tenn River and enabled forces to capture rail junction
Western War
Grant to get off Mississippi
joint stock company
English merchants invest in companies where investors pool capital for colony planting (VA, plymouth and MA bay Co.)
English speaking Indian who helped Pilgrims at Plymouth Plantation cook fish
London Company
joint stock co by English settlers in Jamestown, VI in 1607
Mayflower Compact
agreement among pilgrims to establish a govt before ship reached to land
Humphrey Gilbert
English courtier who founded English colony in Newfoundland in 1580's
Walter Raleigh
English courtier who attempted an English settlement on Roanoke Island in 1587 (failed for no supplies)
Compromise of 1877
to settle disputed pres election in 1876 -Rutherford Hayes won and Repubs withdrew fed troops from south and end reconstruction
Civil Rights Act
declared Blacks as citizens of US and denied states power to restrict Black civil rights.

Congress overrode Pres. Johnson's veto
northerners who went to S after civil war-Rebpublicans politics
Force Acts
attack on KKK by congress. To protect black voters in S by placing state elections under fed jurisdiction and imposed fines and imprisonment on KKK
Freedmen's Bureau
Aid formers slaves with education, food, work...

Congress overrode Johnson' veto
Freeport Doctrine
lincoln-douglass debates -people in terr. could exclude slavery simplay by not passing the local laws that held blacks in bondage. (helped Douglass win re-election into senate but hurt for pres.)
French and Indian War
England V. France (N.A. aganist French and Naive Americans allies) -seven years war
Wade-Davis bill
1864 substite for lincoln's 10% plan. Majority of voters to take loyal oath for reconstruction to begin for black equality, and repudiation of confederate debt (pocket veto-never became law)
War Hawks
congressional leader who wanted war aganist GB to defend Americans rights away from BRITSH
War of 1812
US v. GB over Britsh restrictions on American shipping
Webster-Ashburton Treaty
settled the controversy over the Maine-Canada boundary and allowed Canada to build military road
Webster-Hayne debate
Hayne tried to forge alliance of S and W on a cheap land policy and low tariffs. Webster accused Haynes of unconstiutional
Whig party
political party formed in opposition to Jacksonian Democrats that favored a strong role for the national government in promoting economic growth.
Whiskey Rebellion
W PA farmers didnt want to pay whiskey tax by Hamilton's financial program so threated to destroy Pittsburg but Washington and Hamiliton took army to supress rebellion
Wilmot Proviso
bill that provided for banning slavery from any territory the United States might acquire from Mexico as a result of war
David Wilmot
DEMO CONGRESSMAN from PA who wanted Wilmot Provosivo
Worcester v. Georgia
ruled that a state government could not govern the Indians and GA force Cherokees to leave state
1 writ of habeas corpus
2 writ of mandamus
3 writs of assistance
1 must be told why on trial
2 requiring public officals to do something cause of (marbury v. madison)
3 search warrants that allowed British to look for stolen goods in houses
John Adams
was Washingtons Vp and defeated Jefferson for pres in 1796. (went aganist parties demand for war with France during term)
John Quincy Adams
Monroe's secretary of State and unsucessful pres in 1824
Alien and Sedition Acts
attack on Repub party & aganist Fed policies. (no freedom of speech & liberty)
former confederates to take loyalty to US
opposed ratification of constitution, and wanted more of bill of rights
Articles of Confederation
1st constitution that limited authority by denying national govt and any coercive power including the power to tax and regulate trade
Stephen Austin
contracted with Mexican govt to settle American families in TX in 1820's
Bacon's Rebellion
army rebellion aganist indians then led up to agaisnt gov of VA (Sir Berkeley) = Berkeleyls political favoritism...
Bank War
Jacksons veto over renewal of BUS charter.
Battle of Antietam
1862 Lee invaded Maryland. McClellan delayed couterattacks because both sides lost and retreated
Battle of Bull Run
1861 McDowell aganist Beauregard- both retreated for more preparation
1862 Stonewall Jackson against Pope
Battle of Bunker Hill
1st battle of rev war. British (lost of deaths) and ended hope of negotiation
Battle of Lexington and Concord
British suffered and Merican militia men killed them
Battle of New Orleans
Jackson's victory over the British in 1815 made him war hero- British had no hope of controlling Miss Riv
Battle of Saratoga
Burgoyne surrendered to General Horatio Gates in 1777- France ally up with Americans
Battle of Tippecanoe
Harrison led his forces against Chief Tecumseh's Indian confederacy at Tippecanoe in the Ohio country
Battle of Trenton
Washington captured thousands in Trenton NJ by recrossing the Delaware River to suprise them
John Bell
Tenn, nominee of constitutional party in 1860
Black Codes
S laws denied rights to free blacks (to control dree's geting out of hand) outraged N
Black Hawk's War
Federal troops and Illinois militia units defeated the Sauk and Fox Indians led by Black Hawk during this short war in 1832.
Bleeding Kansas
fight for pro or anti slavery for Kansas to be admitted
border ruffians
people who crossed into Missouri to vote pro slave and then left
John Breckinridge
Buchanan's VP was nominated for pres by S wing of Demo party. wanted slaveryt err but lost election to lincoln
James Buchanan
"doughface" by repubs won pres election in 1856. (ostend manifesto)
Church of England
England assumed leadership of Protestant world
Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
demilitarization and joint British American control of any canal across istmus of Panama
Coercive Acts
intended to punish Boston (quartering acts, intolerable and Quebec..)
Compromise of 1850
-banned slave trade
-applied PopSov remain mexican in terr
-settle new-mexico boundary
-passed a more stringent Fug Slave Act
northern Democrats who opposed all aganist confederacy
Crittenden Compromise
slavery allowed in all terr S of 36-30 line
Declaratory Act
after repealed stamp act-colonies were under parliment control (could tax anything) free to make up rule whenever they wanted

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