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AP US History- Chapter 19 Questions


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What did Daniel Webster call a miracle that would never happen in his Seventh of March speech?
Secession, peaceable secession.
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo seceded what tract of land?
Texas, California, and the area in between.
What was the name of the proposed law that flatly prohibited slavery in any territory acquired from Mexico?
Wilmot Proviso
What threatened to disrupt the Whigs & Democrats & split national politics along North-South lines?
Debate over slavery in the Mexican Cession area.
Whom did the Democrats nominate for President in 1848 & what issue was ducked in the platform?
Cass, slavery.
What was the doctrine called that said the people of a territory should determine the status of slavery and who came up with the idea?
Popular sovereignty, Cass.
What did the Democrats charge that Taylor’s reputation rested on in a campaign cartoon of 1848?
Taylor’s reputation rested on Mexican skulls (he was a war hero).
Why did the public tend to like the concept of popular sovereignty?
Because it accorded with the democratic tradition of self-determination.
Why did politicians like the idea of popular sovereignty?
Because it seemed a comfortable compromise between the abolitionist and southern demands.
What was the fatal defect of popular sovereignty?
It might serve to spread the blight of slavery.
Two reasons why Henry Clay was not nominated by the Whigs in 1848, and who was nominated instead?
He made too many speeches and too many enemies, Zachary Taylor.
Two ways that the Free Soil party went beyond other antislavery groups?
Although they were for the Wilmot Proviso and against slavery in the territories, they broadened their appeal by urging free government homesteads for settlers.
Who did the Free Soil Party attract?
Industrialists, Democrats against Polk, northerners hating the African Americans, and “conscience Whigs” (moral Whigs).
4 things in the Free Soil campaign slogan that the party stood for?
“Free soil, free speech, free labor, free men!” (They wanted slave labor competition out).
In what state did Van Buren win enough votes to throw the election of 1848 to Taylor?
The Free-Soilers took the Democratic support from New York.
What event in 1848 blew the cover off the slavery lid that Taylor & other politicians tried to sit on?
Discovery of Californian gold.
Who made the most reliable profits in the California gold strike?
Those who provided supplies and services to the miners.
What did California attempt to do in 1849 privately being encouraged by Taylor?
Draft a constitution that excluded slavery and draft to the Congress for admission.
What did Emerson say a man announced with some hesitation because it was an admission of failure?
Going to California.
What was the southern boundary for Pennsylvania called which denoted division between North & South?
Mason-Dixon line.
Texas claimed territory that would eventually be a part of which 5 states?
Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma.
The final terminus of the Underground Railroad was usually⬦?
Which conductor rescued more than 300 slaves & what was her nickname?
Harriet Tubman, Moses.
By 1850 how many slaves per year were gaining their freedom by running away?
1,000 runaways per year.

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