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Lecture 7 Bio


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Humans desire to explore and learn can sometimes be very dangerous, which is exemplified by the destruction of the Space Shuttles __________ and ________
Columbia, Challenger
The basis of life on Earth is in the form of the element _________ and as this element is abundant throughout the Universe it also may serve as the basis of life on other planets.
In order for life to exist, it requires a narrow range of environmental conditions, including pH, pressure, energy, and _________.
The inhospitable caves known as Caeva De Willa Luiz in Mexico are home to bacteria which form large colonies that drip from the ceilings. These colonies are called _________.
Lake Vostok is a large body of water which is located about 4,000 m below the ___________ ice sheets and contains abundant life which can tolerate the extreme cold.
Bacteria live 3.5 km underground within the Earth’s crust and gain their energy from _______ gas.
In a recent poll of scientists at a European Space Agency conference found that _______ of them believe that life once existed on Mars and ______ believe it supports life today.
75%, 25%
________, a moon of Jupiter, is hypothesized to have a liquid ocean capable of supporting life under its thick ice caps
SETI was the first scientific organization to look for evidence of ______________
Extraterrestrial Intelligence
The equation formulated in the 1960’s to estimate the possible number of intelligent civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy is called the _______ equation
Although it is currently impossible to see distant planets around other stars using telescopes, we can detect them because the planets exert a gravitational pull on the stars that they orbit. This pull causes the star to _________.
________ telescopes were the first type of telescopes employed to look for the signals of communication from distant civilizations.
The ________ space crafts were both launched in the 1970’s to explore our solar system, but although they have been traveling for more than 30 years, it would take another ________ years at the speed of light for them to reach the next closest star.
Voyager, 80,000
Some scientists believe that intelligent life may not exist in the Milky Way Galaxy because of the probability of ___________ for a technologically advanced civilizations is rather high.
One argument for the presence of intelligent life elsewhere in our galaxy assumes that because _________ evolved, the conditions of the universe must be suitable for intelligent life to evolve elsewhere.

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