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Architecture 210 Midterm Cards


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-5th Century B.C.
-Doric and peripteral Temple of Ancient Greece
-octostyle - 8 columns on one side
-it was representational for the time
-located on the Acropolis of Greece
-it was purposely distorted to look perfectly symmetrical from a distance
main room of an ancient Greek temple
treasury room
base of a column
the main pole shape of the column
the structural point where the shaft meets the horizontal top of a building
the bottom of the column
the internal curve or ridges on the shaft of a column
-what a column holds up
-architrabe, frieze, cornise
the lower, blank level of the entablature
the area with sculptural designs on top of the architrabe in the entablature
the hanging level above the frieze
the triangular, decorative top of a building
engaged columns
not freestanding columns, built either 1/2 or 1/4 of the way into the wall
Agora, Athens
-Greek urban planning site
-had a public space for political, commercial, social, and religious activities
Roman market
podium temples
type of temples made by the Romans which was a Greek temple on top of a podium
groin vault
two intersecting barrel vaults as the ceiling
when you have more than two arches in a row
barrel vault
a deep vaulted ceiling, much like a half circle
big open space in the middle of a Basillica where the pews are
windows high up on the wall in churches used to let in light
Stoa of Attalus, Athens
-a Greek marketplace with shops, offices, and places for observing Panathenaic Games
-Built in 140 B.C.
-has a colonnade =row of columns
-a great example of Greek urban planning
-made with rectangular grids - streets at right angles
-made around 479 b.c.
Temple of Portunus, Rome
-built in the 2nd Century B.C.
-a Roman podium temple
-in the Ionic Order
Forum of Augustus, Rome
-Dedicated in 2 B.C.
-memorial to the Emperor Augustus
-corinthian columns
Forum and Markets of Trajan, Rome
-dedicated in 112 A.D.
-covered public space
-memorial to Emperor Trajan with a column of him in the middle
Baths of Caracalla, Rome
-made around 217 A.D.
-public bathing facility and cultural center
Colosseum, Rome
-Built in 80 A.D. by Emperor Flavian
-arena for a variety of games seating 50,000 spectators
-made entirely on the principle of the arch
-has engaged Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian columns on the outside
-elliptically shaped
Amphitheatre of Pompei, Rome
-much like the Colosseum only much smaller with poor circulation of spectators
-built in 59 A.D.
Pantheon, Rome
-Built in 125 A.D.
-podium temple with a huge dome with a circular hole on the top of it
Haggia Sophia, Constantinople
-Built in 537 A.D.
-has a dome on pendentives which
-Christian Church of Constantine
-became a model of the Ottomon mosques
St. Peter's Basilica, Rome
-Built in 360 A.D.
-Christian cemetery church made by Constantine
-martyrium of St. Peter
-became the floor plan for the Christian Church
-5 aisles long
Santa Sabina, Rome
-Built in 432 A.D.
-Christian Church with a quarter dome and columns supporthing an arcade
Santiago de Compostella, Spain
-built in 1124 A.D.
-Romanesque architecture - transept church
Reims Cathedral, France
-built in 1211 A.D.
-Gothic cathedral with an elaborate three door entry
-had pointed ceiling vaults
-has a triforium
passageway of a church cut into the wal so people can walk the whole level
name of the stone set in compression that decorates the windows in an arch
Great Stupa at Sanchi, India
-built in 250 B.C.
-a Buddhist commemorative structure built over a relic of Buddha
-had beautiful walkways around it for people to walk and pray
Kandariha, India
-built in 1050
-royal city of the Chandella dynasty
Pagodo of the Songyue temple, China
-built in 523 A.D.
-12 sided parabolic cylinder used as a Buddhist shrine
Ho-o-do, Japan
-built in 1053
-Byodoin Temple
-had a statue of the Buddha inside each temple
Egret's Castle, Japan
-built in 1609
-very defended and highly elevated castle
Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
-built in 691
-a commemorative building where Muhammed was lifted to Heaven
-octagonal and very ornamented
Great Mosque, Damascus
-built in 715
-Congregational mosque for Muslim worship
Mosque of Suleyman the Magnificent, Istanbul
-built in 1557
-looks just like Haggia Sophia but made by Sinan
-congregational mosque combined with cemetery, schools, hospital, hotels, an shops
Macchu Picchu, Peru
-15th Century
-Incan settlement in the Andes
Teotihuacan, Mexico
-Pre Aztec Citadel
-pyramids of the sun and moon
Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
-ceremonial center of Ancenstral Puebloans - Pueblo Bonito
-had kivas
originally covered circles used as a ceremonial center or club
-used crib construction

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