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APHG Model Test 2


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topsoil loss
overgrazing, deforestation, and agricultural mismanagement are all significant causes of _______
economic recession
____ would NOT be characterized as a pull factor in a migration decision
squatter settlements
These makeshift neighborhoods, constructed of scrap materials, are found in all of the world's large peripheral cities.
the period of fallow is too short for proper nutrient regeneration
Swidden agriculture can have negative environmental impacts if ____
nomadic herding
______ does NOT represent an extensive commercial agricultural activity
they are anthropocentric and only focus on future human needs.
What is a problematic characteristic of most definitions of sustainable development?
urban sprawl
increased air pollution, segregation, habitat destruction, inner-city decay, and loss of productive farmlands are all caused by ______
a firefighter
an example of a basic economic occupation is _____
_____ is an example of a nation without a state
____ best describes the shape of the state of Thailand
intensive-subsistence agriculture
rice paddies in asia most likely represent this form of agriculture
goods that are expensive to transport and spoil quickly must be located closer to the market
The von Thunen model describes agricltural activity as it takes place in relation to the market. Which of the following statements generally represents the agricultural landscape according to the model?
supranational organization
the United Nations is a ______
universalizing religions
these types of religions actively seek new members or believers
what someone believes and thinks is important about a place
a cognitive map tells us _____
the sun belt
which U.S. egion has seen the most population growth since 1945?
Efficient transportaion policies, urban growth boundaries, economic incentives for locating in a downtown area
which initiatives help a city fight urban sprawl?
anywhere you want in between them
you are a furniture maker and use pinewood to make tables and chairs. it costs about the same to ship the pinewood to your factory as it does to bring you furniture to the market as both have close to the same weight. where do you put your factory in relation to the pine forest and the market to minimize transportaion costs?
lingua franca
two mountain towns with unique languages develop a new similar language, understood by both groups, for trade purposes. This is called _____
baby boom
if both you and your parents grew up in the United States and your dad fought in WWII, which cohort do you probably belong to?
after th 2000 census, lines were redrawn around districts to ensure maximum political fairness. When districts are drawn specifically to favor a paraticular political paarty or voting block, it is called _____
primary activities
in the pre-industrial phase of urban settlement in the United States, the economy was dominated by _______
according to the united nations poulation division, world population will reach 7 billion by ___-
nomadic pastoralism that is seasonal
the term "transhumance" refers to _____
the italian language varies significantly between Milan, Rome, Naples, and Palermo. These varieties are examples of _____
populations are extremely large
according to the graviey model, distance may not greatly affect level of interaction if_____
ancillary activites
economic activites that increase and thereby benefit from agglomerations in particular regions are called ____
a revitalizing force against urban decay and a segregating force between rich and poor
gentrification can be described as ______
____ does NOT represent an international organization
China, India, Peru, and Mexico
Hearth regions of early agriculture included present-day ________
people frequently travel far for basic necessities
_______ is a FALSE statement concerning human spatial behavior
Lake michigan
_____ in NOT an example of a frontier
the language family spoken by the most people on earth today is ______
it encourages economic development across the entire globe
________ is NOT an accurate description of globalization
pop culture...folk culture
elements of _____ change rapidly over time, but not space, whereas elements of _____ change very little over time, but dramatically over space
New York, London, and Tokyo
the three world cities that exercise the greatest degree of global economic dominance are _______
would contain one-third the population of the country's largest city
accordin to the rank size rule, a city that has a rank of three, _______
Topographical Maps
Isolines are common on _____
it affects only the United States as one of the world's major agricultural producers
____________ is NOT an accurate description of agribusiness
export-processing zones
Mexico's maquiladoras are located within ______
industrial output
total fertility rate is NOT closely correlated with ______
when several large urban areas essentially merge together to form an ever larger urban complex, it's called a ____
environmental determinism
In 1926, the famous geographer Ellsworth Huntington mace back from traveling with his friend Raphael Pumpelly, in southwestern Asia. Based on his investigations, Huntington promoted in his textbooks the idea that cultural changes were strongly influenced by climatic change. Huntington's ideas represent the philosophy of ___________----
a pakistani man moves his entire family to a predominantly pakistani neighborhood in London where he and his community maintain many of their cultural traditions. This describes ______
_____ often results from irrigation use in arid environments
cheaper labor and relaxed environmental standards
transnational corporations generally located facilites outside of national boundaries to take advantage of _____
similarities between places can be explained using universal views
the nomothetic view of geography suggests that ____-
cultural complex
religious practices, language, and dietary preferences, when combined, form a ______
eliminates the complexity associated with the world
a model is useful in that it _____
the weakly defined political boundary regions of Antartica and the Amazon Basin are examples of _____
a framework for understanding the legibility of urban environments
kevin lynch's book has had a dramatic impact on urban planners as it provided ______
topological space
the degree of connectedness between places is referred to as _____
state: country
____ :______ represents a synonymous relationship
primary sector
developing countries generally demonstrate dominance in which economic sector?
death rates decrease, then birth rates decrease, and population levels off
The Demographic Transition Theory states that, as a nation develops economically, ______
many european cities characterized by narrow winding streets and an ornate church inherited their organization from which type of cities?
literacy rates vary little between developed and developing nations
__________ is NOT descriptive of spatial patterns of literacy.
Mecca represents the geographical focal point of which religion?
an example of a city that conforms to the concentric zone model of urban growth is _____
culture hearth
the center and place of origin of a cultural tradition is called a ______
Nomadic herding is associated with ______
irrigation projects, increased use of biocides, the development of "miracle seeds", and hybridization methods
the Green Revoulution included _______-

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