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Spanish Culture


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La Reconquista
Muslim taking over spain
3 ppl groups that make up latin american culture
Indians, blacks, europeans
Mare Nostrum
name of the meditteranean sea meaning our sea
Semana Santa
Mayans(talents for which they're known)
Fully developed written language, astronomy, math
Fall of Granada
1492 last of Muslim rule
Legend of the 5 suns
Aztec stone calendar
3 supreme muslim cities in spain
Corodoba, Seville, Granada
Pillars of Hercules
Straight of gilbrater
Francisco Pizarro
Spanish conquistador known for conquering peru inca empire and founding the city of lima
3 ship in Columbus fleet
The pinta, the, nina, the santa maria
Muslim Spain
Algerbra, concept of zero, Rice, Crock, Pawn sea, paper
Emperor: the inca empire
Mayans( location and capital city)
Eastern and southern mexico, yocation peninsula, northern region of central america
Aztecs stone calendar
legend of the 5 suns
Definiton of Utopia
an imaginary place of ideal perfection
Christians pushing out the muslim
La Malinche
Aztecs- Lover and interpeter
Places of childhood
Quito, montevideo, Rio Je Jeneiro, Washington, santiago, and Buenos Aires
4 major events in spainish history in 1492
First spanish grammar book
Country spain and morroco ocean-atlantic and meditteranean sea
What to celebrate about latin amercan today
Culture Heritage
Refferd to by hummingbird was the cheif of the aztecs and was called their god of war
capital city mexico city
region in southern spain home of flamenco
La Noche Triste
many were drowned in the canals
Places He lived
Queen Isabella and King ferdinand known for what
uniting spain
Peru of their empire extended down the west coast of SA CUZCO PERU
Carlos Fuentes Occupation
novelist, diplomat, nationaility, mexican writer
% of spanish language from arab orgin
3 major religions that have influenced Spain
Jews, Kelk, Carthogenians
The emperor
People o the book 3 great monotheism of the meditterean world
Judaism, christanity, islam
Chilam Balam
mystical texts
Fathers Occupation
Bartolome de las casas
defender of the indians
Visagoths/"gothic spain"
gothic worriors; came in 100 AD
4 major events in spainish history in 1492
Islam expelled from spain with the fall of granada
Seneca the stoic
father of philosophy
Human Sacrifice
Age of Spain
25,000 to 30,000 years
# of years of muslim rule in spain
Muslim treatment of Christians, Jews, and pagans
Saint Isadore
Spanish day laborer
Central America
Panama, Coast Rica, Brazil, Gutamala
Encomienda System
Spanish Slave system
the jews of spain who converted
Mare Ignotum
great sea of mystery
Virgin of guadalupe
200 B.C
Roman Empire Dissolved
Ibero-America countries and their capitals
Mexico, guatemala, El salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Coast Rica, Panama
Major Bodies of water
Meditterean Sea and Atlantic Ocean
Symbol of bull
power and life and strength
Mediterranean Sea
the bodies of water on the east coast of spain
El Cid
Commander of the christian armies in reconquista
Christians treatment of jews muslims and pagans
As long as you were people of the book
Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican republican
4 major events in spainish history in 1492
Jews were expelled
The other
a person of a different race, religion, or culture
Machu Picchu
Incan(ancient city on the mountain)
St. Thomas Aquinas
Priest and doctor of the church
4 major events in spainish history in 1492
Columbus discovered america
Queen Isabella and King ferdinand known for what
gave christopher columbus money
La Alhambra
Located in the city of Granada
Aztecs(location capital city)
tenochtlan; mexico city
Roman Empire Influences
language, law, philosophy, a view of universal hsitory, communication
2 countries that comprise iberia
Spain and protual
Yucation Peninsula
The nazca lines
Muslim Church
Popol Vun
mayan bible
Queen Isabella and King ferdinand known for what
cruelty of jews
Relationship btwn spain and spanish america
Good-Spanish Language Bad-Slavery and Oppresion
Chichen Itza
Aztecs: god of creation "Plumed" serpent discoverd
711 AD
Muslim Rule in spain
Vazco Nunez de balboa
Spanish emperor, a governor, and a conquistador
Cuzco Peru
Incas capital city
Half-Man-Half Horse
Fall of numantia
the senate refused to send anymore troops
5th century Ad
Roman Empire
# of years over which latin American Culture has been created
over 500 years
Latin Language
Sermo clericalis, sermo militaries, sermo vulgaries
An eyewitness of the arrival of the first friars
2 primary problems in latin america today
Political and economic system

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