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Ron Wright Test 3


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Discrepancies w/ Great Britain after 1812 solved
Bagot Agreement
disarmament both sides, border drawn for Canada
Consequences of the Napoleonic War
Spain was weak, its colonies want independence, republics stamped out in Europe
John Quincy Adams' opinion on military alliance w/ Great Britain
NO-we'll be dragged into European Wars
Benefits of military alliance w/ Great Britain
prevent tampering w/ spanish colonies
Monroe Doctrine
No more new colonies in America from European countries, no meddling in Western affairs
Hamilton's ideas
Increase army size, increase navy, National Bank, and increase tariff on foreign goods
The increase of the standing army caused the creation of
West Point
Hamilton's ideas came from the...
Federalist party
To be admitted as a state congress had to pass
enabling act
Missouri Crisis
Free or slave state?
Tallmage Ammendment to Missouri
Free state, no more slaves brought in, slave kids at 25 are free
Tallmage Ammendment pass/fail
House-yes, Senate-no =FAIL
The Missouri Compromise
Henry Clay - Missouri and Maine join at the same time
Missouri Compromise Line
drawn to the west, N must be free, S may be slave
Plantation System produced
Cash crops
Sea Island Cotton
area unique
Upland Cotton
can be grown everywhere
To save seedy upland cotton
Whitney invented the cotton gin
South Economic Sectionalism
King Cotton, slavery, upland cotton demands textile mills
Cotton was ___ amount of exports from US
West Economic Sectionalism (Old NW)
Subsistance farming, commercial farming
Corn was grown for
whiskey only, rotted too fast
NE Economic Sectionalism
Manufacturing, textile mill
Transportation Revolution
Steamboat, Erie canal
Robert Fulton
Steam boat
Erie Canal
363 miles Albany to Buffalo, built by NY'ers
Era of Common Man
Self-made man
More democratic
White male suffrage, all white men must vote
vox populli, vox dei
the voice of god is the voice of the people
1824 Election
No one gets a majority vote => house of reps
1826 Anniversary
July 4, Declaration of Independence
B/c of no majority vote who supports adams
Henry Clay, and Andrew Jackson gets pissed off
American System
Henry Clay - make economic sectionalism hold the country together
Am. System - NE Manufacturers
raise tariff on imported goods
A. System West
Tax NE & S to create roads "internal improvements"
Am. System Solution 3
Recharter the National Bank
What passed of the Am. System
Only the Tariff - Tariff of Abominations in the S
Election of 1828 Adams blamed as
an elitist, and gave a 13 yr old girl to a pedophile czar
Election of 1828 Jackson blamed as
a murderer and adulterer (killed 2 men in duels)
Jackson pres in 1829
first pres. of the common man, self-made, misspelled words, saved the white house w/ beer
jefferson philosophy
state-level power
spoils system
rotate out employees of opposing views
jackson first to veto
clay's internal improvements
1830 Indian Removal Act
Passed by Jackson, cherokee land bought and they're moved
cherokee that stayed
1/2 adopted white culter, some had slaves
Gold on cherokee land
state of georgia vs. cherokee nation, not fair, executive branch not very happy
Results of georgia Vs. Cherokee nation
US signed treaty w/ Cherokee, trail of tears
"Nullification idea"
John C. Calhoun, states can null parts of federal law
Jefferson Birthday Dinner 1830
Jackson puts down Nullification idea
Calhoun resigns as VP because of
sex scandal
1832 Tax increased to
50%, shuts out all foreign trade
Convention in Charleston
tariff "nulled" threatens to secede
1833 Clay gets congress to
lower tariff to 20%
Jackson picked his successor
Martin Van Buren
National Republicans
recharter clay's american system, jackson haters
Whigs put harrison up in a what campaign
log cabin - common man, war hero
Harrison's ticket balanced w/
Tyler (hated jackson)
Harrison died
after 1 month, stupid long speech
no american system, 2nd veto prez
Great American Desert
Migration W to Oregan and California leaving a huge gap
98 degree Line
20" line - rainfall
To keep TX, Mexico
opens it to anglos under Mex Rule
Yellow Rose of Tx
Emily Morgan
Santa Anna signs independence treaty for Tx upon capture
Mexican government rips it up
Great Britain offered what to Tx
military alliance
Tyler negotiates treaty w/ Tx
Senate kills treaty, whigs vote no (slave state)
Manifest Destiny
John O'Sullivan
James Polk elected 1844
Old Hickory
Joint resolution for Tx
Mexico breaks diplomatic relations w/ US
Polk first ___ pres
dark hourse, compromise candidate
Oregan Treaty ends up
cut in 1/2
John Slydell
went to Mexico to negotiate purchase of Tx and Ca
Gen. Zach Taylor
ordered to march to the rio grande and plant the US flag
In response to US flag in the Rio Grande
Mexicans retaliate w/ 2x force, and lose 2 battles
Mexican war
lost by mex b/c of corruption
Stubborn mexico won't surrender in Mexican war
Taylor sent to take monterrey, Scott to take Mexico city
When scott takes Mexico city
he's offered presidency of Mexico
Trist wanted treaty in Mex City but was moved to
Guadalupe Hidalgo

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