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Cahokia Mounds
Large structure in modern Illinois that was constructed by the mound-building peoples; it was the third largest structure in the Americas before the arrival of the Europeans
Founded Ming Dynasty after rising through eunuch ranks.
Powerful Islamic state of the fifteenth century in southeast Asia.
Bubonic Plague
Epidemic that swept Eurasia, causing devastating population loss and disruption. Known as the Black Death in Europe after 1350 C.E
Polynesian temple structure
Vasco de Gama
made same route of Dias, reaching Calicut in 1498 and returned to Lisbon wealthy.
Prince Henry the Navigator
expanded Portuguese power in trade and colonization. Seized Moroccan city of Ceuta in 1415
Christopher Columbus
1492 led three ships to Caribbean, believing he was in Asia.
Eastern American Indian confederation made up of the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca tribes.
Central American society (Settled 1375) evolved into Aztecs
John of Montecorvino
first archbishop of Khanbaliq translated New Testament and built many churches.
Agricultural gardens used by Mexica (Aztecs) in which fertile muck from lake bottoms was dredged and built up into small plot
Rabban Sauma
Sent by Ilkhan of Persia on mission to Europe 1287 to ally with Europeans against Muslims.
Captial of the Aztec empire, later Mexico City
Zheng He
Chinese explorer who controlled powerful navy sent to control foreign trade in Indian Ocean Basin.
Powerful South American empire that would reachits peak in the 15th century during the reigns of Pachacuti Inca and Topa Inca
Marco Polo
Venetian Merchant who traveled to China with his uncle and father as part of Qubalai Khan's court.
Ming dynasty
Chinese dynasty (1368-1644) founded by Hongwu and known for its cultural brilliance.
Renaissance scholars interested in moral philosophy, history, and literature, drawing inspiration from classical texts.
Bartolomeu Dias
reached Cape of Good Hope, entered the Indian Ocean, 1488
Islamic mystics who placed more emphasis on emotion and devotion than on strict adherence to rules
Fernando and Isabel
King and Queen of Spain who sponsored Christopher Columbus
Little Ice Age
Time before Bubonic plague where famine hit the land because it got colder.
Incan mnemonic aid comprised of different colored strings and knots that served to record the events in the absence of written text
Hawaiian concept of something being taboo
Nan Madol
massive stone palace and administrative center on Pohnpei in the Caroline Islands
a type of leader or judge in Delhi government
Sun god and patron deity of the Aztecs
North American society whose main crop was maize and lived in adobes of rock and clay
Ibn Battuta
Morracan Islamic scholar who served as a qadi to Sultan of Delhi. Traveled around Indian Ocean Basin spreading Islam.
Aztec god, the "feathered serpent," who was borrowed origionally from the Toltecs; Quetzalcoatl was believed to have been defeated by another god and exiled, and he promised to return.
Central American society (950-1150) that was centered around the city of Tula

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